Airport Early – No drama

Hello! Testing a blog post from the Bob Hope airport using my iPad.

We got up early, there was no traffic and no hang ups. We are almost 2 hours early!

But we board in an hour. One stop Oakland!




It gave me time to practice a post from my iPad! The images might be missing, but hey it’s practice 😛

Free WiFi at Bob Hope! Woo hoo!

As long as there is free WiFi (my kid and I pronounce that WeeFee) then we are good to go!

Talk soon!

Debtgirl xoxoxo

Getting Ready

Hello!  Hope your Saturday before Christmas is not too crazy!  I’ve been a busy girl!

I logged on this morning and printed off our boarding passes!  I started early until I finally got it!  IMG_9029

We lucked out and got in the A group with TSA Prescreened.   That rocks.

Tip:  When flying take along empty water bottles in your carryon.  Once you get past TSA you can fill them from the water fountain and not have to buy expensive water in the airport!  We have ours ready!  It really is the small things that add up to staying in budget.  That saves about $7.00 for us!


Since I am doling out tips here’s another  one.  I put half my medication in my bag and the other in my kids. If one bag gets lost at least I have half my meds until they find the bag or I can get my friend who has a key to my place to FedEx me some!  I don’t take it on because it is awkward.

Ooh, another tip!  Eat up all the stuff in the house like a week or more before you travel.  It forces you to use up stuff and it saves you money and extends the money you might have in your wallet!

Then I cut my kids hair.  That saves a bundle too!


I am so glad she still lets me do that.


Then we took down the tree!


Bye Christmas friends, until next year!


I sure hope someone finds it by the trash bin and sees that it can still be useful.

Now I am packing and look at this! Why do they always have to sit on the black clothes?


I’m going through my closet trying to put together nice outfits.  I bought some stuff here, but not holiday gathering clothes, so I’m being creative.  Hey as long as there is a little sparkle, its all good.  I’m sure I can find something.

So we are off.  I’m taking my iPad and hope to post from that if I can.   If my brother doesn’t have WiFi yet, you might not hear from me much.  I can post from my iPhone, that has data but the posts will be short.

Please have a safe and warm holiday with your family, friends and/or pets!  And remember, keep it simple and as stress free as possible!  Don’t overdo.  My new motto!

Happy Holidays Friends!


Simple Things

To be truly happy you have to be happy with what you have… and today I am.  It was just that kind of day that didn’t take too much to make work.

I had my daughters dad and her sister over for dinner and gift exchange.   I cooked hamburgers, pasta salad and Christmas cookies and goodies for dessert.  It was so low key and nobody seemed to mind that it was not fancy.

The warmth of the table with a candle and a bottle of wine was enough.  The two girls get along so well, I love to watch them laugh and huddle over their phones laughing.  So cute.

I’m glad that I didn’t try to kill myself to make that turkey I bought on sale and go through that while I’m not feeling 100% and I have travel coming up soon.

Today just worked and I am happy!  Happy I didn’t over do it and happy that everyone had fun.

I have my list ready for the things I need to pack.


I started packing today.  This is my carryon!  IMG_9010

Filled with presents!  I can mark that off my list!


I decided to save money and not ship them in advance because Southwest still allows one free checked bag.  The checked bag will carry my clothes because its a bigger bag.   I guess I will have lots of space for the return trip!

I’m starting to look forward to seeing everyone.   Its nice to see family. I am a little nervous about seeing them in my condition.  The steroids have kind of puffed me up, but I guess I will just have to explain that to them.  They will love me anyway.  Oh they will tease me, but still love me anyway!

Today could have been a potentially stressful and trying day.  I’m glad it turned out as well as it did and I didn’t even have to try.  I just let it be and was happy and proud of the simple evening that we had.

It was perfect!   I think I could learn a lot from today!

Tomorrow I am taking down the tree already.  Seems like we just put it up!  I sure hope someone finds it and gives it another good home for Christmas day.

Are you keeping it simple this year?


Good News Hopefully


I actually have some good news for a change!   It seems like forever since I have had any good news of any kind!  I have been a real Debbie Downer!  ;-)

But first, I have to show you this!


Isn’t that yummy!  It was what I ended up bringing home from the department Christmas lunch today.  I love it.  I am keeping it and I told my kid – It’s mine

She always get the good stuff and I decided to keep something for myself for a change.  Actually, I did just try to give it to her and she made me keep it!  Awwww!

The good news.

The employee union stewards and the union had final negotiations last night and everything on the table got voted on.  It has to go before the board before it is final, but its a start!  They must realize the hardship!

The best news is that we can start getting raises again in 2016. I know, but at least its a start.  1% in 2016 and 2% in 2017. 

Also, the position I am in is no longer “Y Rated”, which means my position is not tied to an overpaid analyst position, that was one reason I did not get a raise in 6 years.   Analysts were overpaid by 20% and I was underpaid by 18% but because they were tied together, I got screwed. 

Its confusing and I’m simplifying it, but bottom line is this:  I think that 2015 might be the beginning of things looking up!

It all has to be approved and its all going to take time.  We shall see.  I need some positive changes in my life, its been so long you guys.  So long and very, very challenging on lots of fronts.

Keep your fingers crossed!


Secret Santa


Today is the department lunch with Secret Santa Gifts!


Hopefully, everyone will enjoy the process and the gifts that they receive.  Its kind of fun because you are allowed to open a gift or steal someone else’s that has already been opened.  A gift can only be stolen 3 times before it is left with its new owner.

The last couple of times we did this, some employees literally went into their garages and grabbed anything they could find.  For instance, one employee received dusty and dirty, dead spider filled cups.

Completely depressing. 

Here’s hoping that everyone makes an effort to ensure that the gift they give would be a gift they would want to receive!


Cute Retirement Cake

Now if only it was for me!


This month we have six  employees leaving, all retirements.  I can tell you that lots of people are fed up with the cutting of wages and benefits in the public sector.  Its getting really bad. Hopefully we are at the bottom and can only go up from here! 

Unfortunatly I have a bunch of time left until I retire so  I will eat their cake!

Ha!  Again!

This particular retiree has a herd of Alpacas!  Actually two people here have herds.  Very popular creatures.

Not with me though, they spit.  Sorry Alpaca lovers!

This is so cute though!


Mmmmmm… just what we need, more sugar!

Enjoy your evening!


Go Oregon Ducks!

Woo Hoo!!!




We are having the company potluck today.  We were told we could wear either an Ugly Christmas Sweater or a Sport Team shirt. 

I wore this and my daughters Golf Sweatshirt as well.

Let me just admit that I happen to love Christmas Sweaters, even though I don’t own any! 


I think they are adorable!  Although I see people making their own and those are not so cute!  Winking smile

Go Ducks!