Boneyard Workout Studio


Hello!  How are things today?  I’m feeling pretty good.  New med hasn’t kicked in, it could take months, but I’m maintaining.  It has been rough since last OCTOBER!  That long! 

If I can slow simmer like this for the rest of my life, I’d be able to cope.  My new normal is very different than the way things once were.  We move on and make the best right? 

Speaking of making the best.  I was laying on the couch on Sunday (watching a freebie movie) thinking about my physical shape.   I didn’t go for my lake walk.  It’s not a good idea to blow off exercise especially when you have chronic illness.  Its best to get as much exercise as you can if you are feeling up to it.  No excuses allowed.  You gotta take advantage of the “good” times.  At my age, 55 in May,  there is not that much time to waste!

So the longer I thought about it I remembered something… hey… what ever happened to the time I used to work out in the old Boneyard??  (That’s the room that has all the old crap that nobody knows what to do with).

We used to workout in there every single day.  Some of the other ladies at work used it too, we had an assigned schedule for who was using it and when.

Yesterday at break time I cleaned it up.  I moved everything off the carpet area:


Vacuumed and put down a yoga mat to stretch:


I made sure the DVD player worked:


And then I plugged in a DVD and got busy – I got back at it!


I used an old Walk Away the Pounds DVD.  Have you ever used these?  ANYONE CAN DO THIS in the comfort of your living room.

I highly recommend them.

Today I brought in some new DVDs from home.

Remember a couple months ago when I bought these?  I sent a copy to my BFF in Portland and I think she likes them!


I still want to walk the trails at break, but this is a great way to make sure I stretch!

I bought this DVD for my daughter months ago and she and I haven’t even opened it.


Will try some yoga too.

Walking is really, really good, but I think stretching is important as well. 

At least this Boneyard Workout Studio beats the cost of a gym!   FREE!

Guess what tomorrow is?  I can hardly wait to post!!


Lazy Sunday

Yesterday, I didn’t leave the house one time which means I didn’t spend a dime.  (It rhymed!)  I like that the sound of that.  No spend days!  Gotta love’em.

I was a bit lazy yesterday.  While kid was out golfing 18 with her dad, I just hung out, baked breakfast cookies, did some laundry, cleaned the place up and just putzed around.

Instead of ironing, I got in a free movie.  I know, I could have ironed and watched at the same time!

Have you checked out the free movies on your cable carrier?  I have Time Warner and there’s a Free Movies section.  This is what I chose to watch yesterday.


I really like Tim Robbins and Rachel McAdams. What a great cast and a cool story line.  If you haven’t see it yet, you might give it a go.  Free.  Nothing to lose but a couple hours right?

I spent a few minutes out on the patio.  I love my patio and really should spend more time out there.   I am afraid of the black widows though.  I have seen them many times!

I got everything watered.


Do you remember when I went to Ojai and I picked up these lavender plants up while I was there?


Still haven’t bloomed yet, maybe this year?


That fern looks a little flat because that tall tree fell on it during our last wind storm.


Its green out there and I love it!

Other random things:

I finally painted my nails.  I like this color, it goes with everything.


My hands look so old.  Are they my hands?  Really?


Then I made a quick sauce with ingredients on hand to put on my sad and pathetic leftover chicken… lunch.


I put it all in a jar and shook it up and its ready to go.

You can find great Asian sauce recipes here.

I just kind of wing it with the ingredients I have on  hand.  I am really trying to use it up what I can.  Pantry, freezer and fridge.

Lots coming up in next couple of months.  Even though I’m putting in as much OT as I can to afford it, I’m assuming I don’t have enough!  Is there ever enough when you are on a tight budget?

We have Easter, birthday, wisdom teeth, furniture, etc.

Yeah, the furniture is probably going to get put off again, I want to make sure that I have cash (of course).  The only problem with it is that I have to bite the bullet to buy it because even if I have the cash, in my brain, I know I should save it or spend it elsewhere.  But sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Remember when I did that for the front door?  What a difference that made and I am not sorry I made that improvement!  It really freaked me out though for a few months until I got caught up!

I hope you all have a great day and that you are off to a good start of your week!


Gluten Free Breakfast Cookies

Hello!  My kid got the job.  Only 2 days a week though so we are going to look into something else for 3 days!  I am so proud of her!  Thanks for the positive thoughts!

I cannot believe I finally got to make these breakfast cookies today.  I have been wanting to make them since I saw this post at Iowa Girl Eats!

Check out her site for this recipe AND many others.  I have been following her for many years.  You will love her easy to follow recipes, easy to print out and pretty images as well.

I started my Sunday like a normally do.  Hanging out in my bed with my my iPad, kitties and a good book.  I actually finished another book this morning.

Can I just add here that reading is a blessing and I cannot tell you how it is helping to save my sanity during this journey!


Once my kid woke up and I could start banging away in the kitchen, I got started!

I pulled out my presto shooter to make the shredded carrots.  I don’t use this often, not since last Christmas, hence the bow.  However, I would not be without one of these now.


I had everything I needed on hand today because I bought the ingredients a long time ago!


Since I had all these expensive ingredients, come hell or high water, I was determined to get these made!


They turned out great!  Look!


Look how nice and brown, NOT BLACK the bottoms are!  Remember this?


If you have been reading for awhile you know that my stove is horrible.  It burns everything.

But not these~!


Perfection!  (You don’t come here for the pretty pictures right?)  ;-)


This is why they did not burn!


I finally wised up!  This and I put the oven rack up high and turn oven down low.  I think I figured it out finally.

I froze some of these.  My kid loves them.  She did sprinkle on a little sugar to sweeten a bit.

The best thing about cooking and baking at home is you know what is in the the food.  Other than that, I just think buying already made is so much easier.

I have lots of left over Oats and flour so now I have to make something else.  Gluten Free Oatmeal cookies maybe?  Now that I won’t burn them!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!




Thrifty Buys

It’s Saturday and thankfully, there is not a lot on my plate this weekend that costs too much money!

Yesterdays car repair was quite an expense, but it’s a done deal and hopefully there won’t be much else  needed except tune-ups and oil changes for a while.

After I picked up my car on my lunch hour yesterday I still had some time to kill and I was right across the street from one of my favorite local thrift stores.  I thought what the heck.

Wow, my kid scored.  I picked her up a bunch of golf skirts for a little over $30.00.  One skirt can be twice that much new.

I went in and found this really cute one on the rack.


A volunteer came up and told me that they just got a bunch in and if I wanted to come to the back and look at them I could.  Well, yeah!!!  Thank you!

I found more!


I also picked up a cute summer top for under a tee for her.  Sorry for the blur!


And for me, a really REALLY super soft T-Shirt.


I cannot tell you how soft this tee is!  Even the woman who checked me out had to hug it!  ;-) It was $4.00.

Plus I’m an old school, die-hard Giorgio fan.  I remember it from the 90s, I  loved it so much.  I have small bottle of it now, you can get it super cheap these days, and it brings back the best memories.  The times of my life!

Today my daughter has her interview for her first (if you don’t count babysitting) paying job!  Remember a couple of years ago when she started at the art camp?  Once the CITs turn 16 they can get a real job there as camp counselor!  She will be 16 in May.  16!

I created a resume for her and she has her work permit application ready to go.  We are so excited. She wants to earn as much as she can for a car.

After that, off to golf practice.  Then I want to come home and clean, cook and hang out.

That’s my agenda, what’s up with you?


Car Repair

Well, hello!

The cost of the air conditioner was not as bad as I thought, HOWEVER,  there are other things they found… naturally!

I dropped the car off first thing.


Then I walked down to the main street so my ride could find me.


At least it’s a nice area.


Love the palm tree hiding.  I still can’t get over palm trees! 

Anyway.. I just got a call and they wanted $616.00~  for everything!

Like no, no and definitely no!!!!

So I took off a few of the things that they wanted to do, and ended up with a bill (estimate) for $476.00

OMG, all at once. 

At least I have the money for it in the bank, only because I held onto my HOA payment until the last minute! 

Where there is a will there is a way! 

This will take care of tune up, brakes, air conditioner and a leaky gasket that is leaking oil into my spark plugs.  So that is probably going to make my car run a lot better. 

I am just glad I had some money to do it.  I’m always grateful when I can pay a bill, know what I mean?

Hope your day is less expensive than mine!


Ventura–Nice Day (inside)

Hello!  It was so nice in Ventura yesterday, it was much cooler there than where I live for sure. 


A funny thing, my air conditioner started to cool off just for a bit!  I think it might be a cheaper fix than I initially thought!  Keep your fingers crossed!  Maybe its just coolant!  OMG, wouldn’t that be awesome!?!

Another bit of good news.  I talked to my lawyer yesterday about the 7% swap  I received beginning of the year and he said just forget it.  He actually said something else that made me feel pretty positive.  He told me not to contact him unless I get an increase or decrease in pay of about 20%.  That is huge!  On the flip side of that, the paperwork from the Trustee says contact your attorney at 10% change I think.  Whatever, both percentages are not happening any time soon!  When we said good bye  I told him I would talk to him again… IN TWO AND HALF YEARS! 

Isn’t this pretty?


Too bad I spent most of the day in here!


Learning about this:


And this:  (this is Southern California after all, where Free Expression and personal choice is King!)


I found a Thai restaurant and had my soup and was able to read some of this novel that I’m enjoying.


On my way back from lunch I spotted this sign:


Not only do we live in earthquake country we live in Tsunami country too.

If that doesn’t give you a slow underlying stress simmer I don’t know what will!

Out of sight, out of mind. 

I just kept my thoughts on this!


Going home.

(I went to a thrift store that I knew was close by only to find it closed.  Kind of glad, the only money I spent was for lunch and some groceries later when I got home.)

Getting closer to the weekend, any plans?


Hello Hump Day

Hi!  It’s Wednesday, as if you needed a reminder huh?  ;-)  You’re welcome.  ;-)

Today I’m off to Ventura to go to a Leadership Consortium for the day.  Nope, I’m not in management but the company offers PEE-ONs like me the opportunity to go occasionally, so I take it.  I take it when I’m feeling up to it.


Don’t you just love that term?  What “pee on” doesn’t need to get out of the office once in a while?  Oh thank you kind sir!

I like to drive up to Ventura and this is a good excuse.


The weather here is nice enough for a drive, maybe a little warm.  The air conditioner is supposed to be fixed on Friday. Fingers crossed I can swing that cost.  It will take every.last.dime, I’m sure.

I have been really good about not spending money on little things so that I can have money for the big things like car repair.

Today I have to  want to buy lunch, so I will try to find a Thai restaurant and get some soup and rice. I’ll take a book I picked up and can’t put down.  I finished The Glass Castle btw, very good. 

If I see  thrift store I’ll stop in and see if there are any bags of old golf balls and/or golf clothes for my kid.  That’s my Thrift Store list.  I am kicking myself for not picking up a bag of balls for $3.00 last time I saw it.  She uses the old ones for practice rounds and new ones for tourneys.  I will pick up a candle or two as well if I see any.  My thrift store list has really dwindled.  Actually my “need to buy list” has dwindled.  I used to have this great route, but now I really don’t go much.

There is this National Thrift Store Directory too, if you are interested.

So that’s my day.  A little different than usual.  I hope you have a great day and maybe do something out of the ordinary.  Living on the edge –  such a wild woman!  ;-)