If You Like Ponds



But not the price,  then you are going to LOVE this find. 

My grandmother used Ponds, my mother used it too.  I remember watching all the old actresses (playing actresses or entertainers) using it on TV when I was a little girl.  Remember the old movies where they would sit in their dressing rooms in silk gowns with their hair tied up in a huge bow with white cream all over their faces? 


Probably Ponds right?

Well, since my daughter is now using make up she too is using cleanser, so she uses it too.

I found this a couple of years ago.  I think I mentioned it before to you but it is worth its own post!


Its so much like the Original Ponds but this only costs .99 cents! I know!   I stock up on it whenever I go to the .99 Cent store because I’m afraid it will be found out and disappear off the shelves.  ;-)


If you buy it, make sure you get this one, with this color lid.


It’s the best find in all the world. Well, at least in my little corner of it.

So if you are a Ponds girl, try this.  You won’t be sorry.  It is gentle on the eyes.  Just make sure you wipe all  of it off with a warm cloth and you will be good to go.

I don’t think it is good or bad for your skin.   I mean, it won’t help you with skin problems.  But it will remove all of your makeup so then you can put on your favorite skin cream.  I use Oil of Olay.  Yeah, nothing but the best right?  ;-)

Hope you find this helpful!  If you try it, let me know!


PS:  I put my little ghost out at home.  I love this little thing.  I use it every year!  It’s the only thing I do at home.


So freaking cute right?


Halloween Office Décor – 2014


First off all thank you all for the shot in the arm yesterday with your encouraging comments.  I really needed that.  I felt  like some of those things I wrote in the post had to be put out there even if I did not receive that negative comment. 

I just want everyone to know that I know that I am soooooo not perfect!  Winking smile  I appreciate your patience.

It is almost Halloween and this year, like last year, I decided to decorate.  I saved a box of stuff at work and I saved the branched I painted, so it was easy just to pull them out and use them up.

The big difference is that I decided to decorate the hall outside my office instead of in my office.  it got pretty cramped last year!

So here we are:


This is actually outside the wall of my coworker.  He didn’t care.  He is new, so he probably thinks I am crazy anyway.  We sit so damn close we can actually hear each other chewing!  Gah!!!

This is the wall outside of my cubby.



I added a little fire.  Remember last year when I had a running video on a monitor of a fireplace?  It was so cool!


I made one out of construction paper this year and its cute even though it looks like a 2 year old did it!   Corny but cute!



Love the branches with the web, a 3D effect.  Ha Ha.


The other side.



So there you have it. Haunted Hall!

Do you decorate your office?  I have no idea why I have started doing it, I never did before!

I pulled out an old costume from my box in the garage, I am gonna be a Winch. Yep, that’s me.  Winch!

I saved a wine bottle and plan to print out a label for it.  FREE!

You dressing up?


Clearing The Air…


Hello!  Today I find myself at home, in bed.  Insomnia, too much Kettle Corn (popcorn is a huge no-no for me)  and a limpy sore ankle has me down for the count.  One or other would be fine, but all three, is just too much at once.

Today I was going to post my Halloween decorations that I put up at work.  However, something came up and I think I will post that tomorrow.

Actually, what came up was a comment that Louise left me.  It really kind of confuses and concerns me. More on that in a minute.

I just wanted to clear the air with all my readers, who I  just love!  You are all so kind and understanding as well as super patient with me as I succeed and fail my way through this Chapter 13 journey.

Here’s the deal.  I hope you know that I don’t think myself as a Finance Guru, or a Lifestyle Diva, or a Super Mom or a Frugal Queen or anything of that nature.  Please feel free click on my newly updated blog roll for the truly great links to the real experts in all those areas!  I love to read those blogs too!

However this not an expert blog.  I am none of those things. Please!   What I am is an underpaid working class, single mom who is a financial disaster.  I have made huge mistakes in all areas of my life and now that I am in my fifties, I’m trying to clean most of them up.  Rome was not built in a day, my bad habits are dying hard!  This is not easy.  Have you ever been in a Chapter 13?  If not, then congrats, I envy you.  If you have or are now, then trust me, I feel you!

If you want to read how to be frugal, be beautiful, cook delicious meals, travel, live a certain lifestyle perfectly.  Then this blog is not for you, but you can come here for the great blog roll~!

If you want to come and see how I try to navigate the Chapter 13, my ups and downs, my good and bad choices, watch my successes and failures then please stay with me.

So here is the comment that made me feel the need to clear the air:


At first when I read Louise’s comment I was sure that she was only offended that I called the Emu’s at the pumpkin patch “ugly birds”.  I can totally agree with Louise that was an insensitive and uncalled for comment on my part and I will certainly try to be more considerate.

But what really stood out to me was her venom at my purchases such as Cabo, inexpensive perfume and my used Fitbit. She further commented about my cheap Cover Girl blush too and my duct tape! :-( I really don’t think those items annoy her.  I think what really annoys her is that I have the gall to buy anything at all!

Maybe people think if you are in a Chapter 13 you should not buy one thing that can’t be eaten or worn.  Newsflash, there is a budget item for entertainment.

Now… honestly, since I don’t have savings I probably should not be buying anything.  But that is what I do and that is how I am and this is my blog and I am honest and you will see me do stupid things all the time that will probably chap your buns!    Sorry.

I also know that if you are a more practical person than I am I must frustrate you terribly.  If that is the case and if I make you uncomfortable, don’t read me.  Don’t judge me.

Some posts I whine that I’m broke and don’t have enough for this or that, some posts I say how afraid I am of my current situation and some posts I tell you what a great deal I just got on something.  ;-)

I know that I don’t always make the best choices.  I am trying to get through this Chapter 13 and have a life that is not all penny scrimping all the time!   I hope I won’t be sorry someday.  I hope I can make it through this my own peculiar way.

I know my decisions don’t make sense to a lot of people, but it is my world, my blog and my Chapter 13.  I am navigating it the best way I know.

So dear reader thank you for your support even if it goes against your grain and for reading and keeping me company during my journey.

I hope you come back often and find some value here.


My New (TO Me) Fitbit



Well, here we are in the middle of October.  Come on Father Time, keep ticking!  FASTER FATHER! How many people do you know wish their lives away as often as I do!?!

Just get me through the next 36 months without too much drama, that is all I ask!

Well…I would also like to stay healthy.


Speaking of healthy!  I got a Fitbit!  I’ve wanted one forever!


I bought it used from my new coworker for $50.00 and I’ve been wearing it for about a week. I love coworkers who chase technology so I can buy what they don’t want any more.  That’s how I got the iPad too!  Used!

The Fitbit tracks your walking by GPS and this  snapshot is my lake walk and my breaks during work.  (It looks like it recorded two lake walks on the same day, that is not right!.  I am not that energetic!  ;-0)


It’s really helped me get back on track as far as walking goes.  Now I need to control my eating again.  Heavy sigh.  It tracks your calories in and out as well.

Great, the holidays are around the corner and I am trying to diet.

That is so not funny!  Do you have a Fitbit?

Have a great Monday!


Pumpkin Patch 2014

This  will probably not happen again!   I took my kid to a pumpkin patch today.  I was in heaven, she was in… well, you know.

I am type from my pc at home, so here… lots of pics, self explanatory.   My keyboard drives me crazy… bare with me.  For every five words I type, I have to fix ten! 

It was warm, upper 70s, like that is cool for here!


Ugly birds!


My daughter actually rode these ponies when she was a baby! Waaaaaa!


Pig Races!




Look at the guy in the back, he must have money on it! ;-)


Isn’t she cute!  She posed, just for me!!!! Um.. just for you!


The only thing we bought there was kettle corn.  The pig races and the wagon ride were included in the ticket price of 15.00.


We didn’t even buy a pumpkin!



This is the Wild West!



I took this today and my kid is going to paint it for me!




I have never seen this done before.  Cool!


That was probably the last time I will get my girl to a pumpkin patch with me alone.

Hope you are enjoying your fall where ever you are!



Halloween / Pumpkin Ideas


Every year at work we have a big chili cook-off/potluck.  I actually love it.  Remember 2012  when I did Pepto Princess?  Kind of appropriate for a chili cook-off no?

This year, I think I will pull out a costume for a Winch, save a wine bottle, make a label and call it good.

We also have office/cubby decorating and last year I won, remember?  I think I did a pumpkin as well.  Its just good cheap fun.

I am getting ready to decorate my office again, thinking about what treats I am gonna bring and also what kind of pumpkin I want to do.  Here are some of my ideas:

(I snagged these off of Pinterest on my iPhone so I apologize for not cleaning up the photos!)

I know this blog will never win any awards, but I hope you still love me anyways!  Winking smile

This one is so cute.  I thought I would buy a bag of candy corns for the water!


This one is tempting!  Smell my FEET!


I have always loved to say that as a kid, “Trick or Treat, smell my feet, gimme somethin good to eat!”

This one is adorbs!!!  I love the mice!


Here’s one that screams easy!


I HEART that one!

But here is what I am leaning towards!  It is so different:




So cool.  A little scene!  I love it.  I have a fake tea candle to use and those little trinkets are easy.  I think I may have some from last  year.

Okay, which one do you think?

Golf Update:  League tournament today and my kid shot an 88.  Not bad.  But here is the news… the cheater pants has all the other coaches following her during the games now.  I don’t know her score today … YET!

Credit Score Update


How are you?  Is this week flying for you or is it dragging?  Today I thought it was Thursday!  Thursday?  It’s only Tuesday!

I don’t have much today and I am typing from  my laptop and it is all over the place, so I am going to cut it short and just share the credit score update.

Do not ask me why it went up 7 points?  I have no idea.


But it is still sad and will probably go down next time.  Ugh!  Oh well, I know that the only way to make it increase is time and a successful discharge.