Black Friday

Hello!  Have you been or are you going to be shopping today?  This morning I went online to check out the best deals for laptops and strangely enough, the best deal is only available in the store! A Dell laptop for 179.00 at Office Depot. That’s a steal.

Maybe later, I’ll drive by and see is if one available.  If so, I might pick it up, if not, I wont cry!    I’m sitting here typing on a PC that works such as it is.  It does work!  I might be able to milk it just a little bit longer.

$179.00  is a lot of money to me and I do have to make my daughters Christmas special as well as pay my brother back for the airfare to Portland, not to mention have some money to actually take with to Portland.

So many things wanted/needed, so little money.  That is what I signed up for during this 5 year plan and it has really taught me the value of a dollar:

Needs vs Wants.  Pay attention or pay the piper. Tough lesson.

I never, ever want to pay interest again or get in that kind of bind.  Lesson Learned and Learning!  The credit card companies can kiss my rosy!

My big plans for spending (on wants)  is coming up soon.     We are going to the Fashion district in L.A.IMG_4328-1024x768

Where CASH is KING baby!  Santee Alley is a really popular place.


You can pick up knock off Louis Vuitton for a steal.


I want to get a bag for my kid and some jewelry knock offs as well.  This stuff is supposed to be the best!  Illegal, probably.  Lock me up!  My kid doesn’t care if its knock off and neither do I.  As long as it holds up “pretty well”.  I am okay with that.  It’s an LA Experience that we have not had.

Today my kid is working, yep, the mom called her back to babysit for a few hours.  She’s so happy!

While she’s working, I’m going for a walk and then gonna try to fix the rim on the wheel well of my car.  The trim is hanging off and I’m gonna glue it.  LOL!  Or should I duct tape it?  Kidding!  I have a glue that might work.  I don’t want to cut it off.  If I can’t fix it I’ll take it to a body repair, they can bond it with something I hope.

That’s about it.  Putz around and get a box that I am shipping to Portland ready.  I bought some pretty little bags for those jewelry pieces and I would like to add a song bird to them if I can ever find the time to do that craft!

So that is my black Friday.  If you are out and about, remember needs vs wants and it will help you to keep calm and make rash decisions.  If you do buy something, make sure it is the lowest price possible, take advantage of the day!

Happy (smart) shopping!


Happy Thanksgiving 2014


Hello!   I hope you have wonderful plans today filled with good food and family!

I want to let you know that the faucet crisis was averted.  Barely!

I went to the hardware store and bought a kit and when I got home and took apart  the faucet I realized I have a ceramic type faucet, not a ball.  So at this point I had to go back to the store and see if they had a kit  that would fit.


Isn’t that the way it goes? They didn’t have one.  So I bought a new faucet.  That can’t be too hard to do either!


Then I tried to pull of the base of the faucet off and it would not budge!  I would need  crane!  It was stuck.  So I called a buddy, the same buddy that helped me change out my garbage disposal and he told me to go to another smaller plumbing store and they had my parts!


So with that and a wrench that I bought and the muscle that my friend brought over later I was able to fix my faucet for under $40.00~!


Can I just remind you how great Google is!


If you have something broken check here to see how hard it is before you just call some dude with baggy pants over to  charge you $100.00 just to show up!  Twice that on Thanksgiving Weekend I am sure.

Chances are, you can do it yourself if you have muscle!  That was the only thing that I didn’t have and man, that miffs me!

Now I just have to to take back the faucet and the kit that did not fit.  It’s all good!

Our plans are to stay home, have a small traditional dinner and watch the parade and dog show!  The guy that hosts the show lives in my town.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Great Deals * Free Cookware

Hi there!

It’s the start of a five day break and I could not be happier.  Ok, not true.  I could be starting my Thanksgiving break without a huge mess under my sink and a super leak!


This is a one handle faucet and leaking up a storm.  I Google’d it and I think I can fix it myself.  I plan on getting the kit ASAP.  I think there must be more than just this leak because underneath the sink is wet.  I will start with this leak and see if it fixes it.  More on that in another post.  GAH!

I want to share my deals with you!  Remember these?


Last time I went to the market, I forgot the coups!!!  So I grabbed my coups and  I picked everything up today at lunch as well as this:


I just could not pass that up! (Notice they don’t have the coupons in the store!)

I can roast that anytime and the bones will make a wonderful soup!  Into the freezer with this bird!

While I was at it I picked up the free pot I wanted since September!  I had just enough stamps!




Isn’t it pretty?


I am pretty happy about that.  Now I guess I have to go for the small one, then I’m done.  I need to start  shopping the other store sales as well.  I just had to have that pot!  ;-)  Trying to get rid of most if not all my Teflon!

I think this is quite a deal.

FullSizeRender1I bought a $22.00 turkey for $7.00!

That is a deal and that is how you TRY to make it to a successful Discharge!

Now as long as I don’t have to pay any plumbers I will be super happy!

Every little bit counts!


Wishing my Life Away

Two day work week.  Thank you Universe!

Do you feel the holidays came on quickly this year?  I’m so okay with that.  It means time is flying and at this stage of the game – I want it to!  We all know why!

Wishing my life away has become the norm.  But after the “Sixty Payments is done, I’m sure I’ll want to put on the brakes.

Oh wait, then I will be counting down  to retirement.


Speaking of which, I thought I would share this with you.


I cannot actually collect full Social Security until I am 67!!! Sixty SEVEN!   I’ve been dreaming of retirement at age 63.  I don’t think that’s going to happen unless my health really takes a dive or I’m so senile I cannot keep up with current technology.  Winking smile

I might still go for 65.  Here’s why:



I think a 13% cut is worth it.  I’ll collect it over a longer period of time.

Even 65 sounds so far away right now, but it’s really only 10.5 years.  ONLY! WAAAAA!

Social Security is not my only plan.  I’ll have a small pension.  If I can hold out until I am 65 I’ll have 60.45% of my income and if I ever get a raise (which I have not in 6 years) than it will be all that much more.

That is after 25 years of service.  No one gets rich working in the public sector.  Trust me on that.

Here’s my rough retirement plan:

  • Take the equity of my So Cal Condo and buy a modest place in my beautiful home state of Oregon.
  • Have my pension/Social Security to sustain me.
  • I’ll have medical from work as well as Medicare supplement.  Whatever Medicare does not cover my work medical will take care of, that is huge for me as I am very sick girl!

I think I’ll be okay.  I may even at that point work part-time if they hire an old bat like me.

I can become a Wallmart Greeter!  Welcome to Wallmart!

What are your plans?  Are you looking forward too?


2 Day Work Week!


I feel pretty lucky today.  That rarely happens!  Winking smile

Today is Monday, tomorrow is Friday already!

I have Wednesday – Friday off this week and that means a FIVE DAY BREAK!

Look who will be so happy to have me home with them.


Misty and Gracie – my beloved Fur Babies!  Adore!

Can’t wait.

Have a great day!


Log Cabin Christmas

Hello!  What’s planned for your Sunday?

When I got online this morning I wanted to check the weather here because my kid is golfing. Um… its in the 70s.  A bit windy, but she can deal with that if it doesn’t get too bad.

I cannot believe what the rest of the country is dealing with.  Beacon Hill,  Boston.  I have lived there and I’ve experienced Boston winters but not like that!


If you are under snow be warm, safe and stay in.  Make soup!  (Yesterday, my broth turned out perfectly gelled and loaded with collagen!)  Its my face lift in a pot.

Yesterday was a good day.  My kid stayed with me the whole day and really helped me out.

  • We got our grocery shopping done
  • Picked up a new pair of scissors so I can trim her hair
  • Picked up some polyurethane so I can seal an area around the sink
  • Bought a paper punch and ribbon so I can make the songbirds
  • Picked up and decorated our tree and more!

Then we watched a movie last night with the Christmas tree glowing.  Edgar Allen Poe.  Stonehearst Asylum.


This movie could be made into an iPad game easily.  Great twists and turns.  Typical Poe.

Back to the tree!   Years ago, when I thought I was loaded, I rented a cabin in Lake Arrowhead for New Years.  It was not that expensive to be honest and I shared the cost with a buddy. My mother came and joined us and I will not trade that memory for anything.

While we were there, I took advantage of some ornament sales and bought lots of log cabin themed ones.  My daughter used those to decorate our tree this year.  Yes, its early but I’m in the mood and now we are done.  I’m keeping it simple, just the tree. No other decor.  It feels really good.

Our tree comes from Oregon. They all do here.  We feel like we have a little piece of home in our living room.  I love it!


My girl did most of the work once we put it up.  Bringing up the boxes was enough for me!


She did a great job.


This bird and nest has been apart of my tree for almost 20 years, no matter the theme, she goes on it.


Very log cabin!


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cabin in the woods?


A place to escape to?


I would love to have a small, modest place.  A get away from it all.

IMG_8731 i

Where I could commune with the squirrels!  Ha!

We did set out a few of our friends.


I think it looks wonderful.


We added some burlap this year.  See the notes on it?  I think when I finish a few song birds and add them it will be nice.  Not too many though as I think it looks perfect just the way it is.


Our little Noble Fir cost $32.00 and is well worth it.

Today I will finish up laundry and cleaning and continue to putz around the condo.  I’m still in healing mode.  My hope of all hopes is that by by the time go home for a visit I will be in remission and able to spend quality time with my mother.

Have a great day all and stay well.


Saturday Scoop

Hi there!  What’s the scoop?

What are your plans today?  Here’s the scoop in my little corner of the world.

Right now as I type this, I have a pot of chicken bone  broth  in the crock pot, since last night!  It just sounds better as just broth no?  Last night I stopped at Bristol Farms and picked up a Free Range roasted chicken and check this out:

Turkey necks!  I know!  They weren’t in the case, but  I asked the butcher and he went back and got me some!   These are free range, antibiotic free, hormone free.  I got two packs as I plan on making this “broth” a lot! I used some broth from my last batch to make our rice last night and so my daughter is reaping the benefits as well.

My healthy broth is cooking for 24 hours in the pressure cooker that doubles as a crock pot.  I’m so happy.  The benefits of this broth are AMAZING and I am not messing around with this flare.  Again, go here for a list of reasons to make this! Its a must have in any diet.

Also on my list of things for today is grocery shopping.  I want to go to Sprouts and Albertsons, after Golf Clinic of course.

Lots to buy for dinner on Thanksgiving but I already have a turkey breast in the freezer!  If I knew I was going to be on a soup kick I would have bought a small whole turkey!  No big.  I eat lots of lean protein daily as well.

Some items  are for Thanksgiving and some for staples, but all good deals.

I  want to pick up this Salmon.  It’s $2.00 off a pound.  I think I would like to try that mustard sauce I posted here.


I know, call me lazy, but I think prepared mashed potatoes are way better!


Gotta have this for my girl!


I am making my own cranberries.  When I bought these at the 99 cent store, I didn’t read the ingredients.  Full of



Gotta have something to snack on.


Albertsons has a few things and you cannot beat these prices anywhere!

$2.50 for butter!  That’s like half off.  I will buy 3~   I don’t use anything but real butter.


And really!?!  .39 cents!  I will buy 10!  We eat a lot of green beans!


There is more on my grocery list, but this is a snapshot of just some of the deals from the paper.  I swear if you watch the paper you can really stretch your dollar.  I am getting closer to my free pot!

Here’s what else is on my agenda for the weekend.

Yesterday I started cutting out some of these shapes!


I am determined to make some of those little song birds at some point this weekend.  My daughter said she might join me.  I printed out some sheet music to use.  So both free!

I would love to get a Christmas tree up!  I’ve been looking and Home Depot and Osh both got theirs in yesterday.  Home depot can’t sell until they get their permit and the guy at Osh told me they were just setting them up but might start selling today!  Its on the way back from Golf Clinic so that is convenient.

I would really like to have it up for Thanksgiving and take it down before we leave for Oregon next month.

My daughter wants to use our log cabin ornaments that I bought on a trip to Lake Arrowhead a lifetime ago.  So she is chief decorator this year.

So grocery shopping, a little crafting, setting up a tree and laundry.  That will make up my Saturday and probably some of my Sunday too!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay healthy and warm where ever you are!