Here Is Debtgirl

Okay not really! But here is what I would look like as Peanuts character!


You can go here to find out what you would look like!

Nothing much going on here, still exhausted! Kid has golf game tonight for high school team and big tourney this weekend. Its at the coast and its supposed to be hot inland, so she lucked out there!

I just need to sleep!

Have a great day!

Roasted Chicken & Potatoes

Hi there. Time for a cheap dinner recipe.  You know I am not a great cook, but I do love to share a good and very inexpensive recipe now and again.

This chicken was gifted to me and I have more in the freezer.  How good is that?  What a deal. 

I needed a recipe and even though its hot here and I haven’t had my oven on in months, I had to do it. This is the perfect recipe.


Here’s a link to the original recipe.  Its really good. This is all you need:


Just cut up the potatoes, I used 4.  I also threw some gloves of garlic on the pan to roast.  Living on the edge!


Then put your chicken on a pan and add all the ingredients per recipe.  Insert big chunks of garlic under the skin.  The only thing I would do different than the recipe is butter up the chicken before anything else.


My girlfriend gave me these chicken leg quarters.  A whole bag.  She got them for .79 cents a pound.  I am going to find out where.  So meaty and big. 

Everything cooks together but the potatoes got done first.


Then the chicken came out shortly thereafter at 180 temperature inside per thermometer.



This made a wonderful, delicious dinner and I have plenty for lunch and possibly another meal!

Try this if you have cheap cuts of chicken! Or even if you have expensive cuts.  Winking smile  You won’t be sorry!

I cannot believe I actually turned on my oven. Heat and all!  But it was worth it.

Keeping it frugal!


New Floor – Done

Well, its done and so am I! Exhausted, sore, flat broke but so happy!

They did a great job and got it all done in one day!

At the end of the day my patio had a pile if carpet, tacks, padding and just all kinds of debris they were planning on leaving there! I was like… Ah hem what about that? He informed me it would be $85.00 to haul!

Ah no! I insisted he and his son help me haul it to my trash! Do you know how heavy carpet is? Omg!

When that was settled I wrote him the check and got to work.

I had to sweep up the patio, mop and sweep rooms and move furniture back. Did I mention that I was practically paralyzed today? Even my hands are killing me! I am so out of shape!

But here is the well worth the effort result!






Can you see where the cat box was? Now it is here!!!!!!!!!!! Its so great!


They are using it!! I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to go to sleep and be able to breath! I am so sorry this took so long but remember, I am in a BK and cash is hard to come by! I still have to pay my kid back!

Speaking of my kid! She loves her room!



As you can see we both have lots of work to do.

Oh heres my closet too:


Its so nice to have this clean space back! Its been years!



How about a desk? Lol not just yet, I think I will just enjoy the space and clean air for a bit! Also take some time to pay back pay girl!

What do you think?

Off to rub in Bengay! Whew that was really hard work!



I am in the middle of chaos, I am sure you all get that as I know that we are all have to maintain our spaces.


(Look at Gracie before I moved out the dresser)!

It’s actually worst chaos now because they are here and its noisy.

My cats are doing okay, I think. The funny thing is that I know where Misty is, but I can’t find Gracie.  Misty is the one I worried about getting out of the condo because if she bolts, she is gone.  She can’t be touched and there would be no way to catch her.  Gracie, on the other hand,  if she gets out  would be okay because being the princess that she is, she would beg for help.


As you can see by the above picture, I may have dealt with stinky pew in my room but my kid dealt with that doorway and other stains.  It actually looks worse in the pic than it is, but it was bad. No denying it.   13 year old cheap carpet.  It’s past time.

Today when we woke up there was this wonderful weather.  I had to get up early to take my kid to her babysitting job.  What a great kid I have!


It is great weather!  I feared that the rain might keep away the flooring guys but they are here. 

I was also worried that since the price was pretty cheap by SoCal standards that the quality was going to be poor.  I did some research and it is 12mm laminate which, while not the best, is pretty darn good.

Here is another plus by using Jose.  Number one his son, David is here and he is a Jr. in high school and plays football and is  a great kid.  He is really learning a great skill from his dad and he is also just a really decent kid and I totally want to support that, so I like them.  Number two, Jose does more than flooring and is reasonable.  So when and if I can ever get the money together to do a few other things before I sell, he is my Handyman!

Feeling pretty darn positive at the moment.  The cats seem to be safe, the flooring is going in and might be ALL DONE today instead of heading into tomorrow.  And it rained.  I love the rain, we need the rain.

On another note, I put the cat box in the hall closet last night.  They (at least one of them) used it last night and so maybe I  can transition that mess to that area.   I will just play it by ear and keep the door open always for them and see how it goes.  I will keep  it really clean, like extra, extra clean for them to ensure they use it and no more UTIs!  If it goes well, maybe I will have a cat door put in for easy access.  Hey, that can be Jose’s next job!

I can’t wait to show you pics of the rooms tomorrow! 

Thank you for all your support!  Really, I love my virtual friends!



Hello! Do you remember back in January when I looked into flooring because the 13 year old carpet, especially the one in my bedroom where the cat box is, is completely shot?

Well, it was shot then, but if you can believe it, it is even more shot now just having survived a cat with a UTI.

I called the couple that gave me an estimate in January to see if it was still good.  She came yesterday and brought out samples and she honored the original quote, even though the price of materials has gone up.

Now this is the hard part.  I decided to borrow yet more money from my kids car fund to get this done.  I know!  I asked my kid if it was okay and she told me since she was not using it, it is fine.  She knows how bad these carpets need to be replaced now.  There is no way to cover up or clean them anymore, they are just done.

I just cannot keep putting this off, even for just a few months.  There is no way.  Nobody should have to work as hard as I do and then come home and sleep in a cat box.  Its not right.  I have had it.

Here is the sample.  It is close in color to what is in the living room, but not the same quality and the manufacturer is different.


It will have to do.


The price is right.  Two bedrooms laminated for $1500.00.  When I had Empire come out to give me an estimate, they wanted $3300.00.  My daughters dad said that $1500.00 is a steal!  He even called some of his old flooring buddies and could not get a deal like that for me.

The only thing (besides the money) that I am concerned about is the fact that the flooring is a little wavy.  Its not a flat surface.  I am not sure how well that will clean up.  I got the feeling that they are giving me such a good deal because it is a hard to sell sample.  I don’t think this is what I agreed on in January either.  Sometimes you just take it.

People say that laminate doesn’t last long, but I have had it in the living area and have cleaned up all kinds of cat stuff and it just wipes right up, so I hope that if I can get to any mess in time, it will be okay.  Not only that, I can always just have them come back out and repair any areas before I move to Oregon in 6.5 years, in 2022.  But whose counting?  ME!!  I will ask them to leave me some pieces.

Something had to be done to these floors. I was almost thinking of painting the subflooring!  Have you seen that online?  Go look here!  It looks awesome!  But too much work for me.  If I were retired and this was a house, I might try it.  I am so impressed with how it turns out!

Today is going to be a busy day.  I have to move everything out to the living area from the bedrooms.  I got some huge trash bags and we are gonna load them up.  It will be a mess for the next two or three days but afterwards I will be able to breath!

I will continue to have the cat box in my room and I will still have vinyl flooring under it to help protect that area and just hopefully, my cats won’t get any  more UTI’s.  I would love to move the cat box outside.  I have a doggy door and maybe I can find something to put out there like a catwalk or something enclosed.  I will look into that in the future.

I will be a complete stress ball for the next two days because my kitty Misty is a scared cat and she will not have any place to hide while they are doing the work.  I plan to take make some hiding space for her in the dining area.  I hope she can find it and feel safe there.  So stressful having animals to worry about.  I

That is what I am up too.  I will update you soon!  Wish me luck!


Three Year Anniversary


I cannot believe I have made it this far! But I am so grateful to be at this point and not just starting this journey!

If you read my blog and are considering a Chapter 13 as a financial solution to your debt problems, JUST DO IT!

Don’t do as I did, I waited for years before I pulled the trigger. I actually thought about it initially in 2008 but waited until 2012 to file! It did nothing but get me deeper in trouble.

As you read my blog you do see how hard it is, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Also keep in mind that I am a single mom and I think it is much easier if you have a significant other to share this with. Its really a challenge alone!

I try to keep my eye on the prize as I count down another year!!!!

Thanks for sharing my journey with me, I am not completely alone!!!


(Edited to add this image of my discharge necklace)!


Are You Kidding Me?

Aren’t my post charming and fun lately? Its been one scare after another!

Remember when I thought it was a good thing that Chase wrote off my Heloc?

Turns out it might not be such a good thing after all!

In fact it might be a very bad thing!

I might have to pay taxes on it!


Guys I swear I am about to pop!

I have a call into my atty to see what he thinks.

Will let you know!