I hope you had the best Thanksgiving! Are you still full? I woke up and made our breakfast which consisted of fruit! It seemed like the right way to start the day.

Ok let me start by admitting that every year when I buy my boxed dinner from a grocery store I am a little nervous that it will flop! Maybe the turkey will be dry, maybe it won’t smell like thanksgiving, maybe it will feel sad because that is kind of the look you get from people when you tell them that is your plan.

But let me tell you right now that our dinner was probably our best yet!

Everything was so good, the turkey so moist and the sides so flavorful and it was all hot and ready in two hours.

We went to the store in the morning and picked up a few things and my kid wanted to make some cookies, i wanted to try out my oven temp!



Perfect! I just kept an eye on the oven and adjusted when it got to hot!

I added some seasoning to the turkey and it smelled divine!


It has funny little rope marks but so what! I put the sides in the oven, the rolls in foil on the stove and we were all set!






My kids dad brought deviled eggs, Martinelli’s and TWO pies!


He and I enjoyed champaign with cranberry juice and I saved a few berries to float!


My kid set the table and we had a stress free, delicious dinner.


We also Face Timed our family and that was another highlight of the day!

It went off without a hitch. When you are younger, and if you have time, space and help, cooking is ok, but for me, for all those reasons and more, I will never cook a huge meal again!

The parade and the dog show were wonderful too!

Hope you had a stress free day as well!


I Was Right!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

My kid and I both had the day off and so I took her to a movie, its been ages.

We watched Brooklyn.


It’s a wonderful movie, I highly recommend it.

If you are a long time reader you know that I have struggled with my oven! Today I wanted to use up some chicken breast and I found this recipe:


I was going to chance it but at the store I found a thermometer!



And I WAS RIGHT! I put the temp at 350 and that darn oven climbed well over 400.

But I finally figured it out and the mock casserole came out ok!



No carbs but loaded with dairy! I just can’t win. :/(

It still won’t entice me to use the oven but at least now I can bake cookies and not scorch them.

Tonight I made up the cranberries for tomorrow and I have to say I am feeling no stress about dinner tomorrow!

Remember last thanksgiving? My faucet decided to leak? Hopefully that wont happen and even if it does, I have a bathroom sink! ;/) See no stress! (Crossed fingers).

Have a great day tomorrow! No stress allowed.


Looking Forward!

Are you looking forward to a few days off? I sure am!

I realized something…This is my 4th Holiday Season in this BK!

Yep! 4 Thanksgivings and Christmas’s!

I an getting there, slow but sure!


I already have a 2016 calendar as well as that 2017 calendar up in my office.

I seem to keep a close eye as the months tick by.

I am waiting for this Sixty Payments to be over! Then I can tick off the months to retirement.

Although I was thinking this morning I should stay here as long as I can to spite them! NOT!

What are you waiting for?


Ready Set Go

Are you ready? I’m ready!


I know its not the cheapest way to make a dinner, but it works for me! Because of my quirky oven!

It comes packed up and ready to go!


Turkey and all the sides:




I make cranberries, hey, its stovetop!


And of course, some cheer:


The vodka was half price.
Kids dad is bringing the dessert and Martinelli’s.
I think we are good to go! What are your plans?

Go Ducks!


How bout that game yesterday huh!?! Awesome!

I took my kid to practice yesterday and kept on eye on her and one on the game, it was fun.



Today I got up and made her pancakes and then she was off again to practice another round with her dad. I realized that since I stopped taking her on Saturday her game has suffered. I have to figure it out!


Today I am hanging out and doing stuff around the condo. I made some chicken in the crockpot yesterday so we can gave BBQ sammies for a few meals. Really trying to eat out if the pantry until Tday! Then I see soup in our future after that to help stretch!

Ya gotta love the holidays to help tighten the already tight vice right?

Hope you are having a great weekend!


Happy Friday!

Hi all! I have been just keeping my nose to the grindstone this week! Nothing going on worth blogging about!

But l will try to catch up a little!

Work out: Been going to step class. My fav part is the weight work at the end! Wow, am I a wuss! It hasn’t gotten any easier. I am glad I started back up when I did, cause man, its hard!

Work: Sucks! I hate it more than ever!

Kid: Shes doing great, in spite of the last tourney fail. Shes looking at cars online. Look at this beauty!


No comment!

Finance: In the crapper! Its so hard, and spending $$$ I don’t really have on thrift store was silly. But I make it work via grocery. Trying to keep it low.

Thanksgiving Plan: I am doing the meal, Ralphs is doing the cooking! For 44.00 I am picking up the deal and just warming it up.

My favorite part of the day is the parade and the dog show anyway!


I hope all is well with you! I will check in soon!