Taking a Blog Break


I’ve been giving this some thought for months and I think this is as good a time as any to take a break from the blog.  I have put some miles on this baby since 2012!


I don’t know if I will be back in a week or two or maybe even a month… but I WILL be back.  

I promise.

Until then, you take care and I look forward to catching up soon! 

Positive thoughts your way!



Hi… I know this might not seem strange to you but it just hit me as so weird!

Look at this bouquet my daughter brought me yesterday for Mothers Day.


Pretty!  See anything weird?  Look again!

Isn’t it strange to you that just the other day I posted about chicken wire and here is a vase for me surrounded by chicken wire?

I mean, what are the odds?   How common is chicken wire in the city?  Just weird!

My mother in hospice.  We said our goodbyes over the phone.  I am doing surprisingly well.  So far.  Really don’t want to say much about it.

Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement.


Bale & Chicken Wire

Is that how the saying goes?  Something like “It’s held together with bale and chicken wire.”  Or is it “glue” and chicken wire?  Bail?  Oh hell, I just spent twenty minutes trying to find it on the internet and couldn’t.  I’m sticking with bale.


Whatever.  My point is this,  as I plug along and get closer to the three year mark.  (Okay, maybe not so close.  My three year mark is in October.)  As I plug along to October I feel like I’m barely holding it together. 

So many things happen in five year time span.  I find all the things they say are true now that I am smack dab in the middle of a chapter thirteen.  Things like.. shit happens, be prepared, its not easy, try to save all you can, things change, things come up and life is hard… the list of warnings are endless.

Let’s catch up a little. 

  • My 55th birthday yesterday.  Ugh.  Really?  Just ugh!  I think I would be more at peace or happy with that little tidbit, but since I am not the healthiest person, well, it just kind of sucks.  I think the underlying health issues are the basis of most of my stress.
  • We are still in the middle of an IT Audit at work, it is winding down, but can we just finish it already?  I want to get to work!  We need help and I want to focus.  I don’t think they realize how much needs to be done and it is critical that I give my part 100% attention.  I am spread way too thin. (I think we all feel that way.)
  • My kid turns 16 this month.  That is all I can say about that. 
  • The HOA board really takes a lot of time and energy.  We have the community garage sale next weekend.  Not ready for that.
  • Car running pretty rough and the dent in the door really makes it a loud ride too.  Glad I don’t live in Oregon now or rain would be ruining the interior.  My deductable is 1K so that dent won’t be repaired any time soon.
  • Every paycheck is gone before you know it, that is so stressful.  What must it be like not to live paycheck to paycheck. 

The list is endless.

Right now  is a rough time for my whole family. My mom is back in the hospital and at 94 it is expected.  My brothers and sisters are all dealing with the inevitable in their own way.  But of course, getting calls with hysterical sisters is not easy.  I get… when are you coming? you are coming right?  you need to come now!

One of my brothers agrees with my decision and he knows how hard it is for me to make it. Thank you bro!

I spoke to my mom for a few seconds yesterday and I asked her if she wants me to come and she said no.  I know my mom well enough to know when she is sick of us, and right now she is sick of everybody.  Everyone is so emotional and she just needs peace and quiet.

My mother is lucky.  She really is and because she is lucky, I am lucky.

I am lucky to have my mother this long.  She is lucky to be 94, have a doting family and good care.  She is winding down and ready.  Its amazing that nature prepares you and your mind for the inevitable.  When you are born you take a breath, when you die, if you are lucky you slowly come to terms with it and then you can go gently.  My mother gets to go gently.  She will probably fall asleep.  She is in no pain.  I am in tears.

If she wants me there now, she will tell me, if not, then I will go say my final goodbye after. 

What a time in life.  I am telling you I seriously feel like I am barely held together. 

But… my strength comes from my mother and maybe some chicken wire too.

I am my mother’s daughter and I can and will get through all of this.  I know we all will because she did a really good job with the nine of us!

I love you mom!


Happy Birthday ME!

That is so funny to say!  But why not! 


It’s a big one Friends.  A BIG one!


There it is! 

41v5j6L 44L._SY300_

I told you!  Now I can get Denny’s discounts and free coffee at McDonalds huh? 

Here is a card I got from one of my sisters.

IMG_0550 (3)

dot dot dot…

IMG_0551 (3)

And that is just how I feel most mornings these days.  Especially today!

I bought myself flowers to enjoy at the desk I’m sitting at this week. 

IMG_0552 (3)

Moving back to my regular office on Monday!  Darn, I could get use to this peace and quiet.




Oh.. sorry for yelling!  Winking smile

I was actually born on Mothers day. So I sent my mom a huge bouquet today so we can celebrate together!

She is not doing so well, so I am very concerned.  We should all live to have 94 birthdays!


Class All Week

Hi Peeps!

Hope you are all well this!  I miss ya!

You won’t hear from me much this week though, until Friday!

IMG_0537 (3)

I am in class (online) and so busy –  its crazy!

IMG_0539 (3)

Great subject!

IMG_0543 (3)


IMG_0545 (3)

I am excited cause we use HyperV and I always wanted to see this.

IMG_0546 (3)

I will be MIA for a bit, but I am thinking of you!

Back to the lab!


Enjoying The Patio

Today I decided to take it out to the patio for coffee and blogging which is a very enjoyable experience in spite of this awful laptop.  (The problem is the mouse jumps around and the typing is all over the place.)  Very hard to work with.


Loving it!


Gracie got in on the action too.


We moved the Buddha again, hopefully this will be the right spot!


The ferns are getting new growth, so I didn’t kill them.  Yay!

Yesterday, the Maids did not come.  I was so disappointed.  They asked me and I caved to let them do my home on the side.  They offered to do it cheaper, but with that comes the chance that they could rip you off, not be bonded thru Molly maids AND they could flake! 

I’m glad I did not cancel Molly Maids, I just postponed it, just to see how it went.  I will call and let them come week after next as I can‘t do it next week.  So much for trying to save a buck there!

Now.. Golf!  So happy!  I wanted to share this with you!


That is the first five holes of my daughters practice round yesterday.  2 birdies and 3 pars! (Those checkmarks are my way of keeping track, its not normally done like that.)

I rented a cart and took it easy so I decided to keep track.


She kicked these boys butts!


Now you can see why I was so upset the other day at her score of 100!  Of course, I will try not to lose it like that again! 

You should have seen her focus, her precision, her determination yesterday.  I was so proud and so was she!  She is off to play 18 with her dad today.  He is not playing because of his broken collar bone, but she is getting in her practice.

I am not sure what I am doing today.  I will probably hang out at home and get some things done that should have been done yesterday by the maids. GAH!

On another note, yesterday, after golf practice, I took my kid over to a friends house to watch the fight and I stopped at CVS on the way back.  I bought some more face product.  Anti-aging stuff.  I guess because I have a birthday coming up soon, I feel like my skin my need a little extra attention. 

Will it help?  Probably not,  but its worth a shot.  Let’s just say I used the maid money!

I am definitely not getting any younger and I really think  chronic illness and stress show up on the face!

What are you up to today?