We Are Going to Cabo!


YIKES -  I did it.  We are going to Cabo!  I can’t get out of it now, even if I tried. YIKES!


I seriously cannot believe I did that!

But here some good news!  The hotel cost $279.00 total, not EACH! 

So it is half what I thought it would cost.  Thank goodness!


The airfare wasn’t cheap, but at least its non-stop each way and its only a couple of hours each way and that was the cheapest I could find.

The deal at the hotel includes a dinner cruise:


It also includes a shuttle to the hotel.  I have to figure out how to get to the airport the day we leave though. Hopefully they won’t charge too much!  4 nights.  Really good Travelzoo deal.


So freaking pretty.


I will need to park my car at the airport and I think I know a place that I used to use that is reasonable.  Maybe $80.00 for the four nights.  I’ll confirm.

This is going to be expensive, however, relatively speaking, but we are going to Mexico!!   It is the first time my kid gets to use her passport.

The incidentals are going to add up.  Food, cost for baggage, car park, etc. We will need to check two bags and carry on two bags and within my bag will be a bottle of wine!  Winking smile  Trader Joes cheap, two buck Chuck!  Winking smile

I’m on a mission now to be able to bounce back from this expense.  I hope and pray that there are no emergencies in my immediate future. If they are, well, I will deal!

Omg, we are going to Mexico!  September 2014. I can’t believe we actually  have something to look forward to! 

Okay, now to address the Debbie Downer comments and believe me, I hear ya!  Actually, I don’t think of you as Debbie Downer at all, I think of you as Patty Practical!   Ha ha, I just made that up!  You are all right, every single word of advice you gave was sound.  Unfortunately, I am shooting from the hip right now, and I already shot by the time I read your comments!  

Will I be sorry, lets hope not, was it smart, definitely not, am I looking forward, yep.  Will I lose sleep, probably.

I’m not spending a dime this month or next in order to pay for this (which btw is completely paid for from this check!). I’m a good juggler!  But lets just hope I don’t lose my transmission or any other emergency or I am screwed… but I will deal.

Stay tuned for lots of sweat and fretting and probably lots ways I stay cheap!



Cabo on My Mind


TGIF, Okay, actually it is only Tuesday, but I can’t wait for Friday because it is my day off!   I Can.not.wait!

I know exactly what I’m going to do!

1)  Sleep in a little
2) Take kid to her camp
3) Go for my lake walk, eat an egg white with a side of fruit
4) Clean out my closets (clothes and linen, including products) while I sip coffee and pet cats in-between keep/toss decisions
5) Think about what I can sell at the garage sale that I am  having soon
6) Think about what I can sell online
     Keyboard, Chandelier, and DS that didn’t sell before and maybe my kids ukulele that she never used

7) Day dream about our vacation to Cabo!


Because come hell or high water, who cares if  I can’t afford it and it is financially a bad idea …

We are going!

I am so over this life and in need of a vacation that I’m at the point that if I don’t get at least 4 days out of here I’m seriously going to end up in the Looney bin with a serious meltdown!  Winking smile

I’m looking/watching/searching for the best deals in town. I haven’t found any but one on TravelZoo and if it is still available tomorrow, I’m buying it!  Fingers Crossed.

Less than $600.00 for 4 nights and a really nice hotel in the heart of town.  Then of course there is airfare, but I’ll worry about that little nugget next month! 

The trade off is no golf tourneys for a few months.  My kid has one coming up next week that is already paid for and she can do clinics and golf a round here and there, but we need to spread the resources around a bit and this is where I want/need to spread them too!

We are both dying to get out of dodge.  Nothing else sounds good, not even Hawaii. 

We want to skedaddle to Mexico!


Keep your fingers crossed that we can somehow pull some funds together for this trip! 

Hopefully October!  That is my goal.

I will let you know tomorrow if I got the hotel then I need to worry about the airfare!

Adios Amigos!



Oh Wait, reality check!  I just called my mom to fess up about thinking about Cabo and well a trip to Portland has to be made.  How the hell can I do it all?  There is only so much.  Something is gonna pop!

Touching Base with my iPad


I thought I would touch base using my iPad as my laptop is 1) in the other room and 2) I am too lazy to go get it!

Not much going on, work still sucks and probably will from here on out!  The company has changed and you know what?  I could not care less really!  It’s just a job!  ;-)

Oh and I suppose it helps that 1) today I called an attorney friend and she gave me four names of attys with public agency employment experience and 2) I called the Union and confirmed that I have just as much protection  as a due paying member AND she told me that I can get a rep from the union to come to any meetings that might come up!  I told her a few things and she advised me to document, document, document!  Starting with the resume incident.  ;-)

Besides that I am on a mission to go on a vaca!

I cannot tell you how much my kid and I need one!  More on that later!

For now I better get some shut eye!  Hope all is well!




For You!


I wanted to post something!  So I posted this bouquet of Peonies for you.  I hope you enjoy this delicate flower as much as I do.

This has been a strange week and I’m trying so hard not to let it affect me emotionally, but it is.  I am hiding at work and trying to just stay way from people.  I’m afraid I am not a very sunny person right now.

Yesterday I found an old resume of mine on my chair. I have no idea how it got there or who had it, but it just suddenly appeared.  I asked my boss if I should take that as a hint, he said my coworker was cleaning out stuff and probably left it. I still think it was completely uncool, with no note.  Whatever!  If I didn’t feel like this is such a hostile environment right now I probably wouldn’t of thought twice about it.

So I just let it go.  I really do need to wrap my arms around the fact that this is just a way to pay bills and its not forever.  I just hate not liking my employer.  It really stinks.

Okay, but beyond all that, I hope you have a great weekend and I cannot wait for 5:00!



The Old Closed Door Trick

Hi all,

Well, today was not much better than yesterday!


Lots of closed doors and tight lips.

Lots of people walking around with their heads down (or up their asses) not quite sure which!

Funny.  This feels much like it did back in the day when I worked in Aerospace and layoffs were imminent, then datacomm, same thing, telecomm, yep same thing.  It was not a good time between 1995 and 2000!

This is a public agency and it takes quite a bit to lay off people or fire them.  So I am not “too” worried, but one never knows.  You just never know!

I thought I was already in the poor house, but soon I could find my self in the really poor and desparate house!

I just keep plugging along.  I was asked to work some OT tonight, maybe that’s when they will hand me my pink slip!

Ya just never know! 

Thank you for every single bit of advice and support.  I’m looking now to see what a resume actually looks like these days!



What Would You Do?

Rant.  Fair Warning!

I’m in the middle of a Chapter 13 BK.  I’m 54 years old.

I have Chronic illness that never gets me down because I don’t let it, but it is there, so basically, uninsurable and I could not pass a job physical if they ask me questions.

I have a 15 year old daughter with lots of costly things going on to set her up for her future, golf and school mainly.  A car coming up soon as well.

I have a pretty good pension when I retire from the job I have.  I hope in 9 years! 

I piss and moan about getting passed over for promotions, etc.  But doesn’t every body?

I got a boss that sits at his desk (has done this for at least 5 years that I am aware) of and plays World of Warcraft all day long.  Even when you talk to him sometimes he has one eye on the monitor and clicks away at his mouse and keyboard!  Hilarious really.  He can’t even stop himself long enough to have a conversation. Pathetic. 

I have helped him so many times, saved his ass…those days are over.  People have asked me if he is gaming and I have said, I don’t think so.  I lied.

He is giving his “buddy” here at work a promo, yep, they play together, I’ve seen it.  I also have proof, but it wouldn’t hold up.  But I had to be sure for myself.  Really.

It makes me sad that I have to say to myself, well, I have a job.  At least I have a job, I should be grateful, blah blah blah. 

That is not the kind of life I have worked hard for and not the kind of just getting thru the day career I expected. 

But there it is.

We are all just freaking drones and does work really matter?  Not really.  Not at this stage of the game.  Not for most of us.

At least I am interested in what I do.  Its too bad I am not a dude here or I would at least be given more money. Winking smile

I’m not the friendliest person at work, but that should not be a punitive action.  I’m polite, I just don’t get involved because much like middle school, I have watched them all at one point or other stab each other in the back.  I have a couple of people that I have let get close, but other than that, I am a loner.  I try to get close, then I get bitten then I back up again.  Confuses me.

My boss is a prime example of that.  Now I don’t trust him and I really need to keep my distance.  I have done too much for him.

It’s cool.  Here is my new perspective.  I have a job, I like the work.  I will nod and smile in all the right places and keep my head down and do my job.  No more, no less.

Would you even try to get a new job at my age?  That just seems insane and completely out of the question to me.

Jobs are hard to come by and especially at my age!

I will get past this, its just a freaking job and at 5:00 it is history until 7:30 tomorrow.