Emergency Room Visit

I don’t even know where to begin.  Yesterday was a day for the books. I think the longest day has beat the longest month!

It started out nice enough, I had some coffee outside while I waited for my daughter to get her wisdom teeth pulled.


It was such a pretty day too.


Even the waiting room was pleasant enough.


My kid was in and out without a hitch in a half hour.  Got her home and tucked her in with her ice packs and soft foods. All was good.

Then her dad called and said he was on his way to come and see her.

That’s where the drama begins.

She waited and waited and waited.  No dad.  Then my phone rang and it was him.  He was in an accident on the 101 (Ventura freeway)!

We were up and out in two shakes and found ourselves here, on the side of the road.



He ended up landing and sliding on the freeway.  He has a broken color bone and some horrible road rash.

There are pictures so look away!

We drove him to the nearest ER.


I have been here many times.


Her dad got the care he needed; the road rash cleaned up and a sling for the break.  There is really NOTHING else they can do for a broken or fractured collar bone.

It is one of the most painful breaks.

The road rash is not picnic either, its all the way down his right side.

We spent a few hours there, my kid sat there with icepacks on her face the whole time.

It was a mess.

They finally discharged him and I stopped to get everyone (accept my kid) dinner so we could tuck him in with no need of anything.  I helped him change into some comfy clothes and we left him.

I don’t know how he is going to manage. He can drive with one hand but its gonna be really hard to do just about everything for a long time until the break heals. He is going to be miserable for 6 – 8 weeks.

Last week was no picnic and I am glad its over.  I am trying to be in a positive place today.

My kid woke up a little swollen but feeling ok.  We call her dad and he survived the night.

I have a hair cut appt. around 10:00 then my kid is going to her dads to stay and help him out.

I will be home later trying to de-stress and just putz around.  I would really like to clean up my patio but have no idea what to do with it.  I love the ferns but they are so over grown.


Maybe I will take a picture to a garden shop and ask them what to do.

I hope your weekend has started off much better than ours!


The L o n g e s t Month

April is so long.  I just feel like it is going on for.ev.er!  Is it long for you?  The saving grace is the three paychecks.  Those paychecks will come handy because it just seems like:


Heavy sigh.  Lots of prescription co-pays this month, tags for my car, pay back my brother and lots of other stuff.  It never ends.

I still want new furniture from Ikea!  Trust me I think about that ever day! 


The garage sale is coming closer and that will help!  The time (and finances) are just not right.  Its gonna be one of those things where I am going to just have to bite the bullet and do it!

Yesterday was payday and I thought my pay looked “off”, so I looked at the timesheet and yep, I forgot to add the 5 hours I worked on my last Friday off. Yep, like I can afford that time and money! 

Speaking of time and money, I accidently saw the paystub of another coworker yesterday in my department.  I walked in and he had it open and didn’t close it.  He makes twice as much as I do, twice as much.  That was so depressing, I almost cried.  I didn’t.  I saved face and moved on.  Its not fair, its not fair, life is not fair. Deal with it right?  He works a lot of OT too.  Its just so hard to see that people can actually make a wage where they would never end up in a BK unless they are really bad with money or something happens beyond their control.  I just picture how I would feel to get a paystub like that and its not like I am not worth it.  Ok, over that rant!

Tomorrow is my Friday off and the big day for my kids dental work.  I am so not looking forward to that.  Scarier for me than for her.  The we lay low this weekend, no golf.  She probably won’t feel up to it.

Other than that, its been pretty quiet and boring here.  I have a feeling April posts will be short and sweet most of the time.  I will post, but at times, you are gonna think they are BORING! 

I just want to stay plugged in as I plug along! 

Have a great day today!


Post on Toast

Because I love the Pioneer Woman (most of the time) I’m linking to her site today. 

I say most of the time because WOW can one woman be that blessed?  Talk about having it all, its hard not to be a little jealous!

I do love her though.  She is so freaking funny!  Do you read her?

The other day she blogged about her trip to L.A. and the the popularity of Toast.

Yep Toast.  Only here in So Cal!

So here is my post on toast!    Well, actually my peanut butter and banana on toast!


Now go and check out her gorgeous post on toast! 


Masters Sunday

Hello!  It was a great day yesterday.  I stayed home and watched Jordan Spieth win the Masters!


How’s that for 21 years old?  I was really happy he won, but if Phil would have won, I would have been just as pleased.  I love this guy!  He played so well, he really had a chance.  It was an excellent game.


I watched the Masters and hung around home.  I got lots of “chores” done. A huge job I tackled was the ironing.  Finally, I have some blouses to wear!  (I still do not know how I ever did everything myself this whole time while sick!)


That was pretty much my day.  My daughter played another round of golf with her dad, she beat him pretty badly too!  She did really well on Saturday when I walked with her and she kept up the momentum yesterday.

If you are planning on putting your kid in golf, start saving money now and hope and pray that you have the time it takes.  Golf can eat up your whole day!  You have to love the game like I do!  You can’t just throw money at golf, you have to throw time at it.

Back to the grind today.  I am so busy at work.  I could easily put some OT in this week but Friday my kid is scheduled for her wisdom teeth extraction.  Ouch, just thought.  Not looking forward to that. We have to get that done before her next tourney at the end of the month.  I am looking forward to that too because I think I can volunteer again, I am  feeling that much better.

I should be getting test results this week to see how the med is metabolizing,  so keep fingers crossed.  I am pretty sure all is well, I’m heading into a good REMISSION, lets just hope my blood tests agree!

Happy Monday Peeps!  What are your plans this week?

Me?  Just working and passing the time until discharge. One day, one week, one payment at a time!


GF Cookie – Pancake Mix


For someone who is not into cooking I sure find myself having to do it A LOT!

Let’s be real!  I have to cook.  I’m on a budget and cooking is one way to save money.  I don’t do it all the time, but more than not for sure.  More than I want to!

Today was no exception.

But before I got cookin, I took my kid golfing.  She played 18 and I walked.


It was such a nice day!  She did really well.  I got away with only paying $20.00 for her to play and me to walk.  Can’t beat that.  They gave me the Jr. rate for her even though we got there really early.  Score.

After that… and here is where the cooking comes in, we were both starving!  No eating out allowed today!  So we  went home and I made her a quesadilla and a ham and cheese omelet for me.  Did I tell you, we were starved!


Then I mentioned to her that I had a cookie recipe I wanted to make.  So the cooking didn’t stop there, she talked me into making cookies.

That link is to a different, but similar recipe than I followed but with really good pictures!

FullSizeRender (1)

I really changed this recipe up!  I didn’t have Pamela’s pancake mix, but I do have some GF mix.

Also, I didn’t have nuts or many chocolate chips, but I do have raisons, dates and 1/4 cup chocolate chips so I used ALL THOSE mixed together!  Like I said,  I really changed it up!


The cookies came out so yummy!  Sweet and cakey and my kid loves them!  I will be making these again.

It was nice being able to spend that time with her today.  She is playing 18 with her dad tomorrow, so that will give me some putz around the condo time tomorrow.  I always look forward to the down time.

Who knows what I will be cooking up.  Maybe more red potato salad,  because that is completely gone!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  Whatcha cookin?


Tom Ka Gai – BETTER!

Hello!  Its Friday!  I could not be happier.

The only plan I have this weekend is to take my kid golfing tomorrow and then who knows?  Love that.  I simply love not having a whole list of things to do!

I might bake some oatmeal cookies.   It’s not a must do though.

Speaking of cooking.  Remember my cooking fail day? I tried to make this soup?  It happens to be my most favorite soup in the whole world.  My kid hates it, she calls it Tom Ka EW!  ;-)

When my daughter has dinner with her dad, I get my soup!


It doesn’t even make it to a bowl.  I just open it up, put it on a plate and dig it.


My method is to take some rice (just a small spoonful HA) and dip it!


Its loaded with goodness.  Gluten Free goodness!  It looks spicy but its not.  I can’t explain the flavor.  Maybe that’s not a good sign! ;-)  It’s just good!!

I take it over to the couch, curl up and enjoy.


I won’t be making this at home again!  It’s just was not the same.  This cost me $6.00 and so worth it.

While I eat my soup, Gracie enjoys her time with her boyfriend. I swear that cat will not leave my kids dad’s lap when he is here.  She runs to him, hops up and plants it right there!


Ahhhh!!!!  Trader.  Maybe she doesn’t like Tom Ka Ew either!

Have a wonderful Friday and if you like Thai, try this soup!