Cleaning Schedule – Printable


Can I just tell you that it is so hot here.  It is.

I am trying to stay as cool as I can.  Not easy.

I am posting very short post because it is getting nearly impossible to type on my pc.  The keyboard is going whack now.  The mouse is broken, the power port is broken and I am working with one USB port with a hub. Now the keyboard is going!

It makes typing interesting.  Oh if I can only wait for Christmas when they go on sale, I will be happy, but I am not sure.

Anyway.. I want share this site and idea with you.  I have a hard time keeping up with housework, but I found this.


(click on the image to go to the website and the printable.)

Tomorrow I plan on doing a few things on the list to feel like I made a dent.

I got mine all printed and out and I am ready to go!

Cleaning 30 minutes a day_0001

I think it will help me get a handle on this place!  How can small places get so dirty.  Oh yeah, two cats and a teen.  I forgot!

So instead of Cabo, I am cleaning!  LOL



Happy Friday!


I’m so glad it is Friday and to be honest, I’m so glad that we are not going to Mexico this weekend! 


Wow, who says that?  But chances are it won’t look like that picture this weekend. The storm has lost some strength but still a huge storm.  I am not into stormy weather.  December will be a much MUCH better time to go.

Actually, I think neither of us were ready to go,  even if the weather was good it just seemed to be a bad time. 

It’s High School Golf season and the team is off to a great start!   They are 3 and 0 and they just beat the Area Champions yesterday by 13 strokes! 

They are so excited.


(Almost as excited as Tiger!)

I took my Mexico spending money and paid her club membership dues and signed her up for an 18 hole tourney this month. 

So off we go!


I had to fork cash over for that sooner or later and sooner is better because the tourney registration closes tomorrow!  She would have missed the game. 

She will practice the course this weekend with her dad to get the lay of the land.   Saturday she is going to the all girls clinic as well.  So we are back to the swing of things.  Literally.

I have GOT to sit down and figure it all out this weekend.


I’m keeping home expenses really low.   We are eating lots of spaghetti (I made a killer sauce last night).  My kid asked why we are eating so much spaghetti and I asked her…. do you want to play golf?  She shut it pretty quickly!

I don’t do huge grocery shopping’s anymore, I see what we need and maybe pick up meat or frozen (microwavable) meals on sale and stock up that way.  I used to spend so much on food.   I have cut way back.  Just buy what we need and a few sale items to stretch it.

A funny thing.  I’ve had a pair of sandals in my closet for probably 3 years or so, way in the back, that I found recently. I pulled them out today and the price tag was still on them.  $35.00!  I could not believe that I spent $35.00 on a pair of shoes.

How times have changed.  I remember a time when I didn’t spend less than $130.00 for a pair of shoes!  I remember a time when I would get up on a Saturday morning, go to the mall and spend three hours and come back with bags of clothes, makeup and shoes and spend the rest of the afternoon in Girl Heaven!  


Those were days long before my daughter and long before I even had a clue what was going to happen to me down the road.  I wonder if I would have saved instead of spent if I realized what kind of financial trouble I would be in. 

I bet I would have spent just the same.  I got so much satisfaction out of it all.  Oh it was too much fun.  Winking smile

My plans are to just lay low this weekend, conserve gas and energy.  The only big thing is to drive to the golf clinic, and that is not that far.

What are your plans?



Cabo Trip Postponed


I’ve been watching the weather down south because this is Hurricane season. That’s why the room is so cheap.  Unfortunately ODILE is going to hit Sunday, the day we were supposed to fly in.


Cabo is at the tip of that little strip and it was moving that way. That red part will be in Cabo on Sunday! 


Also the timing just sucked.  Back to school night is the 17th.  I have never missed one of those either.


“This system is expected to continue slowly shifting northward through the end of the week, then pick up more speed during the weekend as it strengthens.

Odile will likely become a hurricane by the start of the weekend.”  Read more about it here?

Can I tell you that this whole trip has been so hard!  Everything from booking, to paying to organizing to weather!

I’m actually glad that it is postponed because I need a break!  I could of cried because it was so not worth the hassle yesterday.

Today things are looking up!  I am happy to be going in December instead!!

Less weather, time off in the middle of the drama that is going on at work and more! 

So Cabo is postponed for now!  BTW, these images are from yesterday.  There is still a hurricane, only not as close! But there are more brewing out there. 

Glad we won’t be flying into them.



Downton Abbey Binge–FREE!


I hope your weekend turned out great! 

I had a full weekend of Downton Abbey!


I never got into this series and decided to finally give it a go because of all the wonderful things I’ve heard.

In order to watch it for free I signed up for Amazon Prime Trial for a month.  I will cancel!

I was a serious binge watcher and I’m already into Season 3 with plans to get thru Season 4 by the time the new season hits the airwaves.

Yesterday I made a big pot of chicken and rice soup.


And can I just say that this batch is so good.  I brought some to work for lunch today and plan to eat it all week!


Sometimes you win and some times you lose and this was a winner! 

Why don’t they ever taste the same? 

After I gobbled that up  I climbed back in bed for more!

So far my fav character is the Lord of the House, his daughter Mary and the cook!  Oh and the grandma (Maggie Smith) is actually first on my list, she is soooo funny.

Not sure I’m into Shirley McLain.  She brings it down a bit.  Maybe she gets better or leaves.  Either of those options would work.  I think Kathy Bates would have been good but she is not old enough.  How about Betty White?  Much better.


Guess who joined binged with me?


I’m sure lots of cats do this!  The minute I get on my laptop I have to angle it so she can see too. Eventually she tires of it and I get the full screen back to myself, but she loves to watch TV.  So funny!  Every single night she crawls up next to me to see what I’m doing.  She even likes games.  Crazy Gracie!

That is how I spent my weekend and since I didn’t feel great, I was happy to do so.

The weather is so awful this week. Muggy!


I just watered the plants on the patio and it feels much better!  Hope you are cooling off where you are.

Are you into Downton Abbey?  Who are your fav characters?



Chicken Tikka Masala – Box Kit?

Hi there,  Happy Friday!

Have I mentioned lately that I am so “into” Indian food!?!

I am!  I love it but not the price.

I found a solution!   Yes, a box Kit.


Today my kid is not feeling well.  She went to school but man, she does not feel good, no temp, but a really bad cold.  Yup, and tomorrow she has a baby sitting job.  I hope she feels better by the morning.  So far so good.

I stopped by the new Target by our house.  Its so close.  I had coupons that they sent in the mail but were expired.  I asked the guy on the floor and they took them anyway.  $10.00 off.  Yay!   I went to get her some Day Quill (off brand) and some other things on the way home from a grueling day!

I  consider dinner free because of the coupons!  Today I worked 7 hours OT!  Such a stressful day.  I had to buy wine to go with dinner!  Part of the freebie!

$5.99 a bottle and I can I tell ya, its really good!


Yep, that is ice in my red wine.  I know!  I love it with ice!!  Nope, not embarrassed about it either!  ;-)

Back to to the box kit:  it comes with uncooked rice and masala sauce.


You just have to have chicken on hand!


Who doesn’t have that?

Prepare the rice as usual.


Then when the chicken is done pour on the sauce.

I’m in Indian Heaven!


I really liked this, but I would like to get it a little.spicier next time if it comes that way. Or I could add something.  I also get Naan as well, which is the bread, but didn’t feel like it tonight.

This is a great way to change up chicken!

I hope you try it, or something different tonight!



Pinterest Pics–Just More Stuff.


Hello!  Guess what?  There are storms off the coast of Baja.  Yep, it is hurricane season after all.  No wonder it was a good deal.  I hope that the few days we are there it will be pleasant.  But really, I don’t care as long as the plane ride is safe. I love the rain.

Today because I don’t have anything to share I decided to find some Pinterest pictures of various things to post.

I love me some Pinterest.  I hope you enjoy this as well.

Remember to click on the image to be taken to the original site if it is available.

These look pretty good and easy too!  You can do this with tuna as well.  That is probably what I will do.  Carb free!


Can you relate to this as well!  I can, on so many levels!


This looks good!  Not carb free!   We could make it lighter with Turkey sausage or burger.  Or maybe regular pasta and light cream cheese.  Just a thought.


I love a good one skillet or Crockpot dinner.

I love this picture!!!


LOVE!  It reminds me of kicking round in the rain in Portland with my jeans soaking wet up to my knees!  LOVE!

Did you ever see movie with Diane Lane, Under the Tuscan Sun?  If you haven’t seen it, get it!  This picture reminds me of that movie.  There’s a part when her friend in the movie calls cypress “…creepy Italian trees.”  But I love them.


But now I always think of them as creepy Italian trees~!  Winking smile


It is.  Not bad at all.  I’ve had much worse.

This is a great idea right?  I just afraid that my bed is too low.


And this!  This is probably the coolest picture of the Eiffel Tower!

4b0eb17b13deb3ccd8dbb6042b7824b1!  I can pretend that is me sitting there.


With longer darker hair.


Oh forget it.  Winking smile

Succulents.  Do you love them too?


Great idea for Halloween.  Next month already!


Not sure what I am doing this Halloween.  I still have this Witches Clothes line at work though.  But I don’t think I am going to get that into again this year!

One last thought.




Real Estate Forecast -2017

Hello!  How are you doing for a Hump Day?  I’m exhausted.  I mean, really exhausted.

I just could not sleep to save my life last night so today I drank quite a bit of this!


In my most favorite coffee cup ever!  Winking smile 

My mind was racing… again.  Going in circles about…well….you name it and I thought about it.  Work, finance, daughter, health, etc. 

So about 12:30ish I got online and I Googled the real estate forecast for the year 2017.  That is my scheduled discharge date from the BK.  I haven’t looked at those numbers in quite some time and I have to say, they look promising.

This link is one site I found and I like the looks of this chart I found there:


Even the most pessimistic view of the three is good news. It looks like we are climbing out.

Now lets just hope that it stays stable and continues to grow.  Heck I would take any growth rate, just no more downturns PLEASE!

I know Zillow is not the best resource, but there were other sites that basically agreed with these numbers.


Wouldn’t it just be great!!!  Can you imagine actually having equity?  I can remember when the news and radio offered HARP and REFI ads every five second.  That has subsided and I think its a good sign.  Right?

Are you upside down? Were you upside down?  Are you feeling more confident in the market?  Do you think this will last and sustain until 2017?