Great New Blogs!


Today is take take yourself to work day!  Wait, no… it’s take your kids to work day!  (I actually typed that at first and didn’t realize what I had typed.  Take yourself to work day!  Isn’t that everyday?) 

My kid is a little old for it and she didn’t join in, but I decided to take the opportunity and dress up.  I never wear a skirt!

I started out the day with these cute shoes which I have only worn one time.  I bought them for my trip to Oregon last November and wore them at Thanksgiving.

Cute huh?


I love them:


Not very comfy.

I soon ended up in these.


Before noon even!


Hahahahah…. I actually like the flat ones better.  But they squeak when I walk.  What is that?

Shoes that need to be oiled!

Oh well, back to regular jeans and my Payless corks tomorrow!


I want to share some new blogs with you.  I’ve had a few new readers drop some comments (thank you!) and I  always go check out their blogs as well.  If I like them, (and I usually do) they end up in my blog roll!

So here they are!  Check them out!  I’m sure you will enjoy them as well.


This one is near and dear as this blogger just started her Chapter 13 Journey as well!  She has 59 payments to go!  I have 42!  Ugh!


I love this website because it’s full of interesting AND useful financial info!  Check it out~!  This is a new blog as well!!  Get in on the ground floor!


This website is based out of the UK and she is Gorgeous!  I think she has lots of helpful info and shares her personal financial goals with us all!  Drop by and show some love!


I hope you enjoy your day and remember, Friday is almost here!




BBQ – It’s What’s for Dinner

A few weeks ago I picked up this bad boy and put it in the freezer.


How could I pass up that deal?  REALLY!


I defrosted it and yesterday after work I put it in the crock pot, on HIGH.

Just cut it in half and stuck it in.  That’s it.  I didn’t even add water. 

But I did salt and pepper. 


I let that go for about 4 hours.

I got the other ingredients ready.  BBQ sauce and buns.  How hard is that?


Nope, not quite done…

Now its done.  So I pulled it apart with a couple of forks and my fingers!  ;-)


I added a bunch of BBQ sauce to it.


And there you go!


That’s dinner!  Dinner for tonight.

I covered it and put it in the fridge and tonight, dinner is done!

I love doing that.  Its nice to come home and just heat something up. 

Tonight is bored Board meeting night.

So there you have it. 

A simple, CHEAP 3 ingredient meal.

Oh, by the way… Albertson has BBQ sauce on sale.  Buy 4 for .49 cents a piece.

Those won’t go to waste at our house!

How bout you, what’s  your fave fast and easy weeknight dinner?



The Lupin is Back!

The mountains here used to be covered in Lupin.  The last few  years have been so sparse though.

But today, for my morning hike… I was greeted by some!


Its not really thick, but its great to see some!!


More than I have seen in so long.  “The hills are alive…”  Okay, not so much!


Welcome back Lupin!



Happy Easter 2014

I hope you all enjoyed your day!  The only thing I did was go for my walk.  Other than that, it was very uneventful.

I did get up before my daughter and put her basket out.


She has used this same basket since she was about two years old.

I love it.  Its Disney’s Thumper!  “You can call me Flower if you want to.”

I filled it with golf balls, a golf hat, a sport shirt, some sparkling cider and some nice macaroons. I also bought her a makeup bag with perfume and lotion.


Just couldn’t get into buying lots of candy and junk.  Talk about a waste of money.

Macaroons are not cheap, but once a year is a nice treat.

I hope you all enjoyed your day!



Craigs List Craze


This morning I woke up and I thought… wait… I have things just sitting on my patio and in boxes waiting for the Garage Sale, why don’t I post them (for free) online and see if I can sell them this weekend?

So I got busy taking pics and posting and here’s what I am selling!

My daughters DS and two games which she hasn’t used in a couple of years!   60.00


The DS comes with lots of stuff, including this carry case:


I would say she has outgrown that.

A desk and lamp we took out of her room.  60.00 for the desk, 20.00 for the lamp.


A VERY pink Chair!


I love this lamp!  I wish I had a space for it.


Some old iPhone cases that we got off Amazon.  20.00 for all 6.


Isn’t the Hello Kitty and Winnie the Poo adorbs?

And I already have a bite!!!



I have more to sell as well.  She has an old Razor scooter, a keyboard and more!

So cross your fingers because this is all going back into savings for Emergency/Car, which ever comes first!

(We all know how flaky Craigslist can be, but still, here’s hoping!)

Have a great day!



2014 – 52 Week Challenge


I’m back!  Thanks to a swift kick in the butt from a reader (who did it as nicely as possible), I am back on track with this years challenge. Its a start!


I sat down today, paid some bills, caught up on some paper work and was able to transfer $153.00 into my kids savings account.

I still have this piece of paper to help me keep track though.  It will actually be easier for me to transfer once a month into her account.  It was kind of a PITA to get cash to put in the envelopes every week, seriously.


So I am back.  I am on track.

I have not given up on the 2013 challenge.  Call me stubborn.  But I know that I can get caught back up with that if there are no unexpected expenses, I watch my Ps & Qs  AND because I think I need to realize that I cannot afford to send my girl to golf tournaments EVERY month.  I may have to do it every other month sometimes.  That will help me out if I do.

If her dad steps up then it would be so great for her.

So there it is, I have an emergency/car fund going again.

Doesn’t it come in handy though?  Last year I used it so many times!  You gotta pay it back though.  That is where I screwed up!  ;-)

How are you doing  with yours?



Child Labor


Well, only a little child labor!  Have you ever tried to get a teen to do ANYTHING?  It’s not easy.  But I did have my kid do some of the work on her room yesterday.

She took off all the switch plates:


She and her friend did all of the taping!


They did a really good job!


I got tired of painting and asked her to help with that part.


That lasted about a second.  My nerves couldn’t take it.

But we got it done, in one day!  Thank goodness I didn’t have to paint the ceiling and I passed on the closet too!


We went from Pepto Bismol pink, to creamy buttery yummery!


It is so pretty now and I think it will last until the end of high school!


She is using the end tables she had in the closet now.


I really like it and more importantly, she loves it.

No more painting.  If I have to do anything in the next four years, I will scream!  I was so sore last night.  Its hard work!

Today we got up and did our lake walk.  After that I got some errands done.  Finally

How long has my watch been at the repair?  Picked that up.

Dropped off my carpet shampooer.  It will probably cost me $80.00.  Its 10 years old.  He said the motor sounds good and that if I like it, I should keep it.  I agreed!

I got my car smogged,  that was 53.00 and now I have to pay for tags, another 120.00.

Thank goodness today was payday because I am broke.

Yes, my friends, some times I make really weird financial decisions. I purchase things that I probably don’t need.  I know it.  I am still learning.  Please bear with me as  I make these changes.

I have learned and I am learning so much.  Its a process.  I promise I am trying to find a balance in my life.  I need to balance living in a Chapter 13 and not being 100% feeling deprived.

I do pretty good.  I am very frugal most of the time.  I feel like I have improved. 

But I could do better and I will do better and I hope that you always feel comfortable enough to let me know when you think I am not making the best decisions with my financial choices. 

Oh I almost forgot the most important thing today!!!



See that duck and her babies!  Well… when we were almost home I noticed a ruckus, she was trying to defend them against a crow! She was so far from the lake, about 3 blocks.

We herded her and her brood!


We escorted them all the way to the lake!  We didn’t lose any to the crow or rain gutters!


There they go!  Safe and sound for now!

Spring has sprung!