What Was I Thinking!

So it dawned on me while I curled my hair today that I was a fool!

Why would I believe anyone would do anything for me at work if they are the kind of person that can spend years playing World of Warcraft on the company dime?







My sister told me how to spell Karma! Hahaha! It will all work out!

Have a great day!


Flowers Galore

Hi all! I hope you are having a great weekend! My daughter got some golf in yesterday and will be golfing again this afternoon when she finishes babysitting.


She is firmly in the 80s and after only two years of serious golf, that’s great!

My house is full of flowers! I bought some Gladiolas for 2.99 last week, such a deal:


Then I picked some roses again!


I love these!



Then my daughter got a bunch from the boy next door! I know!


So we are set for flowers!

I am staying in and cleaning out my closet. Its hot and I am tired and stressed and it will make me feel better.

I have been researching the cost of college and we, my kid and I are both so freaked out and stressed we could (and have) cried!

Its not fair! Its absurd the cost and the stress an education places on the american family! Its so wrong in so many ways!

Ok thats another post!

Enjoy your Sunday!


My Feet Hurt!

But not for long because I bought these cheapie arch supports!


I know this has been a week of weird personal posts! Qtips, haircuts and now arch supports!

But hey lets be real, its hard to take care of yourself when you are broke but even harder if you are older and broke! :-)

At least I have been getting a senior discount at the movies and that helps! I know I am not old enough but I ask for it anyway and they give it to me without blinking! Wait… Huh?

Anyway, these have been something on my list but the ones I have seen are really expensive!

These are only 7.00!  I bought 2 pair, one for these:


And one for my hiking boots at work. I have been walking and hiking for miles and this is such a good idea.

Ok I can’t promise my posts will get exciting any time soon, unless I win the lottery!

Wish me luck!


Another Great Find

I am on a roll! I found another surprising money saver! This one is gonna save me BIG!


A little backstory. I used to cut hair in my other life so I am particular. However, being broke makes you less so. But really, its not all about the cost, its about convenience.

This place is right down the street and I just walked in last night after work.

My hair has cost me a fortune to upkeep and I have not been happy with the results, so I thought what the heck!


The cost of my haircut was under 20.00 and I could not be happier! I will have her do my highlights when I get that done too! Cheap!!!!

They also have hair products that smell really good to buy at a steal.


I am so happy that I decided to take the chance on Fantastic Sams! I wish I had done it years ago!


Have you tried the Supercuts or Fantastic Sams or are you like I was a little nervous?

Well if you are, hurry up and get over it!




Q-Tips Find

Good morning! Let me start out by acknowledging that “Q-Tips” are probably not the most interesting blog post to read, but hey, its a great “tip”!

I have tried inexpensive Q-Tips and usually find them weak and flimsy. I swore off trying to find a replacement for the name brand.

Things change! A couple months ago I was stretching my dollar at the 99 Cent store when I decided to try these:


I wasn’t too excited, but I was pleasantly surprised! They work great!


So take my word for it’ instead of buying brand name for 5.00, try these.

The only draw back is you have to straighten them out as they don’t come all lined up prettily.

So another stretchy post. These are the small things but it all adds up!

And finally we hot rain!


We could use more rain but I can do without the weird humidity!

Have a great day!


Pst…try these!

Thanks, But No Thanks

I know its not a big deal, there is way more to my life than what the company I work for gives me at a group employee appreciation luncheon, but this…


Just chaps my already blistered buns!

I kept the towel to cut up and use as rags to clean up after my cats but threw the dollar store bucket where it belongs.


Don’t expect much! Right!?!

Today I am lounging a bit, getting ready for lake walk later. My kid is camping at the beach! So nice! Such a charmed life!

Not much in the way of charm for this girl!
Taking things one day at a time. One foot in front of the other and all that! Lol

Have a great day!



Really? We value you and to show you how much you can eat a provided lunch near the sewage and as a token of our appreciation here’s a bucket from the dollar store!


Such a generous employee appreciation lunch and gift!

Oh my god, the company has reached a new low!

7 more years!