Springwater Corridor–Portland Oregon

(Janelle, don’t miss this post!) Winking smile

One of the pics I posted the other day was taken on this path.  You have to check this out if you are in Portland!


http://www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/finder/index.cfm?action=ViewPark&PropertyID=679  (The Springwater trail 40 mile loop is a hard surface path about twelve feet wide)

Its an old train track and they turned it into a bike / walk path.  Its HUGE!

Carol's Springwater half century

I cannot wait to move back to Portland and make this part of my walk routine!  I have no idea where I will live, but this is pretty big and shouldn’t be too hard to live near!portland-bike-springwater

So next time you are in Portland or if you live there (lucky) check this out!

Ok, so I just need to post (vent) that I can’t even imagine this world without my mom in it.  I am 54 and she has always been THE ONLY person that really knows me, gets me and still loves me.  I know that going into the assisted living is the best because I know her meds will be given correctly and on time and she will be monitored, but I know what the inevitable is.

That is not BK related, but it is really part of my emotional life! I told you I would post about the ups and downs.   Its making it even harder to feel good about where I am.  The Cabo trip is weighing heavy on me like a huge boulder mistake right now. There is no way out of it.  I  just hope that I can try to enjoy it.

What a dumb ass I can be! ;-(

Sorry to vent!



Catch Up & Oregon

Hello all!

Back to work today!  It’s so crazy at work.  My boss is out of the country so we are even more short staffed than usual.

Even with the madness, I had to find time to run home and take my kid to her first practice for the High School Golf team.

Afterwards she told me her coach said she “kills” it!  She is doing so well, I think he (even if he is a creep) is really impressed.  I think the other coach is going to be just a volunteer, but hopefully, it will help.

This whole week is golf practice and registration for school is on Weds.  So we are off!  Sophomore year here we come!

When I started this process she was in 8th grade!  Time is passing.  I don’t think it’s passing fast, but it’s passing none the less!

We went school clothes shopping yesterday.  I did not stick to my budget.  Damn it!   But I told her that is it now, until Christmas, then we can freshen up her wardrobe again then.  Its only a few months away!  Can you believe that?

I still have not sold the ukulele or the Wii.  I’m bummed.  I will keep it in the paper until it sells!

My mom has given two of her cats to my sisters.  I reminded her that she can visit them anytime.  She is very sad.  They have been packing her stuff up since I left and hopefully, she will be settled and through this difficult transition process soon.  It’s the hardest part.

Here are more pics from my walk in Oregon.

The coolest path!




I think this is Queen Anne’s Lace, I love it.


We all grew up next to this creek!





Blackberries! Wild.  I love the red ones!  Winking smile


And some beautiful wild flowers.



I miss home! 

Hope you are all well!



Quick Trip to Oregon


I am back from a quick trip to Portland to visit my mom.

Sad news.  She is not doing well.  Or maybe I should say she is doing as well as can be expected for a 93 year old woman with congestive heart failure and her kidneys are failing.

A long story short.  She needs to be moved into an assisted living center and so I needed to be there to ensure that she was not alone at all until that could happen.  My brother sent for me.  Now my mom is being moved and family has gathered and she will be moved possibly as soon as next Tuesday.

The saddest part of all of this, there are many sad parts,  is that she has to choose between her cats as she can only have one.

She has three and they are big babies.  I will show you pics of them at another time.

But for now, I want to share a walk that I took yesterday morning when one of my sisters came and gave me a break.


Doesn’t this look way different than my usual lake walks or my break time trail?


Can I just say that I cannot wait to move back home?



So beautiful this country.


I cannot wait to become an Oregonian again.


You can take the girl out of the trees, but you can’t take the trees out of the girl.

More later on the trip and my mother soon.

I hope you are well friends.





It was so quiet at home on Sunday, I LOVED it.  My kid went to the beach with her friend and I just zoned out.

The Friends of the Library had a book sale that I stumbled upon when I went there looking for a good book!

I found this one:


As well as a grocery bag full of other good books! 

For $4.00 you could fill a grocery bag and so I did!  I got all kinds of Lee Child books as well as Harlan Corbin.  My dentist told me he is a must read.

I’m already finished Hard Way.  So good!

I think I have enough now to last me awhile.  I read in spurts.  I guess I am in one of those spurts now! 

I usually donate them back to the Friends of the Library and they can resell them.  The volunteer there said I picked some of the most popular books… with her help of course.

I will not be posting for a few days.  Don’t worry, I am well but have some personal things happening that need my full attention.



Small & Successful Garage Sale


I got up super early for a Saturday and this was my view for a bit. Just me, my coffee and iPhone.  But not for long and I was swarmed by garage sale shoppers.

Sorry the pics are so bad!  iPhone.

I did really well,   I think this is the smallest sale I’ve had.  It was pretty good, most people were great but I actually had one lady complain that my signs were too small and that it was a let down once she got here~!  Then she proceeded to hand me seventy cents for five dollars worth of junk.  I let her have it, she comes to every garage sale, I think she goes to them all!


Here’s what it looked like before I pushed it all out.


See the little nesting tables?  Sold.  See the pink chandelier?  Sold. 

I made $20.00 on it.  I know, I know, I was gonna make $120.00 but I decided I don’t have the time to paint it.  And those tables?  Pish Posh!  I gave that project to a  lady as well as the rest of the stripper and wished her well!

Note to self, no more projects!  Waste of money and bad for the self esteem! ;-)


I just didn’t think I had much that would sell!


Eventually it all sold.  I made $140.00!  All but two bags which I already donated.


I think I did very well for 4 hours this morning and a few hours schlepping it down there yesterday.  Its all good.  I feel like we have more room and less junk!

I put that money with the $75.00 already saved for my daughters school clothes.  $215.00 for the fund already! 

Now I need to sell the Wii and the Ukulele and add some of that to the school clothes and some for Cabo trip fund.

All in all, a successful day!

Hope you are having a good weekend!



Selling, Buying and Golf News!

Selling Stuff
The Laptop sold for $75.00 and then the guy texted me and told me it freezes!  Dang it.  I thought since I reformatted it that it would stop doing that!  Its def. a hardware issue.  So I gave him two options, bring it back for full refund or keep it for $25.00.  He chose the keep it option.  It’s the right thing to do.  So now I have $75.00 stashed in our school clothes fund.  $50.00 from the Keyboard sale and this.  Its not adding up very fast. ;-(

I did get a call for the Ukulele – will see what happens there!

This Saturday is the garage sale, I will probably make a few more dollars.  Every little bit helps!  Sunday the guy that wants the DS wants to meet but I think I’m going to invite him to the garage sale Saturday and save time and gas!  That’s 25.00!

My kid has to go thru her clothes tonight.  Her clothes sell really well and she hasn’t gone thru her closets and drawers as well as she should.  I told her the more crap that sells, the better.  She has stuff that is way too small crammed back up in there.

She has a full day of golf camp today.  I think maybe one more golf clinic this month and then she needs to just golf with dad.  School and golf season starts this month.  Next month her membership dues are due as well.  OMG, its always something.

I got this!  Right?  Yeah!

Buying Stuff

Now its time to buy chicken!  Just in the nick of time too. I can’t spend lots on groceries right now, but having this in the house to cook up on the stove top grill pan is really cheap and convenient.


I can never pay more than that for chicken! EVER EVER EVER!!!!  It always goes on sale, so why pay more?

Golf (good) News

The high school  is getting a NEW GOLF COACH!  We met him at the driving range the other night.  Remember, her coach from last year was awful, I mean terrible, a real jerk!!!  We are so excited and the new one seems so nice and Oh.. BTW… I could tell that he is in complete agreement about the old coach.  He was subtle, but I could tell!  I’m sure there are going to be lots of happy families this year!

Tomorrow I have time to set up the garage, get the signs hung up and get ready for the last garage sale until next summer.  I hope to sell at least 75.00 bucks worth.  What I don’t sell goes to donation.

I hope you have more exciting plans than I do for the weekend!



Couple Of Bites

Hello Hello!

You know I’m selling stuff using Craigslist, employee newsletter and the Penny Saver.  For some reason I haven’t received any bites on stuff on Craigslist.  Then it dawned on me today that maybe the email from there is stuck in the bulk folder.  Yep, there was one in there from someone interested in the laptop and one for the Wii!

I’ve been going back and forth with the laptop guy… we are down from $130.00 to $85.00.  Works for me!  Its school clothes for the kiddo!  I hope they both sell and then that is pretty much taken care of!    The other big thing is the Ukulele.  Oh I got a bite on the Pink DS that didn’t sell last year as well.  We shall see!

Hopefully, it will all sell, I’ve cut this month so close its not even funny.  It is so scary – I will not be doing this again until I have saved up an emergency fund of at least $1000.00 and the money to pay for a small vacation. 

Cross my heart!


In other news, here is the latest update on my credit score.  August 2014. 


Down a point from last month, but it just seems to go up and down, up and down with no real rhyme or reason.  I look at it every once in awhile for kicks.  There’s really not a lot I can do about it until after the BK is over.  Then I should see a major increase at discharge and even more of a jump 2 years after BK discharged!  Can’t wait.

I made my 22nd payment today.  I cannot wait until I say “I made my 52nd payment today”!  It feels like it is way, way far away!

Bad news, the baby skunk did not make it.  I called the doctor and he said it had too much head trauma and well… bleeding.  He said it most likely got hit by a car.  He was one of the nicest people I have ever not met!

I want to put a SLOW DOWN sign by that place!


At least we tried and it didn’t die on the side of the road, for what it is worth.