Sweet Secret

Hello!  How is it where you are?  It’s gonna be a wet one today. Not sure how wet yet,  it’s pretty early and I haven’t looked out yet.  Hopefully, not too wet to go get some golf practice in for my daughter though.

I have to share this with you.  I must have seen this on TV, or another blog or something and it has haunted me since.  I was also not eating any sugar at the time so I thought I would never be able to try it.  What a dope.  Honestly, who can or wants to live like that forever?  Moderation right? 

Life is too short not to have this once.

Last night after my daughter went to a friends house, I stopped at the store.  Here my friends is my sweet secret!


Chambord!  Its a raspberry liquor that I have never even heard about.  I think I have seen the bottle and thought that it looked fancy, but that was about it.

Its not cheap,  but I got it for about 10.00 because of a sale.


That is such a pretty little bottle.


I almost put the ice cream in a wine glass to be super fancy, but a little bowl works for me!


Raspberry is a favorite flavor of mine and this is so good.  Really lots of flavor and so decadent no?

I felt like I had to hide it!  Now you see it.


Now you don’t!


Way up high on a shelf.  I don’t want my teenager to think its for her!  And I want to have a secret!!!  A decadent little one at that.

I just found this website to share with you, to prove I am not crazy!  Plus they did put it in a fancy glass and it looks so pretty!

Next time I go to Oregon to visit my family, I am going to make this for them.  Speaking of Oregon.  I got a call that my mom is in the hospital but she should get out today. My brother explained that older folks get anemia and she fainted again. They took care of her and she should be going home today or tomorrow.  I hate not being there. I talked to her and she sounds good.  I told her I am not worried that I know she is going to go home today and be fine! 

She would love this secret.  I am my mothers daughter after all!

If you want to treat yourself, because you deserve it, and you do,  this is it!


Rain in the Forecast!



And that is just fine by me!

Tomorrow I want to take my kid to practice at a golf course she is going to be playing at a tourney in next weekend.  If its pouring, we will pick the most challenging 9 holes only and play them and then go home and cozy up.

Thinking it might be a good idea as well to make some turkey soup this weekend!  I have the rest of the bones from Thanksgiving and would really like to use that.  Maybe dumplings?  Oh my gosh, it has been ages.  Gluten be damned! Winking smile  I make the best fluffy and huge (butter worthy) dumplings.  It just sounds so good!  Yes, I will share.  That is my ultimate comfort food.

Today feeling pretty good.  The new med is supposed to make some people nauseas but so far so good.  It can happen around two weeks though.  It can also give me pancreatitis which is painful and would send me into the hospital, lets just hope that does not happen.  I hate hospitals so much.  I get so scared there.  It has up to 30 days to do that.  I also have up to 90 days to see if it really works! 

On another note, work is crazy, I was able to restore the data a user deleted, but still not happy with what happened to the backup up files.  We are always fighting disk space at work and disk space is so cheap, its redic.  Today I am trying to find more storage, via additional hard disks and SANS. 

Enough about all that!

I sure hope that where ever you are and what ever you are doing, your are safe, warm, happy and healthy.

* See * you this weekend!


Book–Deadly Emotions

Hi there,

I just received this book that my therapist suggested.  I ordered it from Amazon.  The library did not have it in their catalog or I would have checked  it out… which would have been less stressfulWinking smile


I just started reading it.


There is some good information in it pertaining to the stress and illness connection.


It also appears to be faith based and I am not very religious person. However, it’s okay.  When I am finished with it, I will send it to my sister who is a devout Christian.  It’s a good book with a sound concept.

Struggling with chronic illness, I wonder if it might be too late now! Winking smile  I mean, the damage is done right?  But maybe I can learn to relax and cope with my situation and that is what I am striving to do now.

Might in fact help to ward off any further illnesses! 

Talk about stress… we have lost some data at work and I am trying to retrieve it from external USB backup and it is not happening!  Now that has caused major stress!!!  Xanax take me away!

Wish me luck!


Springtime Simple

Hello, It’s hump day! (Have you seen that commercial… Funny.)

Anyway, I don’t have a lot going on and I want to post something for you that I found on Pinterest.  I love that site, its just so full of everything in life that is good!

This is springtime cute and super easy. 

Remember to click on the image to be taken to the very cool website for directions and other goodies.



Have a great day!


And So It Is…


Well, the new GI I met with yesterday was lovely, truly.  She was young, sweet and very easy to talk to.  She was amazed at my knowledge of my disease, which kind of freaks me out because who better to know about my condition than myself.  At every turn in our conversation when I said a technical word, she was bowled over. Sad really because it indicates to me that most people are not educated and being their own advocates.

Beyond that she really didn’t have anything new to offer.  I kind of knew that going in, but was hoping.  She did however give me some food for thought.  She offered to write me a prescription for a new maintenance drug as well, but I told her no thanks because I don’t want drugs coming from multiple doctors.  I think at that point she realized I was there for a second opinion and she was still very sweet.

Her opinion was good.  She made me feel better about starting the new drug that my doctor wants me to start.  The prescription has been waiting for me for weeks.  I just had to research it more, get a second opinion and wrap my head around it.

Now I have to think positive thoughts that it will work.  If it doesn’t work, well, that is a whole other ball game.  (But I can’t think like that!)


And so it is…


I have to pick it up (tonight?)and start taking it.  It could take up to 3 months to kick in and I have to have my blood tested to ensure the white blood count is okay.  If I get sick on this medication, I could really be in trouble.  (But I can’t think like that!)


We all have our stories… I just can’t wait to get past this chapter and hopefully find remission for a long, long time!


I am so ready to get back to normal!  Positive thoughts only right!?!


Trails and Ranch Style Pork Chops

Hello and Happy Monday.

Woke up feeling great today.  I spent the weekend recouping on the couch and I think it helped me to restore my energy reserves.  Today I have an appt. with new GI for that second opinion and I hope that I learn and feel comfortable with that conversation.

I received my books as well, so will share those with you in another post in case you or someone you know has a chronic illness and are struggling with the emotional aspect.  I think it is so difficult at times.  I sure know I can’t do it alone!

But back today.  Feeling pretty good.  I didn’t even walk this weekend.  However, I walked last week at work at lunchtime and I want to share those images with you. 

The flowers are blooming!  Its pretty!  I just hope that it doesn’t affect our springtime blooms!

Everything is purple!


This is Lupin and years ago, these hills were covered in them.


I don’t know what these small pretties are.


Check out the view looking toward Malibu and the Pacific Ocean.


I haven’t been up this trail since summer.


I think these are milkweed. ?? You know, the kind of plants that the Monarchs need.

Did you know the Monarch butterflies are in trouble?  It breaks my heart!



Its cold and a little wet today, but I am going to try to get out for at least 20 minutes. 

Another thing I want to share are these babies!


Do you like pork chops?


I have seen this recipe on a TV commercial forever and I finally made them for Sunday dinner.

Just open a couple of packets of this:


Add salt, pepper and paprika and bake (turning once) for 20 – 25 minutes.


So good!  My kid loved it.  I’m so tired of the food plan I was on.  Totally unsustainable and just wasn’t working for symptoms.  Its hard and stressful enough being sick but to try to change your way of eating just adds to that stress for me.

Then there are these two critters who kept me company all weekend!

Look at that face, only a mother could love!


So sweet!  Both of them!


I love my weekends at home and that is why I know I will love retirement!  I was watching a show on PBS this weekend and the speaker was talking about retirement planning.  He kept saying to wait until you are 70! Like no!!!!!!!  Please NO!!!!!! 

I couldn’t bare it.  Then he said unless you have a chronic illness! Like yes!!!!!!!  

If there is an upside to chronic illness, that would be it!

I am not saying I won’t work if I can find a job after 62 but not here, not in southern California and not full time!

Wish me luck at my appt. today; I hope this post finds you well and happy! 

Make the pork chops!


Pinterest – Just Stuff


Hello~  How are you this weekend?   This morning I really feel like blogging and spending time here, but I don’t have anything new to share.  My weekend is much like all my other weekends these days, so I decided to do a Pinterest post!  Its been awhile!

I chose Pins in no particular order or theme.  Just stuff that I felt drawn to or I thought was beautiful, funny, whatever.  I hope you enjoy these Pins and remember, click on the image to be taken to the original site if available.

I would say that sometimes it is important to learn to cope with a new normal.


Wait, is this real?  Click on the link and find out! 


I have ingredients for this, now lets see if I actually make it!  Cheesy Cauliflower Patties.


I have been following Le zoe musings for a long time.  She and her husband bought a home in Boston that is to die for.  Check out her blog.


I want to do this so badly!  Check out the wallpaper!


Its so pretty.  Wish I had a handyman in my life! 

I love the muted sea foam in this outfit.  Oh and the sweater!


Teenager Post of the Week!  Funny!


These are pretty.  A little craft for when you need one.


This is awesome!  If I could afford this, I would do it!


I love that idea because you are sure to have everything you need to make your craft, no running around stressing!   I hope this is still available when I have some money!  Check it out!

I am still pining away for a new sofa!  Look at this beauty.  Way out of my non-existent budget.  But pretty huh?


Well, I better get into my day.  I am hanging out at home today.  Kid is golfing with her dad.  The weather is supposed to be nice (sorry East coast readers, I hope you have better weather soon!)  We are in for some possible rain tomorrow and Monday, I sure hope so!

Have a wonderful day!