Child Labor


Well, only a little child labor!  Have you ever tried to get a teen to do ANYTHING?  It’s not easy.  But I did have my kid do some of the work on her room yesterday.

She took off all the switch plates:


She and her friend did all of the taping!


They did a really good job!


I got tired of painting and asked her to help with that part.


That lasted about a second.  My nerves couldn’t take it.

But we got it done, in one day!  Thank goodness I didn’t have to paint the ceiling and I passed on the closet too!


We went from Pepto Bismol pink, to creamy buttery yummery!


It is so pretty now and I think it will last until the end of high school!


She is using the end tables she had in the closet now.


I really like it and more importantly, she loves it.

No more painting.  If I have to do anything in the next four years, I will scream!  I was so sore last night.  Its hard work!

Today we got up and did our lake walk.  After that I got some errands done.  Finally

How long has my watch been at the repair?  Picked that up.

Dropped off my carpet shampooer.  It will probably cost me $80.00.  Its 10 years old.  He said the motor sounds good and that if I like it, I should keep it.  I agreed!

I got my car smogged,  that was 53.00 and now I have to pay for tags, another 120.00.

Thank goodness today was payday because I am broke.

Yes, my friends, some times I make really weird financial decisions. I purchase things that I probably don’t need.  I know it.  I am still learning.  Please bear with me as  I make these changes.

I have learned and I am learning so much.  Its a process.  I promise I am trying to find a balance in my life.  I need to balance living in a Chapter 13 and not being 100% feeling deprived.

I do pretty good.  I am very frugal most of the time.  I feel like I have improved. 

But I could do better and I will do better and I hope that you always feel comfortable enough to let me know when you think I am not making the best decisions with my financial choices. 

Oh I almost forgot the most important thing today!!!



See that duck and her babies!  Well… when we were almost home I noticed a ruckus, she was trying to defend them against a crow! She was so far from the lake, about 3 blocks.

We herded her and her brood!


We escorted them all the way to the lake!  We didn’t lose any to the crow or rain gutters!


There they go!  Safe and sound for now!

Spring has sprung!



Spring Break!

Its finally here!  Spring break!  My kid is off until next Tuesday.  I decided to take some time off with her.  I am exhausted and can use some home time too.

Its not going to be too relaxing though.  We walked this morning.


Today was so beautiful.


But we can’t spend all day outside unfortunately.  We have to deal with this:


A gallon of cream colored paint.  My kid is so over these pink walls:


We have pushed all her furniture into the center of her room and we have a huge pile of junk in the living room:




We are going to paint her room tomorrow.  We went to Big Lots and bought her a couple of new pillows and a curtain rod.  Then we went to Target and bought her some curtains and a lamp.  The curtains are for the closet.  She doesn’t have doors on her closet.  It should really be pretty.

For me, I picked up this mirror for $30.00 at Big Lots.  Her dad helped me hang it and I love it. $30.00 Bucks!!  Its beveled too.


I also moved my necklaces to this mans tie holder. (They were on a holder that I could not wait to get rid of, remember?)


















This tie holder is GREAT!!!  They won’t tangle!photo2


I bought this a month or so ago at a thrift store.  Now I need to move the bracelets into the closet as well.  I’m going through my clean out stage again!

We are having a garage sale in May and I didn’t think I would have much, but now I think I am going to have a bunch!

So… that is what we are doing on Spring Break!  Spring Cleaning!

What are you up to?



Los Angeles Times Festival of Books


Yesterday I found the time to take my daughter to the Festival of Books at the USC campus in L.A..  I really wanted to go because its has been on my list of things to do and I want her to see as many college campus’s as she can.  She loved it.  I loved it.  The buildings and the vibe are so…. L.A. but with significance.  That would be hard for me to explain; I won’t even try!  ;-)

It’s a yearly free event, unless you buy things.  We bought lunch and parking.  I know!  Who goes to a book festival and doesn’t buy a book!  People in bankruptcy, that’s who!

We got there and went into the first building to snoop. This is the arts and film center.



See?  Significant.  Brick. Marble.


Really cool architecture.



I was impressed with the festival but especially the USC Campus.


My college experience was mostly online!

There must have been hundreds of tents.  Different publishing agencies, authors there signing books, and information of all kinds.


We signed up at the LA Opera booth to win tickets.  Wouldn’t that be great!


There is some art there and this is the pop up art gallery.


It was…ok.  I expected more than photographs I think.


We walked around for a couple of hours.  We didn’t go into any of the “conversations”.  I was just not into it really.  We left and when I got home I just climbed back into bed!  I had to make myself go out for a walk in the afternoon.  That is a hard time to go, I really had to make myself!  ;-)

Dear readers I think I’m in a funk.  I think I might be slightly depressed!  I bet you can tell.  So much disappointment lately.  My timing is so off its not even funny.  The housing market seems to be picking back up and maybe if I would have waited and not filed, I could have now sold my condo and got completely out of debt that way!!!!

I would not have made  a cent and where would I have moved?  The rents are insane!  I think I made the right choice but I wonder.  Maybe I should stop wondering.

I can’t seem to save a dime and I need so many things!  I feel guiltily buying anything when first, I should be saving for an emergency and second my daughters car!  But I need things in the condo too!  Upkeep!  Ugh!

I feel completely overwhelmed these days and its not a fun feeling. Its like I’m holding on by a thread!  That sucks.

Anyway… today is a clean the house day, go for a walk, try to get my mind off of those issues and try to stay in the moment.  That is all we can really do, is just stay in the moment and trust that someday, my timing will be right and it will finally, for once in my life, come together for me.

Thanks for reading!



It’s Still Summer

I know the rest of the country is looking forward to summer but I just feel like we haven’t even had any winter yet! 

It’s still summer from last summer!

4:00 and 85 degrees!  Really? 


I even had my air-conditioning on a couple of times this week already. 

I’m NOT ready for summer!

Can I just stop complaining for one minute! ;-) 


In other news, I’m so glad that tomorrow is Friday. 

My boss has to buy me lunch because I told him one of our servers had a DHCP address and he swore it had a Static! Ha ha, I won!  I am looking forward to that.

** I need to get my car smogged this weekend and get that off my plate.  Oh for those that don’t know, California has the strictest air pollution laws!  Its a good thing. But expensive!

Next weekend I need to get my hair done.  Its getting long.  Long and gray!  Its a good thing I’m a blondie cause you can’t really see the gray much.  I want to let it go, but I’m just not ready for that yet. 

** I need to pick up my watch that got repaired. 

** I need to see if I can find some paint that someone didn’t like the color of that is a cream.  My kid wants her room painted.  AGAIN!  So I told her I would do that over spring break, IF I can find a cast off paint for cheap!

So those are my big plans. 

Oh.. and I would LOVE to go to the Los Angeles Festival of Books!  I have been dying to go.  Its free!

What are your plans?

See you soon!



Hello Out There!

I’m still here and I’m still blogging  schlogging my way thru this Chapter 13!

This month marks my 18th payment.  So close to the 1/3 mark.

Not much is going on except, for some reason, I’m really feeling the financial pinch.

  1. Is it because I haven’t been budgeting well?  Probably.
  2. Is it because unexpected expenses come up?  Most likely.
  3. Is it because I paid taxes?  Undoubtedly.
  4. Is it because I am funding an expensive sport ALONE?

This has been a crazy time of year for me and I see no end in sight!

I had to dip into the money I had set aside to get caught up with last years 52 week challenge!  I just don’t think that is going to happen, but I really want it too.  (Just glad I had it to dip into!)

I haven’t caught up with this years either!  I’m such a loser!

Now my kid has another tourney that is coming up next month – um… out of town.  Can you say….hotels, gas, food, etc!

I told her dad that if he doesn’t get square with me and his share of her golf costs that we will not go to any more tourneys until he does.

If I know him, he will love THAT because it will save him the cash.  Where with me, it breaks my heart not to be able to afford that for my kid! 

Wow are we two very different people.  How we ever got together long enough to make such great kid, always amazes me.

I just want to post this update and I will be back at it this weekend. 

There is really not much going on.

I am still watching the mail with bated breath because I just hope to goodness the trustee will not find anything wrong with my finances/taxes!

fingers crossed

Keep your fingers crossed for me.



LACMA – La Brea Tar Pits


I cannot believe I got three posts out of the one day at the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts!  I know we did not even touch the surface of the place either!    Can you see why I broke this into 3 posts?

Here is the last installment of our visit last Sunday.

I have never been here so I had no idea what to expect.


Old prehistoric beasts around the pits strategically placed!


The Tar Pits are fenced off.  Sorry about that.  One time I stuck my hands thru with my iPhone but got scared that I would drop the phone, so I didn’t do that again!


You can smell the tar!


There is such a nice campus to hang out on.


Pretty cool huh?  That is a whole other museum.  We could not get inside, it cost more money but we did go on the patio.  You’ll see.


But first, more tarry pics!



A great place to relax.  The street musician was singing Ol’ Suzanna!  ;-)

This is from the patio area of the Tar Pit museum.


Really neat!


I wish we could have gone in, but didn’t really want to buy another ticket!


I enjoyed it anyway!


Look at that pretty fresco!


Just relaxing and enjoying the Southern California sun.  That person was taking a roll down the hill!


That concludes our visit to the museum.

I want to go to the Museum of Tolerance next!

See you soon!



LACMA Day Two – Diane Von Furstenberg

But first I have to show you what the Urban Lights look like at night!


Are these beautiful or what?


I have to go back just to play in them at night!

Okay, now I promised you more dresses!  Specifically the WRAP DRESS!

The dress that made Diane Von Furstenberg famous!

So after we played out side a bit, we headed into see THE dresses.


It was a single exhibition, all on its own.  Love the pink!


Even an Warhol!


Lovely photographs.


This woman is timeless.


I love looking at this one close up, she has age spots and all and still she is beautiful!

Such fun!


“Feel like a woman, wear a dress.”

Or ride a Ducati?


Then the wraps.  There were a lot of them.



I think the earliest was 1974.

Here is a timeline of her career if you want to see more!


We had a blast looking at the prints. The walls and floors were done in her prints as well.


Then we walked thru the pink corridor and went back to the the main campus and to the Le Brea Tar Pits.

Will share that tomorrow!