Car Repair

Well, hello!

The cost of the air conditioner was not as bad as I thought, HOWEVER,  there are other things they found… naturally!

I dropped the car off first thing.


Then I walked down to the main street so my ride could find me.


At least it’s a nice area.


Love the palm tree hiding.  I still can’t get over palm trees! 

Anyway.. I just got a call and they wanted $616.00~  for everything!

Like no, no and definitely no!!!!

So I took off a few of the things that they wanted to do, and ended up with a bill (estimate) for $476.00

OMG, all at once. 

At least I have the money for it in the bank, only because I held onto my HOA payment until the last minute! 

Where there is a will there is a way! 

This will take care of tune up, brakes, air conditioner and a leaky gasket that is leaking oil into my spark plugs.  So that is probably going to make my car run a lot better. 

I am just glad I had some money to do it.  I’m always grateful when I can pay a bill, know what I mean?

Hope your day is less expensive than mine!


Ventura–Nice Day (inside)

Hello!  It was so nice in Ventura yesterday, it was much cooler there than where I live for sure. 


A funny thing, my air conditioner started to cool off just for a bit!  I think it might be a cheaper fix than I initially thought!  Keep your fingers crossed!  Maybe its just coolant!  OMG, wouldn’t that be awesome!?!

Another bit of good news.  I talked to my lawyer yesterday about the 7% swap  I received beginning of the year and he said just forget it.  He actually said something else that made me feel pretty positive.  He told me not to contact him unless I get an increase or decrease in pay of about 20%.  That is huge!  On the flip side of that, the paperwork from the Trustee says contact your attorney at 10% change I think.  Whatever, both percentages are not happening any time soon!  When we said good bye  I told him I would talk to him again… IN TWO AND HALF YEARS! 

Isn’t this pretty?


Too bad I spent most of the day in here!


Learning about this:


And this:  (this is Southern California after all, where Free Expression and personal choice is King!)


I found a Thai restaurant and had my soup and was able to read some of this novel that I’m enjoying.


On my way back from lunch I spotted this sign:


Not only do we live in earthquake country we live in Tsunami country too.

If that doesn’t give you a slow underlying stress simmer I don’t know what will!

Out of sight, out of mind. 

I just kept my thoughts on this!


Going home.

(I went to a thrift store that I knew was close by only to find it closed.  Kind of glad, the only money I spent was for lunch and some groceries later when I got home.)

Getting closer to the weekend, any plans?


Hello Hump Day

Hi!  It’s Wednesday, as if you needed a reminder huh?  ;-)  You’re welcome.  ;-)

Today I’m off to Ventura to go to a Leadership Consortium for the day.  Nope, I’m not in management but the company offers PEE-ONs like me the opportunity to go occasionally, so I take it.  I take it when I’m feeling up to it.


Don’t you just love that term?  What “pee on” doesn’t need to get out of the office once in a while?  Oh thank you kind sir!

I like to drive up to Ventura and this is a good excuse.


The weather here is nice enough for a drive, maybe a little warm.  The air conditioner is supposed to be fixed on Friday. Fingers crossed I can swing that cost.  It will take every.last.dime, I’m sure.

I have been really good about not spending money on little things so that I can have money for the big things like car repair.

Today I have to  want to buy lunch, so I will try to find a Thai restaurant and get some soup and rice. I’ll take a book I picked up and can’t put down.  I finished The Glass Castle btw, very good. 

If I see  thrift store I’ll stop in and see if there are any bags of old golf balls and/or golf clothes for my kid.  That’s my Thrift Store list.  I am kicking myself for not picking up a bag of balls for $3.00 last time I saw it.  She uses the old ones for practice rounds and new ones for tourneys.  I will pick up a candle or two as well if I see any.  My thrift store list has really dwindled.  Actually my “need to buy list” has dwindled.  I used to have this great route, but now I really don’t go much.

There is this National Thrift Store Directory too, if you are interested.

So that’s my day.  A little different than usual.  I hope you have a great day and maybe do something out of the ordinary.  Living on the edge –  such a wild woman!  ;-)


Dreaming of Cozy Days

I would rather be home today instead of starting my day at the office.  Don’t get me wrong, every day is a good day that I can actually feel well enough to get to the office! I am grateful!

But when Gracie does this to me:


Gracie: Don’t you wanna come lay down?


Gracie:  C’mon, stay in bed already, I promise I won’t sit like this too long!

This makes it really hard to leave.

WE ARE NOT having rainy weather. I Wish!   Its gonna be in the 90s by the weekend.   If it were raining, I think it would be even harder to  get up and go to work, cause I love to cozy up in the rain!

However, when I move back to Oregon someday, I plan to listen to every single drop!  I will be retired and yes – I will be able to enjoy it from inside a warm and cozy place, with my cats.


And…take advantage of a good book and a cup of coffee in bed for as long as I want!


I honestly don’t want much.  Just my health, a little income and a pleasant place to live.

Speaking of good books.  I’m reading The Glass Castle right now.  I’ll be done with it today at lunch time.  That’s probably why it was hard to leave home today.  A good book, a fur baby and a comfy bed.  Heaven.

My daughter read it for English class.  When she finished reading it I picked it up and I can’t put it down. 

Wow!  Have you read it?  You can print it out here as a pdf for free.

Where ever you are today, the plan is to try to take it as easy as possible, find something good to read and look forward to something that makes you feel happy! 

Even if it is just a small vase of flowers! 


Do something nice for yourself, because we are worth it!


Sunday Cooking–Thumbs Down!

Hello, here we are back at the grind! 

Yesterday I did spend a lot of time at home cooking.  I didn’t even cook everything I wanted to cook.

I got my recipes ready first thing. So much hope!


Then I got my grocery list ready.


You know what I realized?  I have most of the ingredients for the breakfast cookies and most of them are oats/grains!  Not Paleo.  But you know what else I realized?  I’m making them anyway because the ingredients are EXPENSIVE.  The saving grace of that recipe is that it is at least Gluten Free and that seems to be one of the biggest culprits for me. 

After all that, I didn’t make them yesterday,  I ran out of steam after everything else I made. 

The breakfast cookies are still on my list.  Another good reason to make them is that my kid will probably like them and they can be frozen.

I got busy and made the Salmon Cakes first.  They need to be formed and put in the fridge anyway for awhile.


At that point, I took some and put them in the freezer.


I doubt we could eat that many this week.  Its nice to have them in the freezer.

They turned out..just okay.  They will do in a pinch.


Super healthy and definitely Paleo.


Ok, maybe the dill sauce (?) isn’t Paleo but they are much better with dill sauce.

Then I moved onto the Tom Kha Gai soup.  I opted not to make the steamed rice.  See?  I am trying!

Check out those weird ingredients.  There was also lemon grass!  That was not easy to find.  Kefir leaves?  I couldn’t find that so I just used lime like the recipe suggested.


It turned out… Mmm…not the greatest.


I would rather spend $6.00 and love it from the Thai place from now on!  I will eat this batch because it wasn’t terrible, just not great!  At all.   Again, I doubt I will make it again. 

Why do I even try!  Now I have those expensive ingredients for what?  Maybe I will look up some Asian sauces to make with them.

I didn’t use all the chicken I defrosted for the Thai soup, so I grilled that up in advance to use for lunch and dinners this week.  That is not weird at least! Winking smile


And that concludes my Sunday cooking.  That was not fun, not enjoyable and not satisfying.  I’m such a lousy cook these days. I am just not into it.

I think that maybe after a certain age you just kind of burn out on cooking.  Sometimes, I look at all the new yummy, clever and fun recipes on Pinterest and I always think they would be fun to make, then I think… Nah… too much like work! 

Its like babies!  I will leave that to the younger more energetic set!


Have a great day and take it from me, don’t work  too hard!  It’s just not worth it!  Winking smile


Paleo Again? Blech!

Good morning!

I woke not feeling great today.  Yay me!  Just another day for my illness to remind me, hey, you are sick!

Well, I have been getting a little cocky with my eating habits and it never helps to get cocky. I think I might make some paleo foods and try to eat them for a week to see if it helps.

There are so many good websites and people with UC that are actually med free from going Paleo, its just that I really don’t want to have to cook so much.  I really don’t want to eat so much meat!  Blech!

However, if I prepare food one day a week and get it over with, maybe it won’t be so bad.  I mean, what else have I got to do right?  Either that or continue to let this illness get me down.

Here’s a few websites if you are interested. (I like this site a lot)

Yesterday was a good day and maybe I overdid it a bit?  It sure felt good getting things done though.

You know that I share my space with my two cats.  Yep, and that means they have a space in my room for their business.  Oh trust me I know!

To help things stay clean and sanitized, a few months ago I found a huge roll of linoleum and it has been a lifesaver.  I just move everything off and mop and sanitize it!  I did that yesterday as well as pull down the curtains and bleach them.


I have a spare piece of this flooring in the garage, I got the whole roll for about $4.00!  It was a great find.  It’s helped a lot and maybe, just maybe if my cats will behave, I won’t have to get new carpets or flooring until I sell this place!

After I did all that I took my kid to play  9 holes, she had a great practice round.  It only cost $20.00 for her to play and for me to walk.  She is playing with her dad today.   Golf is a time and money suck!  Hopefully she will get some awesome scholarship opportunities!


Today is a good day to hang out at home, whether I like it or not.  ;-)

I need to print my taxes out and file them and get ready to send a copy to the trustee with her bonus check!  Ha!

I have to think of some things to make for lunch this week. Might be living on chicken breast and spinach for a while. Blech, don’t I sound happy about that?  Might make these salmon cakes, they are good, but again, blech!

My attitude sure could use an adjustment.  Like they say, if you don’t like your situation, change your perspective!

I really, really, really don’t want to spend so much time in the kitchen but I suppose if it helps, I better pull up my big girl britches and get in there.

I’ll let you know what I come up with!   Wish me luck!

What ever you are up to, I hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend!



Hello, hello, we made it to the weekend!  I put in 5 hours OT yesterday, that should come in handy!  I know its not nearly enough, but it never is right?  But its something.

So… you know I’ve had my eye on Big Lots sofas for months.  They are pretty cheap this weekend, $299.99!


I picked my kid up from school and drug her there with me and we looked.  She liked it but I think it will stain and be a mess in a week.  The cushions don’t  flip, I mean, they aren’t the same on each side and so if you spill and stain, what can you do?  I just didn’t feel like they were a good idea.

Something held me back… again.

Its a good thing too.


It was hot yesterday and we had to drive there and back in Friday SoCal traffic.  We were hot.  The air conditioner is on the blink in my car, it has been for weeks.  We had the conversation, while our hair was whipping in the wind because the windows were down,  that we should probably fix that instead of getting a new couch!  So I had my kid dial up the repair shop to find out they are only open one Saturday a month and couldn’t get us in until April.

But you know what?  I must be crazy to even think about getting a new couch before the air conditioner is fixed.  Not only do I need that repaired, I need a tune up and they keep threatening brakes.

Priorities.  CAR FIRST!  I made the appt in April but plan to call and change it to next week.  I’ll drop it and have them drive me to work and have someone drop me back off to pick it up.

What was I thinking?  Memorial day is right around the corner and think there will be sales on furniture and it will give me some time to sell the ones I have.  My original plan was to wait until our community garage sale in May anyway!

In the meantime, it will feel good to have an air conditioner again!  Boy I’m not looking forward to the cost of that but… once its fixed, it will be one less thing to have to worry about for a long time.  I have a 2006 car but it only has 87500 miles on it.  I know I can make it last until I finish this BK and beyond!   I sure hope I have enough to fix it!

So now that is decided, I can get into my weekend news.

I stopped at the market and did some grocery shopping.  I want to try to make my favorite Thai soup.  Ah hem, I hope that is not a fail like this was!

I am taking my kid to play 9 holes today for practice.  She’s playing 18 with her dad tomorrow as well.  I plan to clean my place up a bit.  I still have to shampoo carpets and wash the curtains in my room.  Even though I’m now having the place cleaned once a month, I still have a lot to do. I don’t know how I ever did it all?  Really!  I  hope that is something I can sustain.

Last thing… I want to share this with you.  If you haven’t seen this yet, go borrow it from the library!


So cute.  The second one is out in theatres now.  I wanted to watch the first one before I see the second one. Now I don’t know if I am going to the movies to see it, but just in case, I am ready now!

What are your plans this weekend?  I hope that you get some spring like weather where ever you are!