Omg I feel So Sick

Today I talked to admissions at one of the colleges and we went over the money.

They are offering her a lot of awards but there are still loans that need to be taken out.

I said I dont want them in my name and as you guys know, I cant co-sign, for obvious reasons.

But how is she supposed to take them out with no credit history?

I think we just hit a major crisis that I did not see, because I am a complete idiot!

Omg!  I got her hopes up only not to be able to help her!  Seriously!  I am so upset I could throw up.

Her dad does not care, I have no idea how to help her!

She is devastated!  If I could sell this place now I could help her.  Maybe she can wait a year?  

I cant be the only loser parent out there!  What do people do?

I am just sick!  I wish I never mentioned college to her, I wish I kept her sights low, like poor people should.


So incredible sad.


Krazy Krafter!Β 

Hi all!  Hope you are enjoying a day off today.  I will refrain from any negative comment but yeah…  what you are thinking is probably what I am thinking.

To keep my mind and hands busy I have been Crazed!  Could be the glue?

I have been so into  this space this weekend. 

See that box if scraps?  I started collecting when I started crafting way back when:

That was exactly the weekend this all started and it doesn’t appear to be a phase!  πŸ˜œ

Today alone I started these altered composition books for my great nieces un Oregon:

I made these silhouettes for ??? I think they will be cool elements on an art page.


I save a bunch of crap, these disks from ribbon that I rewound on a piece if cardboard will come in handy for tags in my junk journals:

I went thru and painted up a bunch of envelopes to send junk in when I do swaps:

And I sewed some pockets out if magazines.

Yesterday I finished this junk journal:

I aleady found someone to trade with online.

I mean seriously!  Its an illness!  I have paper craft disease!  I am not the only one, there are lots if support groups.  πŸ‘

Thats what I have been doing.  I swear its saving me from my insane world.  

Did I tell ya my HOA is going up from 390 to 470?  A Month.  When I moved in it was 265 un 2003.

California sux!



Is It Friday Yet?

Mmmmm….Still Thursday huh?  Oh well at least we have a 3 dayer.

Not much going on here!

Just trying to get thru each and every day unscathed by IT ALL!

No plans for the weekend, just coming in to get some OT tomorrow.  And this:

Plan in a no spend weekend with lots if paint and paper!

Whats on your agenda?



Happy Valentines Day!

Oh my!  I won’t be in BK this time next year!!!   Its kind of sinking in; but I am way less obsessed than what I thought I would be so close to the end!

My kid will be away at college next year too so I wanted to makeher morning   special.

These are Dollar Tree ballπŸ˜€πŸ˜€ns!  A buck!  

I hid them in a big bag in my closet and put them out after she went to bed last night.  Is that Teddy not just the cutest!!!?!

Most of the stuff came from Dollar Tree and Target dollar spot.  I bought like a whole month ago!  

She was surprised.  It was cute.

In other news:  have I shown you this?

I made it from that material I was gifted and I gave it as a Bday present!  I am making a masculine one for my brother now:

I hope he likes it.

In other news, just plugging along.  Kid has pretty much made up her mind about midwest and honestly, I am on board with it.  

Things are just kind of in autopilot and I an hoping there is as little drama as possible from now till October!  I just keep my head down and my hands busy in paint.

Let me leave you with a couple funnies 


Happy Valentines Day!



Kid In The Snow

I told her it will be cold!  πŸ˜œ

Anyway!  She is having a great time!  I talked to the coach last night and he really wants her on his team.

This is a very expensive, small private college but the are offering her half, it basically will cost the same as in-state.  Plus a much better college, she is guaranteed to graduate in 4 years, which is hard to do in the impacted state systems. 

I know its far, but it will be fine.  With technology it won’t feel so far and there are always flights.

She spent the night in the dorm with another golfer.  This morning she has a tour, then she is meeting some professors, then she is sitting in on a class, then lunch with the golf team!  After that she might go ice skating.  Then spending another night in the dorm.

I didn’t go for a couple of reasons, cost being one.  But I figure staying in the dorms is a better way to get a feel!  Also, I told her if she is mature enough to go off to college, she is old enough to check it out by herself!

I feel it in my bones that this will be her choice.  I can tell since she hasn’t texted me constantly, that she is enjoying this experience.

I could not be more proud.  Thank you for all your kind comments.




My Heart Took Flight

Its like someone ripped my heart out, gave it arms and legs and put it on an airplane!

This morn I dropped my kid off to fly to the midwest to visit a college.

She is beyond excited and I am just beyond.  The golf coach and a team member will pick her up, she gets to stay in the dorm AND go to school tomorrow!  It the best experience.  How awesome for her!

Her flight got delayed, there was a bunch of drama but it all worked out!  She is on her way now!

The midwest!  I have always had a thing for it!  Middle America!  The Heartland!  πŸŒΊπŸ‘πŸ’—  But…

Its too damn far!  It costs too much to get there and its too damn far!  If she ends up going there ok, but its too damn far!!

Thankfully there is another college that cane thru just this last week on the west coast!  

I need to sit both offers in front of me and consider them.  I needto factor   in travel expenses.

We will go visit in April together during spring break.  But I hope she makes the decision and commits soon!

It was a nice morning!

So my girl is off checking it out and I will pick her up on Saturday!  

What a wonderful experience!!!

(I am being vague about which colleges for her safety🌺🌸)

Its so hard letting go!!!!  

I will keep you posted.  





Monday Monday


Gotta love California Dreamin!  Only today its pouring.  Most natives here are not impressed but because of my Oregon roots, I love it.

I didn’t hike yesterday!  I woke feeling crappy and I took a allergy med that knocked me out until 10:00!

I spent the day doing laundry and art!  I am in a post card swap and I signed up for three sets!  They each had to have words that start with D E and F.

Here’s what I came up with:

Sorry they are sideways!!! I did not take them that way!  I cant chg them in WordPress on my iPhone πŸ‘Ž

But you get the jist!

I also finally recieved these from Japan:

They are paint pens and everyone here has them so I wanted to try!  Meh!

I decided something yesterday about my craft space while I was going thru the material my friend gave me.  I actually do not want a full craft room!

All the videos that I watch online show crafters in these overfull, stuffed, cluttered rooms!  I would die!  Even the small craft space I have is more than enough junk for me.  

I decided to always try to keep it to a minimum, use what I have.  Yes this last year has been a learning, collecting stash phase but now its over.  I have enough paint, paper, glue and ephemera to last awhile.  I also think you are more creative when you use what you have.

Now I just want to create and swap!  Swapping is fun because you get to share your “art” with others who get it and you get to see others work up close and personal.   Its fun!

So its kind of calming to know that I dont have to have a full craft room in my forever home, I just need a few shelves and a desk, like I have now!

Its more than enough!  This makes me happy.

In other news my kid did just ok in her tourney this weekend.  She is looking forward to her trip to the midwest at the end of the week!  Yikes!

Oh I found a great website!

This lady knows how to budget.

Hope all is well with you!