Stress Release 

So today I got the voter packet for the HOA board and there was not a single candidate!  Its freaking crazy what is going on in that community.

Its either gonna be taken over and run by lawyers $$$$ or go bankrupt.  I cannot wait to sell.

I will have lots of decisions to make at the beginning of 2018.

Do you think I can live on 30k a year?  Omg!

Its lunchtime and I need to hold my head and finger high!   Hahaha!   I love that!

So heres my little moment of art at my desk zen.

I love to watch videos too.

So I ripped some paper and taped a couple of index cards together.  I glued on a magazine pic that I like as well.

The I got out the colored pencils I keep here.

After I ripped a bunch of circles and colored the background I glued on the “flowers”.

I actually like it.  Some of the stuff I do at lunch is not so pleasing to me but this is A-OK.

Step class tonight!  I need it.

Hope you are having a good start to your week.



Busy Bee

This morning I was at the park to meet my friends at 7:15 and we hit the trails.  

It was such a nice morning for a 2 hour hike.

On the way home I stopped at the 99 and bought some groceries. Check.

I then came home and finished these Alpaca rocks:

I have this whole box full of rocks now!

Then I got busy making a few regular cards, just because I enjoyed it!

I then cleaned up my most favorite space on earth.

Well I tried to organize it and clean off the mat anyway.  

Oh let me tell you about that most awesome mat!  

Everyone in mixed media uses them cause its really messy!  But they are wicked expensive.  Well since May when I started doing this, I was taping down wax paper from the 99 and using that.  Well!!!  Last time I was at Wallmart I noticed this huge piece of plastic that is for under the sink.  $10.00!  

Not only did it give me the piece I am using, but that is just a half of the one I bought!  I have another piece. It will last me forever!  So happy with that discovery.

Update on AC drama.  The second est. came in at $5600, so we are going in the right direction.  I should be getting the 3rd one this week, but there are two more companies I want to call.  

Everything, I mean everything is more expensive in So Cal!  It never ceases to amaze me how gouged I get for every.little.thing.

I suppose I should go try to do something other then make a mess in the craft space!  But its so theraputic its not even funny!  I can do it for hours.  How did I do it without that release?

Hope you are having a nice weekend.



Hay Girl


I have been busy making some custom cards.  My friend at work owns a bunch of alpacas and they are having an Open Ranch Day in November.  They sell all kinds of alpaca stuff  and I asked if I could make some cards and some rocks to sell:

Here is one type of card:

They took a long time to put together.  Its actual alpaca fleece.

Then I started the Alpaca Rock rocks:

I will be doing more colors and types later.  Its a start.

I am hoping to make a little extra for the holiday and just to get cought up really.  Omg, I am so behind right now, I asked to work on my Fridays off a few times.

Update on AC drama!  

First quore came in at $7100.00!  I can’t even.  Second quote appointment was this morning so I won’t get that est until Tuesday.  I am waiting for the 3rd company now.  Um… They are late.

Not much going on, hiking in the morning and stopping at 99 cent store on the way home.  Thats it for spending I hope.  Might have to go to Smart & Final for a few things too.

Hope you are having a nice weekend!




Yep My AC is toast!

I called my older brother and ran some ideas by him and he said the swamp cooler is a waste of money.  I think You all may have agreed.

He said to just get some quotes and we will figure it out.  So I think that means that he will help me buy a new one.

Its as old as the condo which was built in 1972,  I was 12!

If I get a new one my electric bill wont look like this:

Weekend Stuff

That was an awful shock!  One month for a 920 SF condo!  

I lined up three companies.  It should be interesting and scary!

Yikes!  I am sure its gonna be thousands!  I even need a crane!  

Heavy sigh!



Suggestions Welcomed

Yesterday my air conditioner was off most of the day.  Then I closed up the place and it got HOT!  Fast.

I turned on the air but noticed that there was no cold air, like immediately!  Usually it will blow cold, then die out!  Then later work again.

So again, I think it is dying, if not dead… Again.  


I looked online at these thingies:

Swamp coolers!

I think one or two of these might work.  See… I can’t vent here out a window.  My HOA would sue me.  Maybe I could vent one out of a doggie door that they cant see, I could try.  

I don’t know what to do, its freaking hot, and will get hotter.

Maybe I should see if I can get quotes and make payments to a company.  They would have to agree and the trustee would have to approve.  Its thousands. 

Something!  Any suggestions.



Back To The Grind

Yep and so it is!  Just grateful to have a job really!  Gotta keep it all in perspective.

Yesterday I was a card making fool!

Very pink!  But I felt like pink after this blue:

Have I ever shared Gracie with her baby?  She has been carrying this toy around since I got her:

Silly Gracie!  I have bought her new ones but that is her baby.

Welp better get to lunch then back at the soul sucking grind.  😁



Annie, Figs & More

Hi guys!  I am so sad!  Back to work tomorrow, I feel a panic attack coming on.  I am grateful to have a full time job, for sure, but my souless position/company I work for sucks the life out of me.

Thank goodness I found a creative outlet!

Last night I stepped away from the craft table to visit a friend.  Remember Annie?

Poor Annie!

She is still kicking and just as sweet as ever!

My bff has a fig tree so I tried them straight off the tree!

It was nice to have someone else cook for a change!

In craft news:  I went to pick up a few things and got sucked in!  Crap!

I picked up some stamps and other things.  All on sale, but when you are broke!!!!

I am getting quite an inventory going for Etsy, but I am not even close to opening.  I need to learn shipping and all that.  I need to create some business cards to ship with my packages and I need to do a logo, etc.  this is going to be a good side business into retirement so I want to set it up right.

The money I put in now will help me later.

I am working on inventory.

All the “window” cards are ready and I am working on some new ones this morning.  

I created this background and it will give me four more cards.  

(Oh wow, need to hide that heavy line!)  taking a pic is a good way to see stuff like that I guess!  

Anyway thats my morning.  Kid is golfing of course and I am making a mess!

Have a great rest of your weekend. I hope it drags out!  🌺👍