How do we get so much crap?  Even at work!  

This is my trash today:

And you should see my trunk!  

I went through and purged.  17 years is a long time and lots of junk just finds its way on the shelves!

Oh but in other news!  Talk about crap!  This morning one of the guys at work came to my office and asked me if there was anything wrong!

Let me tell you!  For the last year or so he has decided its ok to say inappropriate things!  Like one day I was standing there and he said  “nice cups” .  I was like huh?  Then he said, I said nice cuffs what did you think I said?  

I knew what he said and he did it again, same joke different day.

I see him coming now And I go the other way!

Today first thing, he came to my cubby and asked if there was something wrong.

I said, As a matter of fact there is.  I dont like your comments like the “cuff” one And I dont want you to speak to me like that!  Then I said… I am too old for that shit  Larry!  

He said ok, sorry and walked out,  then he poked his head back in and said, You are not old by the way!  We laughed awkwardly.

I havent seen him all day!  

I dont understand why he thought it ok to disrespect me, but I have dealt with that crap and way worse all my life and I just am too old and wise to let it slide now!

Feel much better!  What would you have done?





So yep even as tight as things are I blew 30 bucks at Michaels!  

Feeling a bit guilty!

Heres what I bought, mostly at 70 % off but even if its on sale I have no business!

Paint was dirt cheap!

The stencils were the most expensive!  I bought the sentiments because I want to make cards to sell.

I made one of these paintings for my sister:

That one is mine.  I think that just putting one rose on a card with one of the sentiments might sell?

I need to make extra money for this new hobby!

I bought this for later when I realize what an idiot I am!

I actually only went in for this:

Its so cool to outline things with!  Should have taken in 10.00 to buy just that and walked out fast!

Anyone wanna buy some crafty art?  😜



Dodged That Bullet

For now it looks like I dodged the air-conditioning bullet.  

The guy came out and checked it all out, the freon is full btw, which is great cause it can cost up to 100.00 a pound! I have no idea how many pounds one would need. 

He told me it is normal for this type of unit to just shut off after a certain amount of pressure has been reached.  He also showed me where the motor is leaking oil, that is just a matter of time.  He said run it until it dies. The part is about 300.00 alone.  Ah the joys of home ownership.

In other news… My kid is babysitting today which is good because she needs gas!

Oh!  Good news!  She got a B for her summer school math class which we figured brought her GPA up to a respectable 3.0!   I am so pleased!

So now with the books I purchased a few weeks ago and the ones I got from the library – Its cram time for ACT.

So theres that.  I am trying to keep up with it all and have time for me.  I hiked yesterday and it was hot!  But it was a good thing to get that done.

This morning I am busy, I tried a technique to make art elements that I learned online.

These things cost way too much at Micheals so with dollar store supplies you can get by making some for most things.

You take napkins and iron plastic wrap to the back which melts them, makes them stiffer and easier to cut!

I made a bunch and then I left the iron out to actually iron later.  But I am avoiding the laundry room today!  It too hot even for that!

I made a bunch.

Well I suppose I should go try to cut some of these out before the kid gets back.  She has to cram and I have to send more letters out and look at scholorships.  Its so confusing!  Too many sites.

Hope you are staying cool!  The whole country is in a heat wave!



Another Picture Request

The other day I got a call from one of my sisters and she sent me this picture:

Thats her patio in Oregon.  She wants me to create a bunch of pictures for the wall.  Like a collage of pics!

She likes Victorian Floral.  So In my stash that I’ve been accumulating I found this:

Its a gift bag!

Perfect to start!  

I love working with flowers but for myself I really enjoy this type of stuff:

Not pretty but it speaks to me!

I made this for me as well then I muted it later, I love it!

Wish I had the muted one to show you.  Its more interesting to me.

Whats your style?  What do you like?  

I’ll make you one! 👍




That’s a great temp if you are older and can’t get warm!

Its only gonna get warmer.

I am not that old and have no problem getting warm!

Did I tell ya the air conditioner froze or something about a week ago?

I just shut it off for a few hours and then turned it on and it worked….  Ah hem… Until today!

“They” are coming on Friday.  Thankfully my day off.  

I have a feeling its not gonna be good.

This last 15 months is proving to be a huge HUGE CHALLENGE.

C’mon Universe!  Work with me here!  

I am not asking for a ship to come in, or even a boat!  I don’t even care if its a dingy, I would be happy with a freaking life preserving ring thing!




Out Of Thin Air

Its getting seriously insane!

My list of things to pay for is getting longer by the minute!

I thought since today was payday I could take care of a few things but I could only pay for upcoming tournament.

Another Two weeks ahead of Cup of Noodles!

Heavy sigh!

Paid today and already GONE again.

Here is just reg fees!  And yes  its Senior Year, she NEEDS IT!  ALL!  Imho! 

I am cutting tour by one day so that should help some!  One night only in Yosemite, its enough!

Her binder is getting too big with college info and I havent really even started scholorship research! I’m late!!

I’m stressed!  

I suck at this!  Its so hard to launch a kid!

Help me Universe!!




Even At Work

Yes I do this crafty stuff at the office to!

I have a huge stack of mags someone gave me and a little box of index cards, as well as some glue and a brush!

I do collage but obviously nothing else!

I enjoyed todays!

I think she turned out funny!

Have a great day!