Ok Uncle Already

Enough already!!!

I reached out to my atty… crickets! He ignored me. Maybe he’s on vacation, very possible.

But because I am at the end of my rope… I called the Trustees Office today!

In all this time I have never done that! My best advice is not to make a habit out of it! Stay under the radar, thats my advice.


I am so close and I need answers.

I was put through to the NICEST lady in the world who congratulated me and was super understanding.

She looked up the case and said they just need to file the final report and it will be done. She said they only files those once a month but did not know what day.

She also gave me the email of another lady and told me to inquire directly with her. That email went out 5 minutes after we hung up.

So hopefully I have helped bring my case to the top of the heap!

We shall see! Stay tuned!





Hi guys!  Still not a word!  Everyday I check my mail and everyday not a word!

I think I will send an email to my atty if I dont hear anything by Friday!!!

I am getting ansi!

Heads up!  In October of this year I  am going to let the domain name go.  SixtyPayments.com will no longer be active.

I think it has served its purpose. I would like to invite you to contact me at startknu@yahoo.com.

Please drop me a line at:

PO Box 3282

Thousand Oaks Ca  91359

I feel very close to many of you and would like to stay in touch.

Don’t worry!  We still have out Discharge Party coming up!!

Keep your fingers crossed that happens soon!








Hello Hello!

I received a copy of the notice letter from the Trustee that they routinely send out at the end of a BK 13 informing all parties involved that we intend to Disharge!

All parties have 14 days to respond and object!

If there is no response, the Disharge is granted and the case is closed!

In my case I have a lien strip!  The next step is to file that and record that in my county and then I am officially DONE!

As soon as that happens we can have our party!!!

In the meantime Happy New Year!!


Soon to be No DebtGirl

woo hoo!  So close!!!!!!