Limbo Land & Junk Journal

Hi all!  Just like the title of this post states… I feel very much in limbo.  I am in a really weird headspace right now with the BK being the main reason I think.

Its so weird but if you would have told me 47 payments ago that I would be in this “mood” at this stage I would have said “no way!”

I thought I would be happy and excited!  Well, I am those things but not to the extent.  

Maybe the worry of actually getting done is overwhelming the positive feelings.

Its a crazy time, everything is holding on by a thread.

My AC as you know is as good as dead and we are back into triple digits.  I have to plunge my toilet after each use to ensure it doesnt overflow.  My car is in need of everything.  There are golf, school, animal expenses. My job still sucks.  The HOA where I live is horrid.  I live paycheck to paycheck.  (pls dont advise me on your wonderful ability to save thousands of dollars during you BK).

Its just a lot!  

But hey I do got this.  Maybe its Frugal Fatigue!  Maybe its just that, like millions of people, I find it hard to believe this is my life!  đŸ˜

Well enough of all that!  You know I got this!  You know I will make it!  I just need to whine!

In other areas, I made my first junk journal.

Can I just say that I love doing it!  I have three more books ready to make!

The ones online are beautiful.  I have lots to learn but believe me, it is saving my sanity.

The only time I left the house this weekend was to hike and pick up a few things at the 99 cent store.

The rest of the time I was home making a mess!

I hope life is treating you well!

Xoxo from Limbo Land


My Release

It’s A LOT!  This BK thing, teen getting ready to launch, dead end job, chronic illness, no love life….

You get it!  

I havent had much time to sit at my space and create lately.

I find I really love to hang out there and make a mess.  Last night really late, I couldnt sleep so I started a spread in my altered book art journal.

When I looked at it this morning I actually liked it.  Its weird when I do something late at night then look at it in the morning…. I see potential.  

I used some of the deli paper I made, which I love!!!!   It needs lots more work but a good start.

Short Week!

I cant wait to scrape some more colors on deli this saturday.  I have disignated it Art Day!

I also have a plan to do another computer parts collage:  remember this?

That seemed like another lifetime.

I have a idea for something smaller.  That was fun.

Art and craft is my only release.  That and my step class twice a week and my hike on Sunday morning.

If I didnt do those things, I would be bouncing off the walls.

We are getting close to the last year in!  This has been the longest, most challenging process in my life!  60 months!  

Thank goodness I found distraction.

Are you into art yet?



I Would Rather get a Root Canal

Seriously!   I spent my day here yesterday!

It was is awful.  I see people taking advantage of their time off, reading, sewing, knitting etc. 

I brought stuff too but all I could do was sit there miserable!

Counting down!

Untill they cut us loose.  I know its my duty and I need to find a way to relax but it gives me such anxiety sitting in that room.

I got called up to a panel and got out of serving for medical reasons.  Can you imagine me sitting in a jury box for days without instant access to a restroom!  The thought alone stresses me out!

Whew!  I feel badly for not serving but not too bad!

Do you detest that experience as much as I do?



Still Plugging Along

And its not getting any easier!  

I can say that the Sixty Payments are going by faster but from paycheck to paycheck there seems to be less $.

I worked 6 hours OT last pay period and I am trying to get in at least three this pay period!  Every little bit helps.

My place was so hot last night I opened all the windows all night and today it was super hot but I must have caught a chill.  Feeling somewhat better now.  

This weekend hiked in Ventura and hit up the thrift stores in main.  I got some great pastels and some actrylic paint too.  Cheap!  Cheap!

I need to get busy at my craft table.  I have been working on these cards:

I finished one tonight for a birthday card for my friend at work:

The glue is still wet, but it will dry clear around the bling.

Its cute right?

So not much going on!  Feeling overwhelmed at under appreciated as usual!  But dont we all!?!

Hope all is well with you!



Fun For About a Minute

Yeah ok, that was messed up.  Remember the date?  

It seemed he, the date guy was normal, enough. I mean none of us are perfect!

So he cussed quite a bit. Well a lot! I was willing to over look it. 

But there were red flags.  Like he had to hang up in a hurry or he would say he was doing something and then later his story changed.  Just red flags.  

Theres a bit more to it but just trust me.

I have been around the block long enough to know when I am wasting my time!  I wished him well and decided to keep it in the friend zone.

Moving on.  At least I know that part of me is alive!  If the right guy comes along!

In other news, I made some flowers for crafting.  I learned this online!  Love!

I hope all is well with u!  I think I might give online dating a whorl again!  Gah!



Golf Drama

As most of you know my kid lives for golf.  She will die to play on a college team.  We have been introducing her to many coaches and things are looking promising!

She is on varsity and has been on this highschool team for four  years.  Now, finally as a Senior it was her turn to be captain.

Except there was a vote and two others got the votes.

We were blindsided.  The coach has been telling her the whole time that he would pick her as coaches pick!  His announcement of the team captains said nothing about that.

I came home from dinner last night to one very hurt and confused kid.

I immediatly called the coach and asked him what in the world is he thinking?  You can’t make promises like that and then not come thru!

She has been telling coaches she will be Team Captain!

Well after I gave him what for he decided to “fix it” and he then sent out a 2nd email announcing his coach pick for her.

Now the team has three team captains.  We could care less as long as that title is on her college apps.  They can all be captains!  

The golf drama never ends!




Movin Along

Hi everyone!  

Hope all is well.  Not much going on here.  Just pluggin along.

Played with some collage at lunch:

Thats always fun!

Tonight a lady from work is coming over and I am cutting her hair for $20.00!  Will make some quesadillas!

Another good thing is another co-worker offered me a bunch of clothes and I said Heck Yea!!!

So later I get to go thru her clothes.  What I don’t want I will let my gf have to look thru. 

It will be like Christmas.  

Other then that, kid has ACT tomorrow and I have a date on Monday!  

Long story but I have a suiter!  I have no idea what or how it will work out but I am willing to at least have dinner.

Its so hard dating at this stage of the game but how we met was kinda funny.

Anyway!  Maybe there will be some cute date clothes in those bags!

Are you single?