Break Time Walk

Ok first if all… the pear was so sad! It was bland!  Lesson learned!

Back to work today! Breaktime walk share!

Lots of mustard and lupin:

Thats the most lupin I have seen in years!

Must be all the rain we had!

Also just a share of the Wisteria!  Smells devine!

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Today I figured out part of graduation costs.

$100.00 Prom (not including dress, shoes or limo)

$130.00 grad night trip 

$43.00 online store crap

Now gotta figure out grad night dinner and gift!  

Omg Send Xanax!



$2.00 for One PEAR!

Hi guys!  Yesterday I hiked Wildwood.  It was pretty!  The weather has been perfect here.

Then today my friend wanted to do my lake walk.  So we did that!  

Then after she wanted to go to the Farmers market by me.  She eats really healthy.  So we did that!  I had a few bucks…

Anyway  it was a great way to start the day! In spite if the $2.00 freaking pear.  😜

So I wrapped it all up and will have that for lunches
 this week.

FYI corned beef explodes when you microwave it.  Yeah that happened.

So now just hanging out at home, cleaning and relaxing allat the same time.  

Later I will eat the damn pear!

Do you shop at Farmers Markets?  Its expensive!  I would not make a habit out of it, I’m in it for the samples!  😜

Have a great rest of your day!



This That & The Other Thing

Break time!  Did I tell you how brutal this week is at work?  There is nothing out of the ordinary, maybe I am just super tired.

It nice to take a break with you!  Speaking of breaks you know I walk on mine most of mine. Do you remember when I bought the fit bit from the guy I work with?

Welp, I lost it!  For a long time but I found it and all the wristbands that came with! 

So back at it!  Hope it inspires me.

That’s cool right?  

I also wanted to ask you if you watched this Netflix series.

The Crown.

Like where have I been!?!  This is awesome and I am almost enjoying as much as Downton Abby.

I have been watching at night and on my lunch break.

I really love it and give it two thumbs up.

Then this!  Terri, a dear reader reminded me of this 52 Week Challange:

I am gonna give it another try!  I have not once succeeded!  😜🌺

So go download the pdf and lets get  crackin!

Hope you are having a good week!



Break Time Mini Vent

Heres the wall hanging I found online and want to make:

Pretty right?

Some days are just okay, other days at work are Meh!  Today is Okay/Meh!

So many years, so little progress.

But I survive it by day dreaming about retirement at times, but mostly I get by with realizing how lucky I have been.  That fact has not escaped me.

I am grateful.  

First world problems right?



It’s Official

I am old. 

Yesterday I spent the day at a retirement seminar:

Oh for those of you who think public servants (who have the nastiest jobs) live high on the hog in retirement,  I am here to tell ya, its a joke.  But I am also here to say that I dont know how anyone can manage without it ofcourse.  I guess its a decision you have to make early in in your working career.  Either get an exciting well paying job and live well or take a soul sucking government job, work it for years and end up with a little something to repay you for all the lost years as a public servant.  

Anyway… a day looking at the numbers and feeling like I will have something after this BK and when I move to a cheaper state, and a day like today and I would say, yup, I am old!

I never, ever, never thought I would even try this!  I do like shabby chic but in small doses!  So I bet I keep one of these and give the ones I make away!  If I can make them that is. They look like so much fun!

Remember these flowers I made ?

Now I have some plave to use them on.  Not sure how to do fabric images.

I made this base and pulled out all the laces and trims and doilies I have been buying and saving!

Now its time to get gluing!  I really do love this look.

So that is what I am doing today.  My kid threw up all night so I have been taking of her today!  Its nice to be able to hide in my room!  I hope I don’t get sick!!!  I am trying so hard not to.

Anyway thats whats up, keeping busy, getting old and hiding from the flu!

Hope you are well!



Play Monopoly Video Chat

Hi there!  Its Thursday and I am off tomorrow!  Yay!  We are going to a retirement seminar!  Can you believe it?  

Then thrift stores!  Again!  I am on a mission to find lace, trim and beading. What better place right?

But today I want to share this video with you!  I hope you enjoy it!  Its how I play the supermarket Monopoly game.

I have won free cheese, humas, pasta, bagels and salt!  

Hey all it takes is a little time!

Do you play?