Um yeah!  That was my big sale! 

But it was a good experience.  The first time I ever set up a table of my own stuff.

I know I have lots to learn so its all part of the process.  

The other ladies have Real Booths! These ladies are pros!

There was a leather crafter:

A couple of alpaca and misc sellers:

And a jewelry seller:

I bought a 5.00 bracelet for my kids stocking and yep, I spent 20.00 on a cuff for me.  I will wear it every single day. It’s leather with mixed media flowers and so pretty.  It’s too big but I will get it next weds.  I will show you.

The other day at the thrift store I made the best find that I didnt share with you yet.

Its old!  Its still in the box and super sharp.  The one I have cost me about 17.00 and only goes up to 5 inches.  I have been wanting a bigger one but they are very expensive.  This cost $4.00!  I could’nt pass it up.

This is GREAT!  Plastic but it should last awhile.

Anyway, next time I bitch cause I cant afford to get my car fixed, slap me.

Actually I think by next month, I can get some of the work done if I play my cards right.  Oh wait, there is a winter formal, a couple of tournaments coming up and tutors!  Gah!!!!!

Have a good day!  We got this.



A Christmas/Craft Boutique

Hi again!  I want to show you guys my really great thrift finds.

But first, the boutique!  Tomorrow my friend is opening her home to the public to have a little sale and she invited me to sell some stuff.

So I got all my things together that I have been working on and put them out on my table like a staging thingy.

These are made with cardboard and napkins, I really love the Santa.

I have a boat load of tags so I borrowed my bracelet holders:

Not all holiday!

I made some to match the pics:

I made some that look like Trump!

I have no idea!

I lined these Surface Pro keyboard boxes:

They turned out cute.

I think its a good assortment considering I am a beginner.

The rocks will go in one of the boxes.


I have lots of stuff and she has lots of my cards and rocks and bows already at her house.  So I have quite an inventory.

I have been busy.

Ok heres the cool part.  I have lots of cards, but no way to display them.  So when me and the girls, my kid and her friend went thrifting I had an ah ha moment!


That old cd holder makes a great card holder!  Better than rifling through them in a box right?  

It gets better!  I picked up 10 of these little burlap covered votives for less than a buck a piece:

I thought that it was cool that they were halfway done!  I just finished them up!

Cute right!  I think I can ask a buck for each at least.
So tomorrow I will take pics and show you the table and the other sellers too.  

It should be fun and if nothing sells well my Christmas shopping is done!

Oh, sidenote, my kids friend had never been thrifting.  She bought something in each store.  She was like…”how did I not know this?”  It was so cute!  

Wish me luck, last time I didnt do so well.  This is really not my thing but hey, a couple bucks is a couple bucks. 

I even cought a kid stealing one of my rocks!  Hilarious!

I will get better at it too with more experience. πŸ‘πŸ˜

See you tomorrow.



My Plans…

Happy Friday!

A couple of you have asked about my plans after BK!

Its a great question!  I think about it but what I do depends on so much.

As you know this has been a challenge.  Everything has gone up except my income.

Mortgage cause taxes are impounded, HOA,  Phone, Groceries, Tutor expense, medical insurance, I joined the work union, maintanence for my car as it is now 10.5 years old, etc.  Sport cost, she was not in a sport when we started!  And much more!

Remember this:

Golf Tryout Day One

That seems like ages ago!  

I also choose to pay my student Loan every month, 178.00 so that it did not sit there for 5 years.

Now my kid has a car but its in her dads name and he is responsible for insurance too. But I help with other things!

Can you believe my kid was in 8th grade and now we are looking at colleges??  

Ok  back to my plans!  A whole lotta ifs.

I want to sell my condo in January of 2018 because I just want out!  I do not want to fix the ac/heater!  Thats a long story!

My kid will be in college and I just want to get a small one bedroom here until I retire.  

Ok!  I might retire in 2018 but most likely 2020, its not that far off.

I just need to cash out of the condo and I pray that the market stays up!  That is the only for sure thing I know!  Get out!

My only plan now is to launch my kid, get out of the BK, sell the condo and then retire!  Thats the big brush stroke plan but thats all I got!

Thanks for sticking by me!!!!  I will keep you up to date!

On the college end we got a few colleges throwing “some” money at her for golf scholorship, but we are holding out for one here in state!  I gotta a very good feeling that very soon that coach will make an offer!  

Pls think positive or pray!  We really need something wonderful like that!  Its been so long without a good piece of news for both of us!




I should be ecstatic but it still feels like forever and like October will never get here!

I can remember when I started this journey in 2012 how FAR 2017 felt! It was like a bad dream.

Well 2017 is only weeks away, I am holding on by a thread, but I AM HOLDING ON.

To make up for college app fees and extra tutoring I have been working every day off and coming in an hour early some days. Up to 12 hours a pay period, wish I could do more.

I still haven’t been able to get my car repaired or new tires but that will happen. Someday.

By the time I am outta of this thing the housing market will probably be in the toilet!  Gah!!!

I sure hope not but my place need SO MUCH WORK TOO!

Ok lets look at the bright side! 

10 more payments!




Too Much Candy

Or maybe not enough! Depends on how much you like candy!

Sunday was so much fun!  Started making candy at 10 and didnt stop until 5.

We did stop to have pizza and wine at 12:30 and that was delish too!

Everything turned to devine!  Even the divinity.  I havent had it in years and I am over the moon.

So now I gotta go work off all that sugar!

Oh well, tis the season.



Busy Busy Bee

I haven’t come up for air in two days!  

I have just holed up in my craft space:

Trying to hide from the world and all the ugly in it!  Gracie has the right idea!  

I have been making beads:

Terri, head over to YouTube and type Paper Beads and you will find the best videos, look for Jennibelli!

I have been making these to use the beads on:

Here are a few pages in it:

I love this stamp, I just paint it in.

Kim I am sending you a one signature pamphlet!  There is a bycycle in it!  I think you said you like bikes.  Its just a little notebook but I hope you like it.  Am sending one to my sister for her birthday…late!

What else have I been doing?  Oh!  This!

That color explosion is for a journal I am working on in a free class online!  

Can I just say there are so many artists that are so generous with their talent out there!  They make it possible to learn for free if you can’t afford the classes!!  Thank you with all my heart! ❀️

And lastly I decided last night to work on my drawing (ah hem) skillz!  Ha!

I love the mixed media girls so here is my attempt last night and this morning:

Check out those eyeballz!!  πŸ‘

Its so much harder than it looks online!  πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈ

Anyway thats what I have been up to.  Keeping my head down and just letting things good and bad come my way.  I try to stay under the radar!

Sophie I will check out the bkforum later, thx for the heads up!

I am off to pick up walnuts and condensed milk and heading over to a friends to make candy!  She knows how to make divinity!!!!   My gramma used to make it and I want to learn how!

Creating and making is a good thing.

Its raininv here!!!  Love it!!!!

Will touch base soon.  Hope you had a nice, drama free turkey day!



Borrowing More Worry

Hi there!

 I checked out the BK Forum and read a post by someone that really worries me.

I did lien strip and so did they!  Now that they are at the end of their BK the lien is still showing up on the place!!!

It could cost from 500.00 to 2000.00 to fix it! OMG REALLY?!?

Dear Reader, count on that or something like that happening to me!  

Oh and I have a 12 inch crack on my patio that will cause extensive work and cost about $4000.00! Thats what the board stated!  I think they have to pay for it but I am not sure as it is exclusive use.

I heard a quote today on NPR podcast: