Not My Best Day

First of all, I am tired!  I am tired of pretty much everything!

Ever get that way?

Yesterday was not my best day for sure but I am glad I let off some steam!

Today is a better day!  I stocked up the pantry and now that is done for a few weeks!

I made up some taco meat in advance and put it in the fridge for the kid.

Then I made a big pot of soup!  

I sure hope she will eat this veggie power house with me.

I didn’t watch much TV yesterday but today I am!

What I can’t believe is the importance that crowd numbers have become on the first day of this admin!  There is something seriously wrong with this whole picture!  

It won’t last long!  It just can’t.  People all over the globe are not wrong about this.

So my kid is out golfing, tomorrow she has a babysitting gig and I am not leaving this house!  I am gonna sleep in then play and putz and ignore the stuff I can’t do anything about.

Hope all is well with you!



MazdaRati Fine For Me

Pics from my hike on break today: 

So nice and cool out – pretty
We made it to Thursday and tomorrow is supposed to be my day off,  thats not gonna happen.

I really need the money.

I was thinking today how freaking sad it is that we all work so hard all our lives only to be poor later in life!  Wtf?  

Something is so wrong with this whole deal right?

But look what some morons do with there income:

A quick story!  One chick where I work drives a freaking Mazerati!  Right?  Now I know its not really hers, its a lease!  But she can’t even afford her own apt!  She rents a room!  Tell me, should she have a freaking Mazerati?!

Now yesterday everyone was leaving and another chick climbed into a BEAUTIFUL JAG!  Brand new and OMG GEORGOUS!

Now neither of these chickybirds make more than I do.  Neither are management either. WTF?  I never would do that even when I could.

Its funny!  I am older by a few years and if I could, I would tell them how stupid it is to spend that kind of money on payments and insurance.

But we are not close, so I will keep my opinion to myself and YOU!

I will happily climb into my Mazda(rati) and limp on down the road.  When I do have to buy a new car,it won’t be new or fancy!  It will be used and practical!  I got nothing left to prove.

Speaking of used… I am so glad I didn’t buy new furniture.

As it turns out, I think Gracie may have pee’d on my sofa when she was sick.  I am thinking another used one when I can in the future.

But first I gotta get my car fixed and get the tires replaced.

One thing at a time.

Heavy sigh.



Happy Martin Luther King Day

I hope we all can reflect on how far we have come and how far we have to go and the fact that we are teetering on turning our progress backwards as a nation.  In the words (TWEET) of our greatly admired and esteemed President Elect, SAD.   OMG!

John Lewis Is my hero!

Ok moving on.

Yesterday was productive!  Yay!  It was a play day!  

I got my swap very close to done and ready to send to Australia!

Now I just have to wait for payday to send it.

Then I made myself an altered composition book:

I use it for notes and lists!  

I also finished using my paste papers to alter another book for myself.

It took all day and I loved it!

It takes a lot if time and I realize when I retire I will never be bored. I hope to get a part time job to keep myself plugged in.

My kid got a call from another coach last night, they chatted about 45 minutes.

Today I am dusting and cleaning.  Another day of no spend and staying home.  If I lived alone I bet I could go weeks without spending.  I have learned so much in this process!  

I hope you have a good day!  I hope the tweets are few and the actual conversations many.



Home! ┬áNot Spending a Dime!

Love it!!!!  Love when days go by when I don’t spend!  Only because there are many days I don’t have a choice, its not all about me!

So this post is another chit chat post! 

Right now I am drinking my coffee and getting ready to play.

Not long ago, At the dollar tree I picked this up:

I add it to my low acid coffee to stretch it.  Per ounce is it cheap?  Idk, it was cheap at the time and delish.

I am hanging with you and Gracie:

For now, then I will go play with this:

And these gifted punches:

I want to add to this book:

This is gonna have to wait:

Omg!  Thats one week!  Its so gross!  Too bad, so sad!  I made my bed, did the dishes and the floors can wait.  Ok I did sweep and mop the kitchen!

The patio is coming along!

You guys!  Its only gonna help me sell to have a new clean patio!!!  Thats exciting.  I plan to get rid of lots of my plants so it stays clean and looks big.

Did I tell you I joined a Junk Journal group!  I am swapping with a lady in Tasmania Australia!  So excited!  Go look up Junk Journals. Hard to explain.  But this is it:

Almost done!  I think its gonna be expensive to send so I am trying to keep it light!  But its kinda fun!  I chose a swap in the US for my next one.  Cheaper fun!

Lets see what else?  Oh I made my kid apply to 2 more schools.  Just to have more options.  Its so hard waiting for the coaches!  I have no idea what the date if I don’t hear by them is!

The bbq turned out delish so we have that, I plan in making my rice and taking some already cooked chicken out of the freezer.  Payday is weds but groceries are not on the list.  I already spent 40.00 on Friday for pork and eggs, etc.  Which reminds me, gotta boil some up.

Hope you are staying in and all is well your way!  



Frugal Cooking

Happy Weekend!!

I shared with you that I planned to make Orange Bread and after work I got a burst of energy, so I baked some.

The middle dropped!  I never had that happen before but oh well, its still yummy.  I think cause the temp fluctuated.

Yesterday on my lunch I went to the market for a few things and picked up some fresh cranberries for 99 cents a bag.  Now in the freezer!  I was going to put them in the bread but I used up some dried plums that were dated in my cupboard instead.  I will make another batch with the crans soon.

Loving being able to turn on my (crappy as it is) oven because of the colder weather.  I just have to really watch the temp when baking!  Its a horrible oven!

While at the market I picked up some day old buns for 99 cents and this:

I was rooting around tryng to find a roast but everything was over my 2.00 a pound limit! Then all of a sudden this little baby was sitting in the middle of the bin of expensive cuts!  JUST FOR ME.

I just put this, onion and a little garlic powder in the crock on high for a few hours.

We will have bbq pork!  Done.

The other half of the onion will go in my rice,  made with chicken broth, onion and butter!  #kidlovesit!

Just staying home today, actually all three days this weekend.

There is an awesome flea market not far from here but there is no money for that!  Why does it always seem like there are such great frugal opps when you cant spend?!  Oh yeah…  cause I suck at planning.

I am working full boar on getting my brother paid back.  I can’t stand owing him a penny!!! I will eat ramen morning, noon and night until that is done.

I want to craft a little, iron some clothes, do my nails, trim kids hair, do 2 more college apps and chill.

Hope they get this mess done soon.