Let’s Party!!!!


Thank you guys for sharing this journey with me!!!




Maybe! I might get my discharge in June!!!

That’s 8 months after my last payment!

I have been crying for two days!

What happened in a nutshell?

Someone posted a claim! Out of the blue!

Long story we now have to deny it and my atty filing a motion.

Its insane! I am dying every.single.day!

I wish I never got myself into this nightmare!

Omg, shoot me now.

This Happened!

Its totaled! I am ok but yeah, that happened.

Anyway called my atty and he said no worries as I am DONE!!

So even though I have not got the letter he said its DONE!

I am still waiting to post my Discharge Party until I have that G D LETTER!!!

So now I have to find a beater car!

Have I mentioned I have the worst timing!!!!





I have still not received my letter of discharge!

That is the next step, snail mail letter!

Its crazy how long this is taking! But even after the discharge there is the lien strip then it closes!

I cannot sell until all the above happens!

I have buyers waiting!!!!

Omg shoot me now!


Still in debtgirl

Ok Uncle Already

Enough already!!!

I reached out to my atty… crickets! He ignored me. Maybe he’s on vacation, very possible.

But because I am at the end of my rope… I called the Trustees Office today!

In all this time I have never done that! My best advice is not to make a habit out of it! Stay under the radar, thats my advice.


I am so close and I need answers.

I was put through to the NICEST lady in the world who congratulated me and was super understanding.

She looked up the case and said they just need to file the final report and it will be done. She said they only files those once a month but did not know what day.

She also gave me the email of another lady and told me to inquire directly with her. That email went out 5 minutes after we hung up.

So hopefully I have helped bring my case to the top of the heap!

We shall see! Stay tuned!