Hello Hello!

I received a copy of the notice letter from the Trustee that they routinely send out at the end of a BK 13 informing all parties involved that we intend to Disharge!

All parties have 14 days to respond and object!

If there is no response, the Disharge is granted and the case is closed!

In my case I have a lien strip!  The next step is to file that and record that in my county and then I am officially DONE!

As soon as that happens we can have our party!!!

In the meantime Happy New Year!!


Soon to be No DebtGirl

woo hoo!  So close!!!!!!








Good news!

Yesterday I finally received notice:

“Chapter 13 Trustees Notice of Intent to File Trustees Final Report and Account, Obtain Discharge of Debtor And Close Case.”

Can you just imagine how happy and relieved I am!?!

Now the case will close in the next few weeks and I will finish painting my condo and getting it ready to sell!

I just returned from a trip to Oregon and it just solidified that I am making the right decision to move home!

We are getting there!!!

If you dont here from me, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year!


DebtGirl (but not for long!)

Quick Update

First of all, I hope you and your family and friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ours was quiet as usual and we just went to a family restaurant, just us three.

My kid is loving her new world and I could not be more proud!

I am working on my necklace! But it won’t be ready to put on until I get my discharge papers.

We can only guess when that might be! Its a waiting game!

But in the meantime:

The work has begun!

I am painting! Well having it painted! I cannot do it myself, its way more than I can handle even though you have watched be do it before!

But as soon as I get discharged this baby is on the market!

Ok as soon as I have any news, I promise to post!

Thanks for keeping in touch and I cannot wait to have a discharge party!!!




I can hardly believe we are here!  This has been and probably will remain the most difficult part of my life.  At least I hope so!  I do not want to have to endure this kind of stress for this amount of time again! Ever!

My last payment is this month!  OMG!   I just typed that!  Pinch me!

It has not actually been taken out of my acct but its there and I have registered it in my check book.

So now I wait!  I know that it can take a while for things to actually start happening but I will keep you posted!

Get ready for a party!!!



It’s Getting So Close!

Just one more payment!!!

Sorry I have been MIA lately but I have really gotten into my arts and crafts and it sure is way more fun to focus on than the daily grind of this BK!

Its so close now!!!  Next month should prove to be interesting!

This weekend I plan to clean out the garage and get it ready to use as storage as I gear up to sell.   That is my goal!  Just get out of the condo before the market takes a dive!

I will post before and after pics of the garage this weekend.

Other then that just plugging along!



23 Days!

Hello Hello!

I am here, I am busy and I am so excited!

23 Days from now will be my 5th year anniversary for the day I filed for a Five Year Long Chapter 13 Bankruptsy!  FIVE YEARS AGO!


It was one of scariest things I have ever done!

Throughout the whole process it did not get any easier!  I sustained the fear of failing every single day!  

Even to this day, with basically only weeks to go I still fear something could happen to wipe out the last 5 years hard work.  

My brain is funny like that.

So to combat it I continue to put one foot in front of the other and do what needs to be done.  

Shortly into it I realized I had no choice but to make it work, and its working!

I just wanted to stop by and say hello!  I have been busy and time is finally flying!

Lots to share soon!  

Thanks for sticking it out with me!