Volunteering is the Best Free Activity

The weekend is upon me and that means it’s time to figure out how I am going to keep my daughter busy, active and out of trouble.  Although, she is only thirteen and doesn’t really get into trouble! 

But with a whopping $30.00 in my checking account there is one thing for sure – any activities must be FREE.

So luckily, the Universe came to my rescue and I got an email with the subject  of Beach Cleanup Day, this Saturday!



So I dug out buckets and mentally located some gloves so that we are set to go in the morning

Tomorrow, we will show up with our close-toed shoes, buckets, gloves and sunscreen to help spruce up our coast!

What a great way to spend the morning, teach community and ownership and be apart of something bigger than ourselves.  Hopefully, meet some great new friends too!


(Pictures borrowed from the above website.)

Thank you Universe for giving us this opportunity and one more thing to add to our list of great things to do!


6 thoughts on “Volunteering is the Best Free Activity

    • Thank you! It will be from 9 to 12, but what a great way to get out of oneself and help! I am really looking forward to it and will post some pics!

    • I wanted to meet new peeps too, but everyone was so involved in their work, not much time for visiting! ;-( It was really satisifying though!

    • We really got into it. I will post the prelim results from the Coastal website. There were lots of people out there cleaning and picking up trash on Saturday!

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