Daily Hike from the Top

Hi there everybody.  You are going to love this hike.  I hope you have a place to go daily or at least weekly to get some from air and leave it all behind.

Since I am embarking on this Chapter 13 it is my goal to do as many activities I can that are free and also encourage stress release!  We all know that finance stress can Kill YA!

So here is the daily 20 minute hike I found.  It’s close to work and gets me out and in the fresh air. 

I hike up and down this thing at a good clip.  Today I decided to take pictures from my iPhone on the way down.

No, that is not my head in the shape of a stop sign, it’s actually an umbrella!  I try to use it every time I hike at work.  It keeps the sun off.  I don’t need the added stress about Sun Damage!  Remember, trying to keep stress at a minimum here!  😉


Off we go.  Heading down!


It is a lovely view with some shade.


I love the rolling hills here.


I have seen lots of rattlesnakes, lizards, bunnies, hawks, and even one bobcat!  But not today!  The hills were mine.


Just a few more switchbacks:


And it brings me back to the pavement:


And the end of my break.  Back to work.

I hope these pictures are not too bad, they were taken from my iPhone.  I am having camera problems!

Friday I sign papers at the law office and find out about the appraisal.   One more step in the step to Chapter 13 – right around the corner.


6 thoughts on “Daily Hike from the Top

    • I used to work in an industrial park too. We found a great route and did it every day at lunch. After awhile, you start to see the flowers, clouds and all the nature you missed!

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