It’s called Cherry Picking?

I just thought it was called Cheap, Um, I mean Frugal, well, ok…. Smart?  Oh whatever it is, it’s something I do to keep costs down, way down when the going gets tuff and it’s tuff.

I’m fortunate enough to live within a block and at most a mile from all these stores:


And I take advantage of that fact by “Cherry Picking” from their weekly ads! 

Chicken breasts for under $2.00 a pound.  That is the only time I buy it.  Coffee, under $6.00 for a large can!  I can only get that TODAY!  I love the daily deals from Albertsons!  I wish they had them every week!  I can pop by there on my way home.    Having to buy an additional $10.00 is not hard if you have a list of needs going.


Sprouts is a new market in this area.  I love the produce.  It is so fresh and inexpensive!


Anyway, are you a Cherry Picker?

In other news.  BOOTS!  I am wearing BOOTS! 


The first time this season. It’s rare in So Cal, so trust me, it’s a big deal! 

It’s a good thing I love these boots, cause they are gonna have to last me for FIVE MORE YEARS at least!


Have a great day!


5 thoughts on “It’s called Cherry Picking?

  1. I’m so cheap, I’d ONLY buy groceries listed in the Sale section of our local grocery advertising flyer and then plan my meals around them, LOL. Now my significant other controls the grocery shopping and he splurges on organics like a madman. I love this post because I’m about to break out the autumn boots as well. Will have to snap a photo (mine are chocolate brown and fuzzy.) Adoring those boots you have on, simply gorgeous!

  2. Those boots are awesomely sassy. (I usually shoe-shop at DSW and have gotten some insanely good deals on last season’s shoes, which I shamelessly wear the next year. $13 ballet flats, $25 pumps that last for two years of my abuse, etc.)

    Wish I had any non-Whole Foods stores close to me. It’s a 15 mile round trip anywhere else, so I usually just do Trader Joe’s and then Target for canned and frozen food. TJ’s is as cheap as Stop and Shop’s sales, and then I don’t have to wait for the sales, soooo…

    • Bridget, I LOVE those boots too. They are gonna be with me I like the style so much. And I also love DSW. But my clothes budget is so small, and I am working on that Emergency Fund. What is in my closet is pretty much it for awhile. I am surprisingly okay with that!

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