Easy Come, Easy Go? What? Huh?

Whoever said that is cRaZy!  I mean really, in my case it seems to be Hard Come, Easy go! 

I got down to $2.02 today in my checkbook.  Okay, Okay, I know, my own fault, but OMG this living within ones means is HARD!!!!


I didn’t do anything horrible, I bought groceries and I did make an unnecessary trip to Trader Joes for pumpkin coffee and pancake mix but I only spent like $20.00 there.

Okay, okay, so Weightwatchers was $42.00.  Now that has to go!  But I need to lose like 8 MORE POUNDS and I will be at goal and then I can be a Lifetime member for free!  The faster I get there the better, but I am losing only half to one pound a week!  It’s gonna take a few months.


(Spokes person Jessica from Weight Watchers)  I think she feels my pain as far as weight goes but not financially for sure!

Can I get a Hello!  Do you feel me?  It is HARD right?!  I am feeling totally bankrupt today.  Really Bankrupt, physically, mentally and literally financially!


It’s a good thing I looked at my checkbook today cause I was able to Rob Peter to pay Paul and get out of the sticky mess, but I won’t always be able to do that. 

I MUST keep a closer eye on things before they get down so low.   I obviously suck with money, I means seriously!

I work really hard to have to worry so much about every single dollar, but don’t we all? 

Okay, what a horrible post/rant today.  I am just so scared that I might really mess up this plan before it even gets off the ground.

OMG, and here we go, into Bankruptcy Hell!


One thought on “Easy Come, Easy Go? What? Huh?

  1. ok, breeeeeeze!! Try to think about three positive things right now. Like
    – $2.02 is better than overdraft
    – you are on the way to make it better
    – you have pancake mix, so have a sweet hot pancake, it makes life better!

    How about you write down EVERYTHING you spend. Yes, that’s tedious. But you probably wrote down everything you ate at a point and now you are losing weight.
    Do that and review it over the weekend. Was that purchase necessary? If it was “pleasure” did you REALLY enjoy it ($10 of fun with your family is valuable, $10 of coffee on the go is not). Should you repeat the purchase next week/soon/anytime?
    If you really want to spend on something can you figure out a way to earn the money before you spend it (sell stuff on ebay, babysit the neighbors, do a taskrabbit assignment…)
    It is slow and painful but it does get better.

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