Ralphs Reward on Gasoline

Now that I am not using any credit cards including the any gas card, I have been going to any gas station I want.

So I remembered thinking to myself – (that happens sometimes) I remembered thinking that I saw something about using your Ralphs Rewards card at Shell to get money off per gallon.



I also remember thinking… HASSLE.

But it’s not.

All you do is swipe your Ralphs card, you don’t even have to remember a PIN!  Just swipe it, then choose your payment method and it tells you how much you have earned by shopping at Ralphs so you get $$$ money off at the gas pump, per gallon!!

In So. Cal prices are out of control, even though this is better than last week!


I still almost paid $70.00 for my tank of gas.  Every little bit helps.


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