Mandatory Credit Counseling

Yes, I posted twice in one day!  WhoHoo!! 😉

When you file a Bankruptcy you have to take credit counseling. I have to tell you, I think it is a GREAT idea!

I learned quite a bit!

You have to take two courses. One before you file and one after you file.

The first one I took before I filed was kinda, well, lame. It really didn’t have much information that was useful. However, the second one is much more in-depth and helpful.

It even allowed me to download worksheets to use in the future to help with my budget.

And it really gets you thinking about your money!   Like this one:


How many times have you had a hard time choosing between one product and another.  This Decision Making Grid makes it a little easier.

And this goal chart for long, mid and short term goals.  This might be old hat to you, but not to me!!!  Awesome stuff.


And look at this!!!  A way to monitor your spending.  Its a cool little worksheet that anyone can make up and use to monitor your spending on a daily basis.  The first thing you need to do to get a handle on your spending!


I LOVE this one.


I have NEVER had an Emergency Fund!  I am going to have one now!

Need to figure out your debt to income ratio?


I got more!  I was so loving this online course.  I wish that they taught kids in school basic money principals.

I have been working since I was 15 years old, I have had credit since I was 16 years old.  I bought my second car on credit.  I never even realized what interest was, what compound interest was or anything that you might need to know if you are going to make better financial decisions!!!

So yes, I was happy to spend the time and take this mandatory class.  I think it should be mandatory, BK or not for anyone with a FICO score and credit.


8 thoughts on “Mandatory Credit Counseling

  1. Those graphs look great to help you understand where your money goes and what you could skimp. I have a free tool on my website called planwise (on home page) if you want to have a look you input your bank balance, salary, expenses and it helps project you in the future when you make changes to your earnings and spending.

    • Really? I think this BK has been a forma of CC for me as well. I am starting to track now as well. I really do spend more contiously then I ever have, but I actually try NOT to spend! 😉

    • Good morning Vesta, Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you can find these helpful! I need to get started on them as well, I like the spending one to put to use right away.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how solid financial principles are skipped conveniently in school? I am over the moon for you and so proud of your financial journey thus far! (I remember this feeling so well–it is just the coolest when you stumble upon this stuff.)

    • Thank you! I also downloaded an app today for FREE that will let me enter my daily purchases in there. I just want to track because its amazing when you sit down in front of your checking account and then write it all in the register how much you actually spend. I am always surprised. Now maybe if I have to write it down I won’t spend as much. I am pretty sure it will make me rethink. I truely want to save what I can.

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