I Won’t Miss these~

I’m going through the motions waiting for the 341 Meeting and trying to figure out how to stay within budget and make little changes in my life that will give me big results on the financial front!

As I dug into my bags today and pulled my mags out I wondered – How many bags do you carry every single day to work?  I have at least these three:


Everyday!  My lunch, my pocketbook and my STUFF.  Today, that “stuff” is these magazines that I received.


I will NOT be renewing these subscriptions AND if my daughter brings home the lousy Middle School Magazine Drive again, I am gonna have to pass.

I’ll miss “learning how to cook once a month”:


As if!

And so long to learning how to be BOLD and DEWEY:


And how to get rid of wrinkles…


How to seriously stack bracelets.  Where would you wear these! 


How to “Make it Special” for Halloween:


Well, those days are over, as I say goodbye to the subscriptions.  😉  I’m going to trade in my sitting around on chintz sofas, drinking chamomile tea all day and reading for these:


My grubby, dirty, used and abused Tennies!  I’m gonna take that time I spent reading about products, places, people and things at lunchtime into time I actually spend on me that will REALLY help me feel better about myself. 

And not Marginal Utility as my friend over at Freedom ThirtyFive posted about but for REAL!  This is a great post, go check it out.  I’ve wondered why I get so excited about something and then after a bit, it ends up forgotten.  I thought it was just me!  Well, it’s not, we all do it.  We need to be AWARE!!!!

So how many bags do you carry everyday?


9 thoughts on “I Won’t Miss these~

  1. Three good points today! Packing your lunch, not renewing subscriptions and exercising! I carry one bag at most, a normal backpack, I know it’s lame but better for my back and can fit laptop, lunch, and groceries on the way back from work. Now that I work at home I don’t carry anything but still use the backpack to run errands.

  2. I also have 3 bags, though my tote bag just got chewed up by our new puppy! Do you drink Coke products? I use the mycokewards points I save up to get my magazine subscriptions free. Women’s Day starts at 133 points. I think 12 packs earn 10 points each, so one 12 pack a week would get you 520 points a year, enough for 2-3 free magazines.

    • I don’t use coke products but I do use Lean Cuisine sometimes and I know that those come with rewards too! I will check that out. Great idea. So I amnot the only one lugging 3 bags! It’s like we are moving in and out everyday! 😉

  3. Thanks for the mention. I carry around 1 bag usually. Most of what my job requires is all on the computer. I used to receive a monthly graphic design magazine. But then decided I just didn’t have time to read it anymore and cancelled my subscription 🙂

  4. I used to carry two bags, back when I had a real office type job. By the way, I go through the want magizines/don’t want magizines cyle all the time. My most recent subscription was FREE because I saved Coke rewards points! Since I got most of those point from others It also didn’t cost me much in Coke purchases!! Yeah! Coke didn’t ask me to say this, I just like getting things for free!

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