Close to the Edge

I don’t know if it’s because I have lived on the financial edge most of my life or because I feel like I’m heading for a fall most of the time,  but I would not, could not and will not ever go to this place!


Preachers Rock, Preikestolen, Norway

I don’t care if I was out there with somebody, alone or with a drone, I will not go on that rock!

It’s not the height, okay, maybe it is.  Look a that sheer drop, look at the edge of that massive boulder!

Just looking at that picture 

In other news…. I got a call from the law office to let me know that they need a check, like on the 2nd of November, made out to the Trustee.  Not sure why they would need a check before the 341 hearing or I’m even confirmed?!?  But hey, I’m gonna make sure I do what I’m told to do in order to “stay under the radar”!   That’s the advise I get from just about anybody who has filed a Chapter 13.  “Do not make any waves!”

So… with that, I will quietly go and get a cashiers check and then I will take it to the law office and know that I am not going to make any waves.


I am going to be a good girl and stay off the financial ledge for the rest of my life!

Maybe someday I will go to that rock and… no way, forget it!  NEVER, EVER, Na Uh!

Could you go there?


2 thoughts on “Close to the Edge

    • Okay, I found out today that first payment is due 30 days after the filing date, no matter what! So that makes sense now!
      Oh.. and I am 1/4 swedish and I am not as cRaZy as those other scandinavians! 😉

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