Happy Halloween 2012

My first Halloween in Chapter 13.  Only FIVE more to go!  I will be just about done with the BK in December 2018.  Whoa!!  Now that is scary!

Do you remember the thrift store dress I bought??

Well, I used it today!

This is a hoot!  We have a chili cookoff so I bedazzled a bottle of Pepto Bismol:

Found a Wand and I came as the Pepto Princess!  So when everyone gets sick later, they can come and see me and I will fix their tummy troubles!

Lots of fun!  Dress was  $10.00, Shoes $2.00 and Wand was .25.  Wow!  Cheapest, funnest custume ever.  The most expensive was the $5.00 Pepto.  Laughs at work, Priceless!


Have a Spooky, Safe Debt Free Day!


7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2012

  1. Fun dress! Happy Halloween! Having fun doesn’t have to mean spending money, as you said well, and you seem very crafty to have a lot of fun for the next 60 months!

  2. OMG, I love it! You are soo creative and crafty. That Pepto? Dying here. And the dress is simply gorgeous. You look holy amazi-balls. I found Lexi a cute kangaroo costume for $3 at the consignment shop. Thrifting is so. much. fun.

    • Thanks! It was funny! We have about 16 crockpots of chili here (a contest) and everyone is miserable by 3:00. It just worked. OH an the dress took 2nd place and got me a gift certifcate for Jamba Juice! I have one very excited 13 year old. 😉

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