Out of Network Costs Adds Up!

I know how I got in this boat.  I really know!  It’s because I have been ASLEEP!

I didn’t watch Bank Fees, I didn’t watch Over Charges at stores and services from providers.  I never read the small print!

For instance, today I realized we have a dental appointment for my daughter on Saturday morning.  And… I also realized that every time I go there, they CHARGE ME.  Usually, $25.00 or MORE!


I quickly called them and asked:

“Why do you charge me?”

“Because you are only covered for 80%”

“My dentist never charges me, why do you?”

“Because you are only covered for 80%”’  (must be a canned answer).


I headed straight to HR to find out what they think and they automatically asked me if the dental office I have been taking her to (for 10 years BTW) is in Network?

I called them back:

“Are you in my network?”


“Okay, please cancel her appointment, buh-bye”

I immediately called my Dentist, who knows me quite well after 20 years and made an appointment for my now teenage daughter!


YAY!!!  What a dork I was. I realize she was a kid and needed that kind of office, but surely I could have found one in Network for the last 10 years or however long she has had teeth!

And that is how you get yourself slowly in the hole. By not paying attention to the little things!

But now I can:


Smile, cause I just saved $25.00!  More than that – cause it all adds up!


6 thoughts on “Out of Network Costs Adds Up!

    • I wish I was a more detail oriented person. I try so hard now to look at reciepts, ask the right questions and just be present and awake. Last week, I walked out of a Vons and didn’t use my Vons Club card, that cost me 8.00!! I still have some waking up to do! Boy was I mad at myself! 😉 Learning!

  1. Ten years of not being in the network, hah! Isn’t it splendid to giggle over the silly things we do? Kudos to your newfound financial awareness, and to your daughter’s pearly whites. (Did she enjoy the Jamba Juice certificate?)

    • Yeah, it was an expensive silly thing, but I am or have been good at that. I am learning! Today I even did the grout around my tub BY MYSELF. I am learning!!! And paying attention! I took her to Jamba Juice yesterday. We got served the WORSE smoothie ever. Lesson to daughter, if you don’t like it take it back. She waited outside, it took them 3 trys to make one that was drinkable. 😉

  2. I just went through this! The same dentist I’ve been using for more than 10 years is apparently out of our network. Even though on our insurance website/info his practice is listed as in-network. Of course we didn’t know until after getting hit with $3800 in dental bills AFTER insurance in 2011!! I called asking what on earth and got the “oh he’s out of network, the other dentist is in your network”. Why didn’t they bother to notify us of this when we updated our insurance info a million times before? 😦 Expensive lesson learned! Btw I’ve been following your site for a few weeks and am enjoying following your journey – so few PF blogs I’ve found are about starting at the bottom and working your way up, most are already well ahead!

    • HI Angella, it just kind of sneaks up on you. I figured, well, its because it was special pediatric, but PahLeeze, I should have know better.
      But hey, we learned right. My teen is fine with going to my dentist now, a cleaning is a cleaning is a cleaning right? 😉
      And thanks for coming and supporting and just being here with me, from the bottom up!!!! We can do this!

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