November’s Here!

Wow, it came fast.  The leaves on the trees are so pretty.  Even in So. Cal!  But this pic (and all the images today) came from the internet!


Thanks Internet for making my life easier!  At least something does!

This is the month for:


OMGosh, if my pies would ever look like that, right?

This looks like the perfect place to go for a walk after you eat some of that pie!


I could just reach up and pick one of those Winter Berries (If I were not so space efficient)!  Short!  In other words.  Winking smile

This month is a big deal for me.  This is the month that I have my 341 hearing.  I found the following information on the NOLO site:

“If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the bankruptcy trustee will hold a meeting of creditors (also called the 341(a) hearing or 341 meeting). The 341 hearing is an opportunity for the Chapter 13 trustee and your creditors to ask you questions about your proposed Chapter 13 plan and your ability to make payments under the plan as well as question you about your finances and assets.

The Trustee Will Review Your Case Before the 341 Hearing

Before the 341 Meeting, your trustee will review all the paperwork you filed with the court, including your bankruptcy petition; your schedules showing your assets, debts, income, and expenses; your Statement of Financial Affairs, which provides a brief history of your major financial transactions such as real estate sales, business ownership and large payments to creditors; and your Chapter 13 plan.”


“What to Expect at Your Chapter 13 Meeting of Creditors

When the Chapter 13 trustee calls your case, you will sit at a table with your attorney so the trustee can question you. If any of your creditors or their attorneys are in attendance, they will sit at the table with you. Your trustee will question you first.

The trustees questions will vary depending on the local rules of your bankruptcy court and the trustee’s own custom. Typical topics of questioning include:

  • the accuracy of your income and expenses listed on your Schedule I and Schedule J
  • whether you have dependents
  • whether you are married, divorced, separated or single
  • whether you owe child support, alimony or any other domestic support
  • the stability of your job
  • the steadiness of your income
  • the sources of your income, such as wages, child support, alimony, Social Security, unemployment, workers’ compensation, business income, and retirement income
  • the accuracy of the debt information in your schedules, such as whether the balances due are accurate
  • the value of your property
  • the reasonableness of your expenses – whether all the expenses listed on your Schedule J are reasonable and necessary for the maintenance and support of you and your dependents, and
  • whether you have begun making your payments pursuant to your proposed plan”


I’m very nervous.  I do not want them to ask for one more dime because it is already going to be tight.  Sometimes they do not accept the planned payment.  They want ALL disposable income AND your tax refund at the end of each year.  OMGosh, I’m afraid.  I know that I can make it with the proposed plan, but no more!!!

My 341 is scheduled for November 28th.  Universe Help Me!


2 thoughts on “November’s Here!

  1. I want some pie!! looks delicious. Good luck with the hearing. I have never been to one but I guess the important point is to prove your good faith and that you are willing to repay and start clean, most of them have already got the money back from you in interests already so they should be ready to take a big cut in the amount to refund.

    • Pauline, it’s true!!! I have thought that. My second has not gone down in YEARS and I paid 435.00 a month for years! Over the years, I have paid 41,760 to it. It was close to 50,000. So most of it was paid back and some of that was fees on their end. I know they are entitled to it, I know I borrowed it, but they have gotten back and will continue to get more back in a Chapter 13 instead of a 7. I am so glad I am not the only one that thought this!

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