My Gym Membership

How do you like going to a gym and standing around….




Personally, NO THANKS!

I would rather…


Hit the trails and breath fresh air!




Enjoy the moment!


And the Views!


In Peace.


and…it’s FREE!

This is my gym membership and I will bet that I won’t be changing my membership anytime soon.

Note: I have an elliptical at home and during the winter I will probably be putting that to good use as well.

How do you get your gym on?


4 thoughts on “My Gym Membership

    • Oh we are so lucky! That is my work gym, but at home I have wonderful paths as well. I always feel so blessed from the universe that I am healthy enough to get out and enjoy!

    • I feel pretty darn lucky about having that path at work. I am just waiting for some disgruntled employee to complain about it and pull the path out from underneath us walkers. You know how people are sometime. I try to get back on time, but sometimes a few minutes gets away. I am going to be very careful from now on!

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