Disaster (Financial) Planning

My employer had a gal come in today I thought was just awesome.  I learned a few things. 

Like.. did you know?

  • Put your tennies, a flashlight and a whistle under your mattress
  • Keep a whistle on your keychain
  • Keep a crank operated Radio (really, I have a crank flashlight but I didn’t know they made these!)
  • Use an old, small roller suitcase for a homemade emergency kit
  • Have only Ones and Fives on hand because nobody will be able to make change, and my favorite:
  • You can use C Cell batteries for D Cell batteries in a pinch, you just have to put cotton or tape around them to make the big enough to fit the space and make sure the tips line up! I did not know that!

The presenter handed out some great information booklets from these fine organizations:


I thought this is great, who ever thinks of financial planning during a disaster?


Usually we focus on health and safety, but look:


Really good information to think about.

More financial information!


Lots of it:


And finally, some good resources:


If you are interested in these booklets call the Red Cross or write:


AICPA  Foundation
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

Now I better get busy and read, because I am one who tries to be prepared!

Are you prepared for events in your area?


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