Inexpensive Christmas Cards


When it comes to saving money I try to make it fun!  I hope that it is less painful that way for both me and my daughter!  I mean, really, life is only lived once and I do want to make it enjoyable for both of us.

It really is the little things!

We went to Joanne’s (a craft and sewing store) and we picked up a couple of boxes of inexpensive cards.  It was so hard to pick because they have them mixed in with the more expensive, embellished, foil lined envelope kind. 

But I stuck to my guns… I had a plan!

We bought two designs and when I got home I whipped out the guns!


With just these little items you can keep your kid busy AND beautify just about anything.  Let’s start with the puppy cards:

See the snowflakes?


Now notice the hat?


Now see the paws are glittered and not the hat?  Each card is custom!  Winking smile


Now the Santa’s?  Can you spot the differences?





And that is how we had some fun and saved some money on our Christmas cards.  Now we just have to do the work and get them sent out. 

In other news:


Tom the turkey didn’t make it very far!  We devoured him.  (I am pleased to inform you this is not a battered Butterball)!


But since I don’t feel like making soup just now I decided to wrap old Tom up and freeze him for another time.


Did you know you can do that?  What a time saver!

What are your favorite ways to save money over the holidays and have fun with your family as well?  Do you have a special craft project?


3 thoughts on “Inexpensive Christmas Cards

    • I agree. We have a friend who makes peanut butter balls every year and she asked if we were sick of them and its like.. NO WAY… we look forward to them every single year!

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