Homemade Tree Ornaments Ideas

Okay, I have a couple of ideas that I’m tossing around for our holiday craft idea.

The first one, I have everything needed already.  The second one, I can pick up an old box of puzzles anywhere, dollar store or thrift store, garage sale, etc.

IDEA NUMBER ONE – Christmas Card Ornaments

Basically all you need is a bunch of old Christmas cards and glue!  Of course, I would glitter ‘em up, and I have that!

I went through 25 years of old Christmas cards that I’ve saved and I  pulled out the ones that l don’t remember who the senders were!  Most likely old workmates.  It’s really trip down memory lane.  I have cards from family and friends long gone, my dad, my uncle, my sister in laws and some friends.   It was nice to see their familiar signatures.  Needless to say those are keepers and will stay safe and sound, wrapped in a ribbon bundle and put away for safe keeping.

So here are printable directions for that idea:


It looks like this when done only with your own cards and your design.


I really like this idea, but it’s more time consuming then I would like.  Lots of cutting and gluing.  So.. with that, I might make a “few”.

IDEA NUMBER TWO – Puzzle Piece Snowflakes

This idea looks like it could be too “kid like”.  I mean, will it look nice or will it look like a preschooler made it?  I’m not sure!  What do you think?

Watch the following short video for the best look at the puzzle ornament.  The finished product in the video is much nicer than the picture I provided below,  but it’s the same concept.


Here’s a basic picture:


The one in the video has a pretty little bow glued on the top with a small jingle bell.

For some reason I am in love with the simplicity of this idea.  If you use a glue gun it can go fast!

Which idea do you like?  Either?  Neither?

Stay tuned to see which one I actually choose!


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