Keeping it Real

When I was a kid, not to long ago, Winking smile  I was caught up in the Must Have designer jeans, shoes, coats, etc. game.   Okay, so I still enjoy a nice purse!  That won’t change, but I plan to keep my nice purse For.Ev.Er.  I have already had this one going on two years!


I have a white one for summer that is put away because in this weather…


(I took this picture on my walk this morning!)

Who wears white?  Not really, I don’t actually care if those rules exist or not anymore, but I do save it for summer.

But moving on and keeping it real, instead of keeping up with the Jones.

The other day while looking for puzzles for my ornament project at a thrift store (sneak peek below)  I picked up some jeans.

I recently lost 10 pounds so I need to get a better fit, these are the right size and price!


Washed and ready to wear!


And look, surprise, they are button fly!  I LOVE button fly!  Reminds me of Levi Boyfriend jeans!


And they fit perfect, might need a belt, but otherwise very snug in the legs and feel great!


I had wish I’d known then what I know now, ya know?  I would be so financially secure!I

I have seen the light and at least I am ON IT now! 

One more way I plan to make it through this Chapter 13.

Okay, sneak peek!  Almost done!


Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


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