SMART Tree!!!

It is absolutely beautiful.  Really, you don’t have to spend a fortune on an 8 Ft. Noble to have a beautiful tree.

I made a pact with myself this year not spend  more than $25.00 for our tree and I stuck to my guns. Okay, there was tax!

I mean, it’s pretty cool to walk around the lot at Home Depot and watch others whip out the credit card so readily!


Some of those trees were in the vicinity of 100.00!  Hello, REALLY???  I have never spent THAT much!


We got in line with our little tree:



While in line, I noticed these wreaths as well as bigger ones and swags:


They wanted more for the wreaths (bigger ones than this) than I paid for my tree!  But I picked up some free branches while there:


But them in a bucket of water and later I will add a bow and some pinecones and make my own FREE swag!


Anyway… here is my receipt, that I am so proud of!


Notice Ah Hem.. DEBIT, not CREDIT!  Thank you!  Winking smile

And here is the most beautiful tree in my area!

tree finished

It smells like SMART GIRL!  ( need a better picture, might to replace this later!)

But with that, I better get back to work!  I am up to my elbows in puzzle pieces, paint, glue and glitter!

Will have pictures of that very inexpensive and cute project soon!

Have you put up a smart  tree yet?


7 thoughts on “SMART Tree!!!

  1. Kudos to your for sticking to your guns…..!!!! My wife and I used to be those people spending $100 on a tree each year – YIKES. I love the smell of a real tree, but it never lasts long, and I HATE vacuuming up the needles every day (Type A personality here). So a about 6 years ago we purchased an artificial pre-lit tree for about $150. Every year I think of how our “price per season” goes down. LOL.

  2. The tree looks great and a great price! We switched to an artificial tree years ago after we realized the live trees were always giving us sinus problems during the season. I got the tree I have now for $10 a couple of years ago – 90% off after Xmas :-). I figured even if it only lasts about 5 years we will certainly have gotten out money’s worth out of it.

    • That is a great deal. I wish I had the space to store one! I had one, but I kept running it over and so I gave it to my daughters dad! Its getting good use, and I still get to drool over how perfect it is every year!

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