Puzzle Piece Ornament – Success!

This is some work, but worth it no?

red on tree

This has been a learning curve!! It always is until you find your own way – right? You think, aw that is so simple! Then you get all your craft supplies together. (I have a cupboard where I store what I can – I need a box for my paint brushes obvi!)


It’s not very much but I also have craft supplies in the garage, so I have quite a bit to work with when when I feel like being “crafty”.


counter mess

I went to the thrift store and picked up a few boxes of puzzles for .50 a piece. Nice!


I had to work thru some issues until I found just the right size puzzle pieces!


Then got busy with the hot glue gun and paint. Here’s what the first round looks like, I thought about adding a little holiday decoration, but then I decided not to.  FAIL!


Then I glittered them, but still something is wrong with these!


Look closely, these don’t look like snowflakes at all! Try as I might, I could not glue the small puzzle pieces to form a flake!


I even went so far as to put a hanger and glitter on one to see if it came together.   I even tried to put together the bigger pieces and they looked WEIRD too!


Finally, it I figured it out!  Placement is the solution to this puzzle!


So I got my assembly line going and I painted ‘em up.


These look more like snowflakes!  Then I got busy with the  glitter!  It’s glow in the dark!


I made quite a few.


It’s messy, but once I got them painted, dried and then figured out a better way to get the glitter on them, I was on a roll.


They took over my very small kitchen.  I really like’em.

red on tree

I have some pearl string for the hanger on some of them and ribbon on others.  I used up what I could.

red in box

I also made some green ones cause I ran out of red ribbon.  Shhhh our secret.

green in box

These are very inexpensive presents but I don’t think they look that way.  Do you?

greeen on tree

After I figured it all out, I think the final product isn’t all that bad. I plan to wrap them tissue and tie with a ribbon and VIOLA, a nice little homemade gift.

tissue paper

I have lots of tissue to choose from:


You gotta love the 99 Cent Store!


I have a large family and I usually pick one lucky sibling to send the whole  box to and when she (Usually a sister)  goes to Christmas dinner,  my gifts get handed out there.  I also send along a list of names so she can check them off as she goes.

I have learned over the years to be sure to make or buy the same thing for everyone, so that the person doing me the favor of handing out the gifts does not have to worry about who gets what. So much easier for everybody.

I have eight brothers and sisters and lots of friends. If I tried to buy even a little something for all of them, I would go broke. Oh wait a minute, I am broke! Ha Ha, I think being in Bankruptcy qualifies as broke!

I still love to give and so with that, hopefully these little ornaments will be well received.

greeen on treered on tree

Now  I can relax.  Whew!   I hope you like this idea!

If you would like to see more holiday craft ideas, go here!








10 thoughts on “Puzzle Piece Ornament – Success!

    • Thanks Miss T. I appreciate that! There are so many cute ideas on the web. I already know what ornaments I’m gonna make next year. Gotta buy the clear balls onsale after the holidays though in order to make it work! ;-0

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  2. You are so incredibly talented with crafts! Have you ever considered opening up an Etsy account and selling some of your wares? That ornament looks so cute (and much better quality than some of the crap lining the shelves of Walmart nowadays.)

    • Jennifer, you are so kind! I appreciate the compliments. I was a little worried that they might not be well recieved, but you have made me feel better! Thanks!

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