When Flat Rate is too Much

Remember when I got all these boxes?  I was so excited.


I was so sure that I would save a bundle.

However, after I boxed up the gifts, I realized how light weight it is and I wondered if the flat rate would really be that cheap compared to regular old snail mail.


Boy was I right!

I wrapped up the box and marched right down to the post office.


This is what it would have cost me had I printed out the label and postage online for the flat rate box I chose:

price online

And this is what I actually paid to send the package from California to Oregon.   Home sweet Home!


I actually saved $7.16!

Listen, sometimes convenience is just too expensive.

Would you have printed out the label and sent it off or would you march your butt to the post office, stand in line and save some $$$.

Flat out… I went to the post office.  Gone are the days when it’s about convenience every time!

Sometimes, but not this time anyway!


4 thoughts on “When Flat Rate is too Much

  1. I would be torn with this one because you already paid for the other service. So ok you are saving money but you are also paying extra. I used to go to post office online and print postage from there, you can check the weight and see if it is worth it. I am pretty sure with prepaid you pay extra for the convenience and their special envelopes every time.

    • Oh no, I didn’t pay for the Flat Rate. I just went so far as to see how much it would cost and then I closed the website. I wouldn’t double that cost like that!! Yikes. No, I only paid the snail mail cost. Not both! 😉 If my package had weighed more, it would have been worth the cost of the online flat rate, but it was so light, I knew it wouldn’t be worth it to me.

  2. I would have went the cheaper route…though I’m pretty sure you could have printed off your regular first class postage online at home That’s what my hubby does when he sells stuff on ebay. He loves those flat rate boxes too and I sometimes have to remind him that if his package is really light it’s usually cheaper to put it in our own box. Good job on taking advantage of the savings!

    • I would have printed off the postage, but I had no idea how much the package weighed. ;-( But I think you are right, if it weighs a ton, then flat rate is worth it!

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