First Meeting of Creditors

Wednesday is the big day.  The 341 Hearing AKA “Meeting of Creditors”.

Here are  a couple of links I found to help to “define” what exactly a Meeting of Creditors is and what to expect.

A video from YouTube

You can bet that I  scoured the internet looking for piece of mind and calming words of wisdom.

My head tells me, “It’s all part of the process, don’t’ worry!”  But my emotions tell me, “You are in deep and they are gonna spank ya hard!”


Except I won’t laugh!

I actually think it’s more embarrassment and shame for me too.  I mean really!  Reduced to a Bankruptcy is not something I aspired to as a little girl, young adult or grown woman.


Life comes at you fast and when  you live on plastic, get sued and slapped around by economic times.

It’s a tuff place to maneuver when you are a single person, for anybody really.

Even our own government is facing a Fiscal Cliff.

It is what it is and I will survive.

Hey, heads up, l will have a guest poster here tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “First Meeting of Creditors

  1. We were very stressed out for our meeting too, Other than the waiting for our turn, it was over quick and easy. The judge just asked us our names, verified a couple of things, and that was it. It was really just all a big worry for absolutely nothing. You’ll be fine.

  2. It is like the dentist, or whatever other unpleasant professional. You feel really bad but they see dozens of you every day. If you have it together, they aren’t here to try and bury you deeper. Good luck!

    • Thank you Pauline, I just always feel like I might be the exception to the rule, if it can go badly it will and all that! But you are right, it should be a breeze… still my fingers are crossed! 😉

  3. I’m sure that all went well! It seems like a scary, formal event at first, but then, when you walk in and realize its just another person sitting across a table from you, asking a few questions to verify things in your petition to make sure you were truthful, the stress hopefully dissipated! Hope to see your posts telling us it wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought! And nothing to be embarrassed about either–millions of people have gone through it. What matters most is how you walk through fire. Thanks for sharing your story.

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