Sunday Sail

My kid and I went for a walk this morning and we happened upon these guys getting ready for a sail.

I took pics with my iPhone.  They didn’t mind!


They were getting ready to take these little boats out on the water and they told me in about 30 minutes, 15 of them would be out there.  I just didn’t have time to hang…


But,I think these little boats are adorable!  Don’t you?


Really compact!


If I wasn’t as broke as a pauper, I would own one!


This one, then I would take it out on this lake, every.single.Sunday!


Then I would come home and be grateful!

Oh Silly Me!


I’m already grateful.  Every.Single.Day!  Life is good.

For someone in my position, I am surprisingly happy.  Maybe because the financial stress is less, not gone, but less than it was and I know that in five years, sixty payments, (58)  it will all be set right!  I will never be in that position again.

And by the way… I would not own one of these boats, but I would be happy to go for a ride if I was invited!  Winking smile  I will let someone else buy it!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sail

    • Yes, we do! I think about when I am sick and I just feel like I will never feel good again. I try to remember what that is like and it makes me so grateful to be up and at’em! We do have loads of things to be grateful for and just feeling good is a start. 😉

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