I Did Try!

First, I just want to stop and share some pics from the tree!


We put quite a few small dolls on the tree and I love’em.


Cute and so old fashioned, but check out the hair on this babe!


Rough night honey?


I have reached a milestone.  A whole half (oxymoron?) a year has passed and I haven’t charged a thing on credit..

I stopped digging last May 2012.  I took a good (scary) look at my finances.  I knew I was in trouble and needed to make some decisions and the first was to stop digging. 

I listed all my debt and the finance charges I was paying.  I went online to figure out how long it would take me to pay everything.  I looked at Snowballing and Snowflaking, I looked at cutting back to the bare bones, I tried so hard to make it on my own.  I set up a budget and worked very hard to stay in it.  But nothing that I could have done would have gotten me out from under the debt load I had created.  I am 52 years old, I only have so much working time left, if my health holds up, and I have a teen to consider.

There is just no way I could have done it. I am pretty sure of that.  I did try, try I did! 

Which brings me to today.  I am still trying and doing it!

If you watch your money, and are diligent, you can live on cash.  I had to take Gracie, my most favorite cat in the whole universe to the vet to find out why she is suddenly very aggressive toward  her 4 year old daughter.  Long story,  but it ended up with cost of $185.00. 


The vet started out wanting to charge me $245.00

I took the list and started crossing things off that I felt were unnecessary, I whipped out my office visit half off coupon and then he ended up shaving a part of Gracie for free instead of charging me $15.00 for just that!

So I saved $59.00. 

It is still an expensive hit and I paid 100.00 today and he let me give him a check for 85.00 to cash at the end of the month, so that helped!

I have changed so much, I would never had the nerve to bicker, but now I do, it bothers me that I have to, but I have no choice!


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