Creative Inexpensive Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

On Thanksgiving my daughters grandmother loved my homemade centerpiece.  She asked me to make her one because she is hosting Christmas, as always.

I found the turkey candle at the thrift store and the pine cones and leaves on the street!


It was fun to burn that little guy at dinner!


So every time I went to the thrift store I kept my eye out for things to make it with.

I found the snowman candle and the wreaths at the thrift store and the plate at the 99 cent store.  I was going to embellish even more, but I think it is perfect.  Simple and cute.


Cute huh?  The whole thing cost under five bucks!  Now that is in my budget and hopefully grandma will like it!


Oh and I picked up this candle for me!  Winking smile


I am trying to stay busy and keep my mind off the of the BK.  I need to find a new normal for us and try to keep the road smooth as possible.  OMG, five years and so many things can come up in five years!   I can drive myself crazy thinking about it.

Since I am done shopping, things should get less expensive (frightening) around here!



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