Perfect Pancakes

If you read my “About” page you will see that this blog offers many aspects of working thru the Chapter 13.  One of those aspects is frugality and one way to be frugal is to cook at home, a lot!

Today’s tip (that sounds so corny) is my way of making pancakes and freezing for later!  My kid loves them, she smothers them in chocolate chips, I on the other hand prefer bananas and syrup.

I start with a Costco sized bag:


Just add water!  Winking smile

Then start your production!

product one

I do two at a time:

pancake product

pancake production

These babies come out looking just like that package and how rare is that?

pancakes with package

So there you have it.

Pop those in a zip lock bag and freeze them. Take one out at a time and zap for one minute, flip over and zap again for 30 seconds.  Perfection.

Don’t worry, they don’t stick together after they are frozen.

So there ya go, a hot,  hearty breakfast for the kids that cost pennies!


In other news, I am just totally freaking out about everything about the BK. All the “What If demons” are killing me!


5 thoughts on “Perfect Pancakes

    • Me.too! When I was a kid my grandmother called them hot cakes and I always thought of warm drippy CAKE! I was surprised but not too disappointed when I got to the table to find these~!

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