Art Creating Excitement

People create art.  Art creates excitement – for me!

Friday a friend of mine is turning the big FIVE-O.

Instead of getting him a “thing” that will collect dust or end up at a goodwill I decided to give him an experience~!

We live in Southern California with so many opportunities and places of interest, my New Year’s Resolution is to take advantage of all of them.

I decided to take my friend and daughter to the Norton Simon Museum on Saturday as a birthday gift.

Art Excites Me!  I am so selfish, I will probably enjoy it the most!  HA!


This is on loan from the Washington Museum, and I have visited this in Washington and so I am super excited to take my daughter and my friend to see it!  In person.  Again!

Experiences instead of things is a better gift idea, don’t you think?

I am sure they will gain something from the experience, even if they are not aware of it!


4 thoughts on “Art Creating Excitement

    • I think we are onto something here! I am going to try to do this more often and leave the dust collectors on the shelves! It’s a win win and so much more enriching!

    • Hi Gillian, thanks for stopping by. As I have gotten older I am paying more attention to the smaller, important things instead of the large, insignificant! 😉 I’m a slow learner!

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