Back to the Grind

I know it’s still technically the holidays.  I know I should still be “in the spirit” but…

I’m really not!

I had a wonderful experience at the Norton Simon, that was so damn awesome.  I have some cool things planned as well.

But just underneath the surface is the FEAR that I have made the wrong decision in filing that Chapter 13 and that I am going to be dragging my kid thru the mud with me for the next FIVE YEARS.

Sometimes I wake up in the wee hours and lay there wondering how I can get out of it.  If I change and convert to a chapter 7 what would it cost, how can I get back current on the 2nd and 3rd mortgage, which I am sure would include incurred interest.

How will my credit look then, will I have a 7 and a 13 on it?  What if, what if, what if?

You know what my problems are?  I am indecisive and I can never see the big picture clearly.  I don’t have enough information to make the best decisions, even if I research the hell out of a subject or issue.  I can’t see the forest from the trees!

Enchanted Forrest

Then I end up fearful, sorry and nervous.

and so it goes….


4 thoughts on “Back to the Grind

  1. I like the saying “let’s cross that bridge when we get to it”. You can try to focus on the daily picture first, and then evolve to the greater picture. At the moment, you know what it will be like for the next five years, and it is not going to be pretty but you can try to make it bearable. Then focus on the future.

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