Great Art Book

I found this great book and I got it from Amazon for my kid for Christmas.  I have to show it to you because if you like art and have kids, it’s a must have.  (I like it too cause I am just a big kid!)


The title alone caught my attention.

When I got it I just couldn’t put it down, but I had to wrap it up!

pic 2 saying


There is so much about the book that I love.  It is a great way to learn about artists, materials, techniques and it is all hands on!

art supplies

There are a few artists in the book and I chose just a few for you.


There is space for you to do art!

AW cans

De Vinci!


And you can become a master.  My little artist did the last one seen here already.

de mona

Bridget Riley, and notice there is a little info about each artist.


Every style you can imagine is in this book!


Dizzy yet?

squigly page




Magritte (who?)


Some artists I have never even heard of.


I learn so much, from this book and I know my kid is too.



And so many more artists.



F technique

and so much more.

This is an art history and an art class all rolled into the price of less than $20.00!   I noticed it for sale at the Norton Simon as well.  I wanted so badly to pick it up and look at it but my kid was with me and I had already ordered it online and I didn’t want her to see it.  Get this book!

draw modern



last photo


We are hanging out, kiddo had a sleep over here, I am blogging and doing some writing and staying in the moment and out of my head.

Thank you for all your support, I really love coming online and seeing your notes!


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