Saving Money on Coffee

If you are like most people then coffee is a staple in your house and you buy it all the time.  Me too!

I like nice coffee but I don’t like to pay a fortune for it.  I do have a Kureg  Money Guzzling Machine!  Those little pods are wicked expensive.

However, I have found away to have cheap coffee and enjoy it too!

I buy really inexpensive coffee when on sale, I usually get something like this for less than five bucks.  I don’t care what brand it is.


Then I get some whole beans.  But they have to be onsale! These beans were on sale for HALF OFF.  My favorite is Harry & David’s ANYTHING.

h&D beans

Then get out an old canister and put some cheapie coffee in it.


Grind your beans (in your 20 year old Krups grinder) and mix them with the cheapie coffee.


Make a mess:


I do about equal parts.

mixed coffee

Most  Kuregs come with a little filter cup:


In the morning,  fill the little cup with your Custom Blend (ah hem, fancy schmancy):


And brew!


Then off to work you go feeling very thrifty and full of caffeine, like I am right now!

Winking smile  JAVA JAVA JAVA!


15 thoughts on “Saving Money on Coffee

  1. I have one of those money guzzler’s too. It was a gift last year, but mine didn’t come with the filter adapter. I FINALLY just bought one last week! I’m sure it will save quite a bit over the expensive little cups as I don’t mind cheap coffee either. It kind of defeats the purpose of the quick convenience of popping in a little cup and tossing it when done. No cleaning, but since I only drink one cup a day, it’s better than my regular coffee pot when I always seemed to brew more than I needed because it’s hard to brew one cup 🙂

    • I used to brew it in my regular coffee pot and then take the rest to work with me, Not too much waste. But you are going to love the filter for your own, you will save a fortune and I think less garbage too. Those pods always bug me as too much trash!

      • I’m a bit allergic to too much caffeine, (as in more than one cup and my heart is racing like my kid!) so I mostly just have one cup of half caff per day, so I can’t take an extra with me to work 😦 If I have any later in the day I just have decaf.

  2. I love your ingenuity! I gave up coffee several years ago but completely understand that most people need their caffine. Just think of all the money you save by making your own coffee compared to buying it at a retail store like Starbucks?

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  4. If you’re on a budget, but not a super-strict one, then Bed, Bath, & Beyond has very reasonably-priced K-cups, and you can use those coupons you get in the mail (20% off one item, or $5 off $15 or more) on them. I usually get 18 K-cups for $7.50 or $7.99, so it’s about $0.45 per K-cup. Which is, okay, a lot of money that adds up, but not nearly as fast as even one coffee out per week.

    • Hi Bridget, thanks for coming by! When I first got the Money Guzzler that is where I bought the pods. Did you know that those coupons NEVER expire and that they will take multiple coupons at the same time! I go in (I used to go in there) and people would have like 20 coupons they were using for their purchases. I think that is so cool!

      • Bwwaaah. See, I live across the street from the Bakery of Scrumptious Chocolately Goodness with Rich Coffee, so the “money guzzler” is not inside my house. Okay, if I bought those K-cups at the grocery store (eighty cents each – are you kidding!?), the Money Guzzler would also be in my house. What is inside my house shores up my self-control to not scamper across the street and say, “One petite chocolate croissant, one chocolate-buttercream cupcake, and a small coffee, please!” Which is like, um, almost the cost of a box of K-cups.

        By the way, Trader Joe’s has really good coffee for a very reasonable price. If you’re into chai tea, Target sells the stuff that Starbucks uses, but for $3 or so for a box that makes eight servings. So tasty. So yummy. So not $3.50 per mug.

        • Next time I am at Target I will look for that coffee. I usually keep my eyes on the loss leaders/weekly ads for coffee on sale. I only mix it with beans when I find them on sale as well, and that is not often. Those cups bug me, too much trash anyway! 😉 Why did I ever buy that darn thing. And another thing, this morning I spilled my coffee and if I would have had a pot, I would have had more coffee!! There are down sides to it! 😉

    • Great idea. I have a kureg and nothing goes to waste. I don’t use the pods, I use my own coffee in the adapter thingee. I have saved a fortune from not dumping coffee down the drain!

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