A Big Fat Zero

This year I have spent:


Okay, so we are only at day three!

Wouldn’t it be great to NOT SPEND for a whole year.  Just think of all the money and time a person could save if they didn’t have to buy stuff.

I am going to challenge myself to use up what I have, pantry shop in my  own cupboards, be very creative and really keep the spending as absolutely low as possible this month and then into the new year!

I think it will feel really good!

Have you spent any money in 2013?


10 thoughts on “A Big Fat Zero

  1. We had to go grocery shopping on January 1st….so we didn’t get very far. LOL. On the plus side, we’re challenging ourselves to spend as little as possible this month (except for necessities) as we want to maximize our funds for a little mini-getaway at the end of the month. It’s surprising how far you can make it with just the things that are already in the cupboards..I like to see if I can “skip” a week of grocery shopping every now and then in order to purge what we have on hand. 🙂

    • Travis, I am going to really get low as I can this month on pantry items. I know I have to shop for a few things, but I have soup, rice, etc, to get us thru. It might get boring, but I will try to make it interesting and I can just see the savings. Its gonna get really tight here, I might as well get used to it! 😉 Thank you for popping by. Oh and YAY, its the weekend, my days for long, long walks!

  2. Great resolution! I have spent $10 so far, on fresh fish from the lake that the fishermen came and offered. And $2 on drinking water, a 5 gallon tank delivered to our door on the 31st but they usually come on Tuesdays so it should have been money on the 1st! Pantry is fully stocked so unless there is a big Christmas sale on daily items next time I go to the supermarket I don’t plan on spending much this month either. Keep up the good work!

    • Only two spend days? I am jelly. I already know that this Sunday I have to buy bread and a few other staples. But I plan on taking only 30.00 to the store in cash and leaving home my wallet!!!! That is so awesome only 2 days spend! I hope you do it, let me know! I would be so happy for you!

  3. Is this the post you were referring to? Because the link didn’t show up. If so, you gave me a chuckle this morning. Off to spend my first penny (or two ;~) of the year at the grocery store today.

    • Hi Life, its was the post I posted called How to take 9 kids shoe shopping. It was about a month ago. I will try to link it or send in a message to you. Its how my mother bought all of our shoes when we were really young. Very clever! I think its great that you have such a large fam!

  4. Great job. And now there’s only 362 more days to go :0) I spent money already this month on paying some bills, but overall I’ll try to be more frugal throughout 2013.

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