Yes! I focused all week on not spending any money AND was determined not to buy a lot today at the market.  I accomplished both as well as coming in under my set point of $30.00 today. I only spent $21.35! 

Here’s my list:


I actually stuck to it pretty well, but swapped out graham crackers for rice cakes.

(I need to get a few pounds off, not many, and that is why I need to be careful, I am almost  a goal!  That will save money; but that is another post for another time!)

I bought bread for lunches as well as chips and juice:


And I bought more than bananas, my list should have said produce, I really needed more than bananas!


It made a beautiful fruit bowl with a huge bag of grapefruits!  Mmmm… I love them with Stevia sprinkled on, (a weight loss trick).


And finally, my receipt!


After I got back from Weightwatchers and the grocery store, I headed out to my neighborhood FREE Gym:


I feel like I am off to a great start this year.

I feel like I can do this.

Even if they make my payment higher, I know how to shop, I know how to live and I can do this!


6 thoughts on “$21.35

    • You can’t beat it for sure. I feel like I am heading into 2013 and finally learning how to control finance and finally get on track, set a good example and maybe someday be able to be secure, not rich, but be able to afford necessities without worry!

    • Sometimes I think Sugar is a much better choice than all the fake stuff. Its not that bad either in moderation. Its the prepackaged junk food that give it the bad name!

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