My Credit Score… Drum Roll Please…

Well, it ain’t pretty!  I knew it wouldn’t be!


Nice huh?  Most of my viewers are very FICO aware, so I’m sure most of you are shuddering in your shoes, boots, sandals or bare feet!

I have ALWAYS put much emphasis on my FICO!  I knew it had tanked once I filed in October, but take a close look, it is already climbing back up!  I have never, ever, never had a score this low!  Boo!

By the time I get out of this mess, in Five Long Years, I should be in the high 600s maybe in 700s, okay, not as great as my 750 average, but I can pull it up pretty quickly, because my debt to income is going to be ZIP!  Then the BK just stays on my Credit Report for two more years after that!

That is my goal, but in order to get there, the lien has to be stripped and the confirmation payment amount has to be workable.  So there are a lot of ifs.  And anything can happen!

I tell ya, I didn’t think I was a very strong person, boy-o-boy, did I underestimate myself!

I love the following site I ‘ve been using for a few years to check out my score and other personal financial information.  There’s lots of charts and stuff for all you finance junkies!  You’re gonna love it.

I can only go up from here!


5 thoughts on “My Credit Score… Drum Roll Please…

  1. That score isn’t all that bad considering what you had to go through. Since it can only go up now, you just have to continue doing what you’re doing and wait it out. I think you’ll easily be 600 by this time next year, or maybe even 650 :0) Good thing patience doesn’t cost anything.

    • 😉 It is a good thing! Cause I gonna need a lot of it! I was expecting low LOW! Its bad, but if my plans workout it is workable. Crossed fingers. I can dig out of this hole!

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