The Trustee can Have It!

Last year (2012) I changed my filing status because I am trying really hard to come out without owing taxes and not getting a refund.

The reason I don’t want to get a refund is because I won’t get to keep it.  It will go to the trustee.  I wouldn’t mind if it would be used to pay down what I am paying back in the BK, but it will not!

What the trustee does with tax refunds for the next 5 years is pay more back than what is agreed to in the plan.  That’s really okay too! However, if I can come out even wouldn’t it be better?

That is what I am trying to do, but last year was weird.  I had this FSA issue, and I have no idea what that is going to do to my taxes, I had my filing status changed and as you know, the fiscal cliff changed all the tax tables!

My take home dropped by $400.00 a month today when I changed back to single!  GULP!

I had to do some other fancy foot work and now I am only down about $150.00 a month take home.

I still have no idea what my tax situation is.  How do you come out at the line?  It shouldn’t be so hard to figure it out!!  As long as I don’t owe, the trustee can have it!

So I went for a….



and I listened to…



And I think I can handle whatever!

Today’s Affirmation:


It’s possible it will all work out!


2 thoughts on “The Trustee can Have It!

  1. You can, once the new tax and deduction tables come out, so long as you know your annual income. Just do a mock version of your 2013 taxes, figure out how much you will pay in taxes, and divide by 26 or 52 to figure out what you’ll need taken from your biweekly or weekly paycheck. Right?

    • I have to condider the interest on the loans too. I tried to go to the IRS calculator and lo and behold, it was down for maintenance. Just my luck! I’ll try again, thanks.

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