Living in a Postcard

I’ve been living in Southern California longer now than I lived in the Pacific Northwest where I was born, raised and love so deeply.  But… I love this place, I mean look!


Just look!



I can never…






to these Palm Trees!


Especially when I am in the valley where they line the streets.  I love it.  I’m still like a star struck kid inside just because of the Palm trees alone.

Okay, so the MARIE show was fun.  It was LONG.  It took forever.  The guests where Luke Perry and a horse.  I know!


And this actress who used to be on the Days of Our Lives who was really cute, sang us a song  and gave us this book:


I’ll take some pics tomorrow of some of the quotes in the book, it actually has some good ones.  The title comes from something Einstein said, cool that!

Again, it was fun, it was long.  My girlfriend got a lot of camera time and I probably got some by sitting next to her. I’ll let you know as soon as it airs and you can guess who I am for a prize!  I probably won’t tell you if you are right being anonymous and all!  Winking smile

I’m booked for Ellen soon.   Now that will be fun!

Okay, cheap thrills, but you gotta admit, it’s kinda cool living here and taking advantage of it!

It cost me nothing but time and gas.



4 thoughts on “Living in a Postcard

      • I lived in San Diego for a year (2006-2007). I’m now in Massachusetts, but there was a detour through the South.

        One of my favourite things about San Diego (and LA, and the rest of Cali) was how easy it is to do things outside, all year round. Yes, we have Cape Cod here – if you feel like sitting in hours of traffic to get over the bridge, and if you’re lucky enough to know someone who lives there so you don’t have to try to find your own lodging. But San Diego? You walk a few blocks and you’re on the beach, ready for volleyball, bike riding, swimming, surfing, kayaking…. There was Balboa Park, swimming in La Jolla Cove, all those patios for BYOB dinner or coffee. I had a blast in SoCal, spent less money there than almost anywhere else (well, living aside), and was in better shape than I had been since I was on the track team in high school.

        Up here in Boston, people go drinking. Or out to eat. Or sometimes, have dinner parties. That’s about it.

        • You are right about that, the weather here makes it easy to get out more. I lived in Acton Mass for a couple of years, in 90-92 on Great Road. I really liked it there as well, all that history in Concord, downtown Boston and the surrounding areas. Therou’s pond! I know I spelled that incorrectly. I used to love to walk around it, it was small, but really nice. I love Concord and have canoed on the river there! Every place has its bright spots. 😉

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