Dollar Store Favorites

There are a few things that I wait to buy at the dollar store.  Just like Costco, I only have a few items I will buy there as well.  I have my list going for that too!

The dollar store closest to me is called:


I usually save my list and then go when I’m in the area, like today.

I’m afraid I went a little over board and spent $32.84~

A couple of items that are always on my list are:




Relish is rarely less than 3 bucks and tea is never cheap!   Today, I went hog wild!   I stocked up on a few items.

rec I

That’s okay because I even bought a cake and frosting!


I have a senior in my life and she loves treats.  I always make something to send to her and tomorrow, she will get cake.

Show me an older woman that doesn’t like sweets!

After the Dollar Tree, I had to get gas!


It’s a sad day when I was happy to see the price this low!  How sad is that!

They have jacked the prices up so high that anything under $4.00 and we are grateful!

The Dollar Store helps me stick to a Chapter 13 budget. I’m really happy that we have them.

Have you been lately?


9 thoughts on “Dollar Store Favorites

  1. Wow I shop at Dollar Tree and always buy the relish and the tea!. DS has only ten payments left on his 60 payment plan. It can be done ! Stay motivated.

    • Best Bun, thanks for stopping by and letting me know about your son. Tuesday is confirmation day for me, and I am on pins and needles wondering what the trustee is going to want. Come back and keep me company, tell me how your son did it!!!!

    • I noticed so many Valentine supplies there this time. I looks like they really go beyond for the holidays. I will go back during Feb and get some cards and candy. Great deals.

  2. I must be the only pea in the pod that didn’t know that the Dollar General sold food! Last time I went to a dollar store there was just, well, STUFF! Good to know about the food though.

    • Oh yes, and you will learn what you can use and what you can’t. There are many things, canned items, applesauce, junk food (if you are into that) that are very reasonable. Watch the dates!

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