A Good One

The following is so true.  It is hard to do, but like everything that’s hard to do, it’s worth it.


Today has been uneventful, quiet and well… nice.  Got up, went to WW, then to the  Market then for a nice long Walk!

I did my marketing at Ralphs,  it will last two weeks at least!

I took advantage of the $1.97 a pound chicken breasts as well as other sales. Do not buy skinless, boneless chicken breasts for more than 1.99 a pound!!!

Don’t do it!  😉

Since I was up ONE pound at WW today, I stocked up on some veggies, need to get back to having a fruit or veggie with each meal, it really helps.

I have 5 pounds to go!  That last few pounds are the hardest, but I need to get there so I can get to goal and then get my membership for free.  It’s not easy, but worth it!


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