I got the call from the law office that the court confirmed my payment plan and my payment did not change!


I was very worried because the payment I am currently making is quite large, to me anyway.

If they were to raise it right off the bat and then later raise it again for any reason, it would be totally unmanageable.  But now, if I have any expense drop off and they increase the Trustee payment by that amount, I will be okay!

It’s a major relief.

For the upcoming month, I will make the  payment to the law office and then hopefully, in March, I can start an auto pay account to the Trustee.

Now I just have to get thru the lien strip next February 12th.  That should be interesting!

Thank you to my encouraging readers!  Thank you!



14 thoughts on “Confirmed!

    • Thanks Pauline, yes, it feels good. As soon as I get my arms around the details I will post something and I am not sure what format I will use yet. I have got to get organized then will post something!

  1. Glad you now have a clearer picture of how to organize your finances for the next few years. DS had to swallow all his pride and his idea of entitlement and budget every penny. Any money received from his parents for the initial filing was paid back even if that meant ramen noodles for the month. He even cut out his bottled water which was a huge expense. One day we wwere chatting on the phone and he cheerfully told me he had washed out the AC filter. You can do this DebtGirl. You younger people will put all us old ones to shame!

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

    • Thank you Best Bun! I am not a spring chicken but I am not ready to go out to pasture either, so young is relative! 😉 I am really excited because this weekend, I get to file and organize. This will be the best thing I could have done, if I make it work, and believe me, we are going to make this work! I am a scrimping machine!!! 😉

  2. What great news!

    On a totally random note, you should do a “cheap, healthy, and good” recipe section. We can contribute our favourites.

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