Add A Zero!

The other day I visited one of my regular blogs and read about “The Ten Rule.”

“The Ten Rule

Due to the time value of money, and the opportunity cost, the ten rule is this:

Anything you buy today, your future self is paying 10x as much for. So add a zero onto the price tag, and ask yourself if it’s still worth it. If it is, buy it and enjoy it. If not, then forget it!”

Read the whole post here:

I planned to purchased a new tracker for about $6.00 on Sunday at the Weight Watchers meeting, because mine is all used up!


But if I apply the rule, it would be more like $60.00!  Really?

So… I found that I have a couple of these composition books in my stock!


Printed out a pretty picture:


Got out a  pair of scissors and some tape to protect the cover:


And I turned that ugly old book into this:


My new weight watchers tracker!   I think those comp books cost me less than $1.00 at the beginning of the school year~!  Let’s say they cost me .89 cents.  With the Add Zero Rule, that would be $8.90, but way better than $60.00.

I love that rule!  My life is all about the future now.  I don’t live and spend for today.  I think about tomorrow and this is really going to help curb moron purchases!   It all adds up!

Note:  I added a few new blogs to my roll and I am changing up the site a bit.  I deleted the Digital Vacation page and replaced it with Pinterest Picks!   Pinterest has beautiful pictures, way better than my daily iPhone shots!  Winking smile

I also added Inexpensive Recipe and Stretchy Ideas!  The site is becoming a wonderful place to blog thru these Sixty Payments!


4 thoughts on “Add A Zero!

  1. That’s a good rule.

    My dad always taught me that if you put something on a credit card, add 20%. Or if you spend money now and an emergency expense goes on the credit card, that’s going to cost you.

    My own rule is “wait until the next paycheck.” Because, really, most of the time, you’ll do without and find just as nice a solution. Or you don’t want what you really loved in the store, and this stops the impulse buy. At the very least, make yourself put everything back, walk out of the store, do something else, walk back in, and re-think it.

    (Most marketing is designed to make is buy on impulse. The “next paycheck” rule short-circuits that, and it keeps the bank account full(er), in case of emergency expenses or the rare times a paycheck doesn’t go through on time. Seriously, try it. It’s life-changing.)

  2. I love the “Next Paycheck” rule! Your dad is a smart man!!! I am doing all I can right now to keep my money, what little of it I can. I know there is going to be some serious expenses and I need to be ready! If there are none, then in five years, I am going to Paris ! 😉

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