Yes, There Is Great Fresh Food There!

Hello!  A reader of mine left a comment here once that they didn’t know that the 99 Cent store has food!  Well, I am here to show you!


I headed to the 99 Cent Only store, because they have FRESH food, the Dollar Store does not.

77 degrees

It was a hot day here!  Can you believe it?

But off to the store I went anyway.  I don’t mind it in the 70s, I don’t like the 90s though!

The 99 Cent store is great for the Holidays.  We all know that!


I picked up an early one of these for my kiddo!


I just want to show you a few things from the shelves:  Olive oil blends.


Pastas and sauce:


Spices.  I need peppers for the Linguine and Clams I am making soon.


Bread.  I got a loaf of Sara Lee!


I also need these Shallots for my recipe.  Shallots!  I KNOW!!!


Really lovely produce, see the pears that are wrapped so nicely?


Lots of produce as well as diary and eggs.

fresh produce

I spent $32.00 and stocked up on a few more pantry items.

I have to tell you that this store has become very popular in this area.  Everybody is shopping here and that means that things are turning over and are much fresher these days!  I am going to go here first then to Ralphs.

Stay tuned and I will show you my favorite meal!

Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “Yes, There Is Great Fresh Food There!

  1. Trader Joe’s has basic spices for $1.99. Target has a good variety for not much. Sometimes the stores sell smaller sizes in the ethnic aisle.

    Do you have Wegman’s out there?

  2. No, we don’t have a Wegmans that I know of. I like Target, but it is hard for me to stay in budget there, too may temptations! Trader Joes is good, but I find that they over package everything. I do like some of their stuff though!

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