It Happens in Threes!

I swear, yesterday was the strangest day I have had in so long.  I don’t want another one, please and thank you!

First, I got my electric bill. Normally, it’s around $80.00 and can go as high as $120.00 on a bad month.  Well, it was $266.50.  For ONE month.  My condo is a matchbox, it’s only 920 square feet!


Second, My washing machine has been “acting funny” for months.  I have had to lift up and down the lid in order for it to continue its cycle.  They wanted $365.00 to fix it.  I told them, I don’t mind lifting up and down the lid.  But yesterday, during a spin cycle, it started clicking, then it started grinding, then it started squealing!  Broken.


Third, my daughter saw what a bad day I was having and offered to vacuum.  So sweet.  Then all of a sudden I hear “MOM!!!!”  I run in the other room and basically the room is so stinky and the vacuum is whining and its toast.  I have had it repaired before and they told me then the motor was on its way out.  They were right.  It died.


So with that, I am here to attest, it happens in threes!


7 thoughts on “It Happens in Threes!

  1. Oh, girl, what a lousy day.

    Check to see if the HVAC system is working properly; malfunctions can cause your electric bill to go through the roof.

    Do they have Freecycle out there? I’ve never used it, but have heard great things about it.

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