This and That Soup

It’s been a hectic weekend, it’s been raining too.  I’ve been doing so much around here and I can’t wait to tell you about it…tomorrow.

Today, I want to share this soup.  Rain and soup, it just goes!  This is what I came up with.   It’s a “this and that” soup.  And there is a lot of this and that in it.

I don’t have a recipe, I just checked out what I have on hand and threw it in.

Start with hamburger, or any ground meat.


Add whatever you want to it for veggies, this is what I have on hand.


I find my kid hates the smell of onions, it really bothers her, so frozen chopped onions are good to have on hand.


Couple of cans of broth and some beef bullion for flavor.


Brown the beef and then add the rest of the this and that!

getting started

I kept looking to see what else I could add and I decided to spice it up:


And garlic.


As well as a splash of this:


Get it all cooking until the carrots and onions are softer:


Then add the broth and bullion and a can of whatever tomatoes you have on hand.


I also added some left over green beans!


Let that simmer for as long as you like, until the house smells good and it will!

almost done

Soups on!

bowl of soup

Add some crusty bread and enjoy a hearty, inexpensive meal.  This is a second bowl worthy.

Do you like to throw together a quick soup, how do you do it?


10 thoughts on “This and That Soup

  1. Looking good! I do the same, anything a bit old in the fridge is good for a soup! I sometimes blend tomatoes onions and garlic to have a red base and then put the rest in dice.

    • Thank you liquid, you are so kind. I’m just posting things that are helping me make it thru this BK and throwing comfort food together works for me. I think it comes from being from a big family. We used to say “Gee, there’s nothing to eat Mom” and she would go in and in an hour there would be a hot bowl of something!

  2. I made carrot soup tonight (which took forever, but is worth it). Sometimes, I make lentil soup or 17 bean and barley soup with veggies.

      • Carrot soup:

        Melt 2 tbsp butter over low heat

        Add finely chopped onion; cook until translucent

        Add about 1 lb of peeled and diced carrots

        Cook over low or medium/low heat until the carrots are all soft (I stop when I can cut them with my heat-proof spatula)

        Add spices – garam masala or a combination of curry powder, coriander, and cardamon; or add some fresh chopped ginger

        Add broth (six cups or so?)

        Let it simmer gently

        Throw it through the blender and blend until it’s a lovely creamy concoction

        Back into the soup pot it goes until it’s very, very hot.

        Serve with crusty bread.

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