Wheel’in and Deal’in

I have had a very productive weekend and Craig’s List really saved me!

Deal Number One:

Let’s start with my home improvement deal!   I used to cut hair, in my other life.  A guy from work and his wife have become pretty good friends of mine and his hair was getting so long.  They are under the gun because they invested in Alpacas and we all know where that market is now!  Not good.

So I asked him if he would trade with me.  I would cut their hair if he fixes my toilet, which has been sticking for a year!

I bought these:


He installed them and I cut their hair!  Win Win!

Deal Number Two:

This monster has been taking up room in my daughters space for a few years.  She hates it!  The bottom futon opens to a double and I thought it would be great for sleepovers!  NOT.

So I put it on Craig’s list.  Sold!


And it paid for this, which I found on Craig’s list too!


It’s so pretty!


I had to buy new mattress and box spring but Big Lots had a 20%  off so I saved $50.00!

Deal Number three:

This has been collecting dust in my room for a few years.  I don’t use it because I have been hitting the trails.  So again, Craig’s list to the rescue!

Now you see it:


Now you don’t!


The money from that sale will pay for my Washing Machine repair charge which was estimated at $300.00!!!

And in keeping with being productive, I bought this:


And got busy!

I stripped the sliders:


And windows:


Now if I could just figure out what to do with the damn front door!

Anyway… a good productive weekend I would say!

Do you use Craigs List?  Do you Freecycle?  Great opportunities on both of these sites!


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