Fried & Failed

Not so long ago, I checked out the 99 Cent  Chef’s blog and he has some GREAT videos (scroll down on the right hand side of his page) and he made the following process look so easy.

Sometimes a girl’s gotta have more than cereal, berries and almond milk for breakfast, sometimes you just wanna bite into a breakfast sandwich.  So when I saw what the 99 Cent Chef did on his blog, I thought, oooooh.. I am gonna do that!

So here is my fried and failed attempt at the perfect egg sandwich.

Start with a can of these:


I bought these at the 99 cent store.  Trust me, you have to buy chestnuts.  Tuna cans won’t work, cause they don’t have the same kind of ridge on each side in order to make this:


A cool ring.   Oh and get your English muffins ready.  I made one for tomorrow and one for Friday!


Then spray your pan and add your ring:


Then add your egg or in my case, egg whites:


Looks good right?  Well wait til you take it out, the egg went all over the place.  It wasn’t nice and round like the Chefs!


But I used it anyway and topped with some ham:


It still tastes good, just not as perfect!!


Wrap it up and I am ready for breakfast for the next two days.


I gotta head back over there and see what I did wrong!

If you figure out where I screwed up, let me know!  Until then, I will have egg on my face!


8 thoughts on “Fried & Failed

  1. I went to The Dollar Tree yesterday and thought about you! Had to laugh when I read about your egg mcmuffin experiment. I made a crockpot chicken recipe last weekend and for some reason decided to add some of my Dollar Tree horseradish. To say the recipe tasted strange would be an understatement. DH will usually eat anything but he suggested I put the chicken out of it’s misery as attempting to further doctor the results would be cruel. At least your eggs look yummy. DS is down to nine payments now and is starting to exhale a little. Bon appetit!

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

    • I know what you mean, some things are better not to buy there. I bought a watermelon last trip and it was spongy-weird! I won’t by another one. It is hit or miss there I think, but when you hit, its GREAT!

  2. I actually have the “official” ring and they don’t work either but now I want to go and buy some ham and make messy ones…love your blog. We were final Memorial Day weekend so 9/36 payments done.

  3. Did you pre-heat the pan before adding the egg white? Are you supposed to?

    With some avocado and cheese instead of ham (hey, I’m a veggie), that would be an exact replica of the sandwich that Au Bon Pain charges about $4 or $5 for. Yum, will try this at home!

  4. Still looks good! My fave new easy breakfast are bacon egg & cheese muffins on toast. Using a regular muffin tin, put piece of bread in bottom, wrap bacon around edges, break egg into center, sprinkle cheese on top, bake for 20 mins or so at 350. They come out amazing!! I can make a dozen at a time and they’ll last a week. I like cheap and easy lol.

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