Costco Run ChaChing!

By now you know that I am frugal.  You know I shop thrift stores, 99 cent stores as well as dollar stores.  I use and Craigslist.  I am frugal, you know it, I know it and that is why…

I’m F R E A K I N G… O U T!

Look at this receipt.



Let me just start by saying this will be more than enough for this month.  I got lots of great stuff, but it just freaks me out that I got it all at once.

I got lots of junk too.  I didn’t even stop myself.  At Costco when I see the cart filling up, I usually pull over when nobody is watching, take an inventory and TAKE THINGS OUT AND JUST PUT IT WHERE I AM STANDING.  I did not do that.  My kid did not stop me as a matter of fact, Brownies?  Enough for a FREAKING YEAR!

But as well as crap, I did buy items that last awhile.  Some of these are my faves!

Here is the line up. (Oh and you also know by now that my pics are from my iPhone and I don’t pretend to be a photographer!)


(That is a really bad pic!  There’s a couple of those!)

These berries are good on cereal, in smoothies or straight out of the bag!


Okay, coffee, but I have no excuse for the mocha crap.


For Kids lunch.


I know, these are so lazy!  But my kid will eat them and they are the only sammies she doesn’t throw away!


Yep, an upside down pic.  Nice  of me huh?  These are such a treat as all my 99 cent pairs are missing a lense each.  I have a bazillion pair with only one lense.


No comment.


I love these.  They are a fave.


I can’t wait to open that bottle tonight!  I am exhausted…. one glass’ll do me!


Okay, so these are all faves.  I will cut up the salmon and put in separate bags in the freezer.  I am gonna show you my sausage dish today.  The chicken is awesome.  Have you tried it?  You can make hot BBQ chicken sandwiches with it!  I’ll show you that too sometime.  Cheap and fast!  It’s GREAT in salad too.


These salmon patties are to.die.for.  I cook them in a pan from frozen in pam and they are awesome with rice or any side.


Some good shampoo for a change.


And for my kid who devours tortillas, hot sauce and cheese!  Her go-to food.  Wish I could say it was fruit or veggies.


(another great shot!)

Anyway, I freeze half the tortillas and half the cheese!  It’s a great buy compared to the regular store.

As you can see, I went crazy.

I have to hold onto my HOA payment and my Childcare payment until next week to ensure enough money in the bank.  What a dork I am.


What I do with the sausage is cut some up and put it in the pan, I used more than this:


Add some of these:


I also added the chestnuts that I opened the other day, but you don’t need to add anything but the veggies and sausage.  I just want to use these up.


And it makes a wonderful dinner and also lunch, as well as leftovers!


Well there it is.

Now you know what I will be eating for the next two years!  I usually am very good about sticking to a list.  I guess the old addage is true, don’t shop hungry!  I went last night after work… MISTAKE!

What are your favorite buys at Costco?


10 thoughts on “Costco Run ChaChing!

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      • As to my favourite CostCo buys: the Kirkland signature shampoo and conditioner. It does amazing, amazing things for my hair. I asked for some for Christmas, since I don’t have a CostCo card.

        Their vanilla (like the liquid stuff in the big bottle) is relatively good (I mean, it’s not super-gourmet, but it’s high-quality stuff) and lasts freakin forever. I’m an almond addict, and was very happy to get a 3 lb bag in my stocking for Christmas. Oh, and some of the salsas! and hummus!

        As a random thing, Ann Romney buys Mitt’s dress shirts at CostCo in the three-packs. And the Romney has a net worth of about a quarter-billion dollars, and yes, they shop there and buy the inexpensive but nice stuff.

  2. I like them 1.13kg mixed nuts at Costco. I leave them at my work place and just eat some when I want something to snack on. Argh, I have to stop coming to your blog when I’m hungry (>_<)

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