Tires & Art

Today we were headed to a FREE movie screening. Instead of spending 2 hours at the theatre, we spent it here!


Yep, we were stopped and a guy got my attention, “Hey lady, your front tire is almost flat!”  So I headed to my mechanic and he took one look at the tire and told me that it was probably a defect because it was coming apart and I should go see my tire guy!

So here we sat.


Looking at these:


Those wheels are probably more expensive than my car!

But I spent 133.00 on a cheap tire:


Cheap is relative.

Then we decided to head home!  Can I just say that this is why you are not suppose to spend money like a FREAKING CRAZY woman at Costco!

I am still not over that episode.  I will be kicking myself in the A** for quite a while on that one!

But we headed home and here is what we made!  I told you I would share what to do with the canned chicken.

If I have any readers out there that can’t cook, Check This Out!

3 ingredients:


This chicken is To.Die.For.


Put that in a pan, add some BBQ Sauce, heat it up:


Put it on a bun and add a side, you are done.

I love melon with BBQ, almost as much as potato salad.  Not really I LOVE potato salad!


After that we decided to pull out the paints.


A little ART can go a long way in healing wounded self confidence.


So we both got busy!

My daughter free painted this beauty!!!!


I cannot believe her ability.  I love all the color!  I could never do that!

I just copied a Asian figure from the internet.


Now we just need to give them a finish.

My kid gave me hers and I gave her mine.  I think I got the better end of that deal.

Hope you make the BBQ sammies!  Would be good on Hawaiian bread as sliders!


3 thoughts on “Tires & Art

  1. Your story about someone telling you that you had a flat tire brings back memories. Almost exactly the same thing happened to me five years or so ago–and I ended up spending hours in a tire dealer’s lounge that looked almost exactly like the one in the photo.

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