A Scary, Sad Day

Sad Day

We got news yesterday that my daughters Grandma, her fathers mother,  has cancer.  She has been hiding the symptoms for months.   She said she didn’t want to be a bother.

We are not sure where we go from here, she sees an oncologist tomorrow  to see if they can shrink the tumor that is her whole left breast.

She is 84 years old and doesn’t weigh more than 70 pounds soaking wet, so I don’t know how she will be able to cope with treatment of any kind.

Please take care of yourselves, get those doctor appointments in and go ahead and BOTHER your family.

We need our families to stay strong and healthy.

It is the most important thing.


8 thoughts on “A Scary, Sad Day

  1. Sorry to hear about your daughter’s grandma. My grandma got breast cancer in her early 80’s too, She ended up just getting a masectomy, rather than go through all the chemo and radiation. She’s 95 soon 🙂 Best wishes for Grandma.

    • That is GREAT news fro your grandma. Unfortunately the “lump” is so big it is inoperable and they have to shrink it first. I am so afraid for her, as she is so small and I don’t know how she is going to tolerate those drugs! I am sure if they can give her a mastectomy they will, as that is the route I would take too!

  2. Here I am chiming in again. Prayers for Grandma. My MIL died last August at the aged of 91. We had all lived together for 26 years. She wanted to move on ,but still it is sad when an era ends. Give your daughter a hug from me.

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

    • Thank you Best Bun! I will hug daughter for you, thank you. Her grandma is the sweetest little lady, she just does not understand why its happening, I think she thought she dodged that bullet. On the flipside, my mother just turned 92 on the 4th. I am sorry for your loss as well. It is very sad when we lose family!

  3. Hugs. That really, really sucks.

    My grandfather didn’t tell me that he had lung cancer for months. It was on my 30th birthday that I pried it out of him. I saw him twice more before he died (once while he was in the hospital for the last time). Rough, rough time – and not easy for your daughter.

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