General Update–Credit Score/Lien Strip

XXX OOO – Firstly, thank you for your kind words for Grandma!  This weekend I will busy myself and make her a pasta dish and a cake!  I love to make her things to eat, she is so small! – OOO XXX

I wanted to let you know what is going on with the BK, starting with this:


Yesterday when I checked my credit score I was shocked.  Look how much it has gone up since my last post!  That is insane.  I didn’t expect that at all!

Also, next Tuesday is the big day for my Lien Strip Hearing and I am beside myself with worry.

If I don’t get the lien strip, I might lose my condo.  If I don’t get the lien strip, I won’t be able to afford the payments and the Chapter 13.  I don’t know what they would do!  I don’t want to move, I need to stay put.  Where would we go?


I worry because the markets are picking up and when I filed last October, I was underwater, but barely.  And if the market has picked up and I am not underwater on my first now, what will that mean?  I think they have to go by what the appraisal was at the time of the filing.  But it is all so subjective, even if they say its not.  It is what the trustee and the judge want to do that matters.

Hopefully, the lawyer will do a great job, because I won’t be there.  Hopefully, the universe will give us this break and let us move forward in this Chapter of our lives and get done successfully so that we have  a chance at a debt free FOREVER future.


4 thoughts on “General Update–Credit Score/Lien Strip

  1. Wow! Your credit score went way up since your last update, that’s awesome! My husband did a short sale on his property last year and it didn’t affect his score nearly as bad as we expected, not that it was great to begin with lol. 680 down to 633. But it’s slowly going up every month. I hope you get the lien strip and every thing works out so you keep your condo.

  2. Good luck next Tuesday! We filed 13 as opposed to 11 because we wanted to keep the business vehicle/trailer etc so he could keep on working and my engagement ring which is an heirloom. I sold my truck and we had no other assets hence the 3 yr plan, thank goodness I don’t know if I could handle 5yrs. Many good wishes on the lein strip hearing!

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