Valentine’s Day is Coming!

I have looked on the web to see what my daughter and I can make this Valentines Day to make it special without costing too much.

My daughter is flying out of state soon and I am trying to save for that cost.  I can’t afford for us both to go, so she is going to go alone.  But I think she can handle it.  It will still freak me out!

Back to Valentines day projects.

I found a couple of REALLY CUTE ideas out on the web.

Check these out!


I just love these!!

I love all the colors and and possibilities.  She also makes magnets!


Go to the following blog for more great pictures and EASY PEASY Directions:

Then to have some sweets!  Check out this really cute and yummy idea:


So clever!  I can’t wait to make these!


For complete directions:

Hopefully, if I get done with this project, which is not coming together as well as I would have liked, but still getting it out of my head; I will have time to make some Valentines!

Do you have any Valentines.  My Valentine this year is my daughter and her Grandmother!


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