Breakfast Casserole and Valentine Hearts

Today I made a couple of casseroles.  Find the recipe with this link here:

This is what it looks like.  I made two. One for grandma and one for us.

I used a little more Bisquick and (lactose free) milk because I wanted enough for two.  It is so simple!


This can be made with hamburger, ham or whatever!  I’ve never made it before, but will definitely make it again!

Then we got busy with these:

Cut them out and bake them up!


I love that there is only two ingredients:


Get out the paint:


Then go for it!


We have some finishing touches, but these are really fun and cute!



Then I got my girl to walk with me:


It was a gorgeous day.


And we were graced by these little guys, out and about:


Well, hello Bambi!


They were down off the mountains eating the fresh, green grasses.

I hope you are having a wonderfully productive weekend.

Take care and stay warm if you are in the eastern states!


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